£1000 Reward on Convictions of Assailants and Return of Stolen Property as Ministry of Justice Kept in the Dark over 100+ South Wales Police Malicious Acts or Omissions to delay Dr XX/MAPPA Machine-gun compensation.

Madam Guillotine day UP DATE

Dear HM Ministry of Justice Barristers,

I am assaulted Yet Again

Substantial reward  for return of my stolen property near Blandford, Dorset

I Had this missive yesterday by email, re my stolen property by robbery from the assailants witnessed by all, thinking that just because in South Wales authority is almost daily deceitful, in their own police force and law courts, one Benjamin Larsen, alias Cassidy and a Bradley Heath delinquent damaged by drugs, no doubt, in England, expect to get away with it.

Thieves at large and resident, at times, at the ? Downwood  Vinery,  between Blandford Forum UK and Ashley golf course on the left of the  Wimbourne road.

Substantial Reward for recovery of my mobile phone data Tel 07708586202

Is it right they can take the law into their own hands and steal both mine and my friend’s property when knowing they are likely immune to prosecutions.

One Benjamin Larsen emailed this:

“Left you a voicemail explaining I have a ref number regarding reporting
you as a MAPPA 3 and entering a property adjacent to mine which is illegal
as un invited and your email to me and fact my step daughter was alone in
house when you hammered at door so they’re looking for you and again I must
highlight fact that if you turn up without my permission I will see you as
a direct threat as do the police and I will remove you with force if
necessary to protect my family so you have been warned do not approach
house, gate is now shut”.


17 07 13 robbery 2nd statement

Another recent unprovoked attack on Maurice, this time in Cardiff, due to South Wales Police MAPPA/machine gun/ parole board conspiracy giving the ‘green light’ to ever hood in Cardiff until Cardiff Crown Court steps in and applies the law.

Cardiff’s HM Crown Prosecution Service, see their latest missive dated 19thth June 2017, indicate that the court records upon which the next 4th jury trial must rely and the first, 4th May 2012, jury were flatly refused by the CPS, leading to barrister David Gareth Evans’ arrest, are ‘too old’ to be relevant!

Nearly six years of relentless but systematic pursuit for the disclosure of public court records, denied to the original jury for my alleged ‘breaching a restraining order’ conviction, has proven the original clerk of the court, in the 1st December 2011 harassment of Dr XX, chief forensic psychiatrist for South Wales Police, are never to be disclosed to the defence.

Forged Cardiff court log by HMC&TS staff

15 05 03 altered 1st Dec 11 court log


12 05 04 Judge Ignored Jury Note


Remember, the clerk has been caught re writing the original records as no restraining order was ever served on their victim or even told of its very existence so, by deduction, on the remaining withheld court, police, HMP Cardiff and Geoamey Custodial Services on Monday’s crown court hearing, for which I am told I need not attend , three years in prison’s worth of ‘breaching a restraining order’ sentences must be quashed.

Police provoked attack on Maurice to stop him pursuing his civil damages claims.

Click the following video:



That is exactly what my one million pound claim against your clients, HM Justice  Ministry and HM Parole board is all about if you continue not to disclose the fabricated evidence HM Crown Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, unlawfully put before His Honour Judge Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009 in my equally unlawful forced absence as he knew Dr XX would crack under my cross examination.

The Welsh authorities failed miserably in trying to get me locked away for life as a MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim when it was proved by experts that Caswell Clinic medical records were fabricated under blackmail of Dr XX.

17 06 19 CPS Disclosure Refusal.jpg

Police provoked attack:

“not in my view disclosable”

This latest attack and threat on my life also needs to be before Her Ladyship, Judge Eleri Rees, at the very earliest convenience NEXT WEEK at Her 17th July 2017 pre-trial hearing.



You attended in Cardiff County Court recently to be paid by the UK tax payer in the hope of smothering the ever increasing  foul odours emanating from Cardiff’s courts from drifting across the Severn to pollute my English air space….Good luck.

Cardiff’s cabal, incidentally, has now put off my next machine-gun/Dr XX /MAPPA  conspiracy hearing until March 2018, started in 2010, to be immediately blocked by His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC as irrelevant to the ‘over arching’ act of persistent bullying and inaction about my personal injuries, all just waiting from the inevitable result from their preventing my attending hospital appointments while in Swansea prison during 2014 and 2015.

Even when I was out on parole (only for one hour at a time as police had recorded me so dangerous),  ‘for fear I may ‘hot wire’ an aircraft and flee the country’, MAPPA hostel staff told me, the police had again refused my prison medical department’s pre -arranged appointment at Cardiff’s Llandough hospital from going ahead.

Police were already in possession of my confidential HM Ministry prison medical records on the grounds I was in the top 5% most dangerous in the UK as a MAPPA registered level 3 category 3 victim of their chief constable. Dr XX the CPS told HHJ Neil Bidder QC, on 2nd Dec 2009, my irreversible brain damage was from a possible brain tumour and having been ‘a long time drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed’.

peter vaughan

South Wales Police had gone further, now causing my own country huge expense and quite unnecessary time due to, it would appear, generating the stench in Cardiff courts.

Sabine McNeill, a harmless survivor of the WW11 Dresden bombings and other worried Mackenzie Friends were all blocked from speaking to me on the prison telephone for my  preparation of criminal appeals and ongoing civil litigation all caused by the South Wales Police.

One such case was the now notorious unlawfully blocked Mr Justice Gilbart typical scandal re Jan 2015 ‘state a case’ over my arrest of a prison officer who the police had told not to return my passport on release.

Proof I have at least one passport and with a rare stamp in it some may understand is rare but needed to get out of the country without being shot!

south sudan visa.jpg

17 07 12 RCJ gilbart

This case , with many others, will go onto the European Court of Human Rights, a complete joke of a system but there to be challenged.

Police prevented my having my legal papers in court before His Honour Judge Crowther or allowing Janet Kirk and another to take notes , on my behalf, in the public gallery.

I was present in the Royal Courts of Justice when Lord Justice Sweeney et al made scathing remarks, on appeal, as to the state of the Welsh Crown Courts

Police had ordered the prison staff to wheel me off the prison van, on the way to Cardiff’s High Court, so as not to be able to attend Mr Justice Gilbart’s hearing leading to the overturning of my prison sentence for my private person’s arrest. I was first arrested, remember, for entering a UK prison without permission!

HMP officer Rogan found it amusing refusing to return of my passport as it was to prevent my returning to Brittany for DrXX/Chief Constable 33 failed malicious prosecutions now in the civil courts in London for exemplary damages.

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

Similar to the manner in which the South Wales Police refused the prison right to produce me at a London court on 28th Nov 2011 re Musa Nigerian 6 children unlawfully snatched by the Haringay Council . Police then used my non attendance to successfully oppose my bail for many years after recall, the litigation the ladies from London now have to defend.


Photo of me arrested by ‘gate arrest’ , no less, on the 1st December 2011 when failing to attend my previously set up hearing, over bent lawyers milking the legal aid system, for the Musa parents to get back their children two days earlier. Could you make it up? Yourevil, evil deceitful welsh bastards all laughing as immune to prosecution in any welsh court process where an Englishman is concerned.

11 12 01 wheelchair gate arrest

Release from HMP Swansea

HMP Swansea release

Ladies representing Her Majesty,

I am prepared to settle ‘out of court’ in my one million pound claim for damages, for  the malicious conduct committed by so many, this time, in an attempt to paper over the cracks.

I mean right now via the court mediation process something Dolmans, solicitors of Cardiff, have always refused to do ever since 1993 for that would be the ‘end of the line’ for their very lucrative tax payer paid ‘gravy train’, accountable to no one but Their Maker.

16 09 07 Parole amended ParticularsofClaim

17 07 12 Parole Futher Particulars Pt1

17 07 12 Parole Further Particulars

PS  ‘nigger’, incidentally, is not an ethnic slur any more than ‘golly-wog’ is  or ‘ poor white trash’. I have many coloured both Christian and non Christian friends I would fight for, any time, especially if their own laws, in their own country are infringed deliberately BUT that is this the way our ridiculous environment is moving.


About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. Pete Weston says:

    So is your use of the ‘n’ word meant in a pejorative sense? I would guess that you would be on a sticky wicket if this were to come to the attention of the authorities. Or perhaps that is your intention – silly me


  2. Ben says:

    Mr Kirk worn same clothes for months lives in his car, is a fictitious crank and sadly to old to confront 😉 I’ve never stolen, I want your proof, you made perverted comments about my step daughter you dirty old man, long await Cardiff police locking you up your a danger to society, actually please come to my house anytime with who you like you smelly phaedophile retard, you havnt washed in months, your family disown you, you live in W reg White citroen relay van with rotten fish and eat 3 month old bread you dirty nonce benjamino1974@outlook.com
    Anyone want real pics of this dirty pig email me, Maurice hurry up and die of ill health you oxygen thief, I live in big house drive Rangey what you got I’d wanna nick?? Certainly not deodorant


      • Ben says:

        Who’s the idiot butlincat? Kirks only misplaced his phone and last night I told him where in France it was, secondly the car and tools belong to his mate who owes me money, we all only fell out as Kirk never paid my workers in France, it all happened in France so reward bollox is just bullshit hype as happened in France oh and nothing actually happened, he’s agreed on phone last night to settle his bill and he can recover his mates car as Kirk wants it as guy also owes him so a load of old bollox not worth the read


  3. mauricekirky says:

    What Benjamin Larsen alias Cassidy fails to notice is my clothes are washed each night and are put on half wet at 5 am on most days and dry by mid morning…….As a war baby I don’t waste food as seen on his plate, each day, even though I was paying for it. I again offer Benjamin and Bradley Heath substantial cash for the return for my mobile data (keep the phone), used in filming in war torn zone South Sudan last December when suffering cerebral malaria with 13 year olds pointing Russian machi9ne guns at my head….Thankyou……no questions asked and asap as I face a maximum 4 year prison sentence next Monday in Cardiff Crown court (you are both invited, I buy lunch and your one night hotel).


  4. Ben says:

    Maurice I have no intention to go to Wales 😂😂😂 sounds dangerous there, Syria sounds safer 😂😂😂😂😂 if you go back to France today ring, sort out this bullshit 👍


  5. mauricekirky says:

    If only what I just read was true.


  6. Ben says:

    I sent you email/texts etc that guy owes me money, I didn’t drive a Range Rover to France for my stepson to not get paid for working on your old house it cost me plenty I brought your equipment out in my Rangey so why should I be out of pocket?? I’m not a charity I said I’d help if I could and got you worker but things arnt free in life are they hence why you live in a car, real world people pay bills, rent mortgage etc it’s called life


  7. Ben says:

    You offer reward for data??? Lol your phone older than my gran, we all have latest Apple stuff, you pay for my meals lol you a typical white posh speaking ( usually posher speaking the more skint ) racist that thinks your doing a good deed, I wear £300 jeans, £8k watch and a Range Rover lol you feed me like I’m an African child, your data is backed up on memory lol you can’t offer reward for it, I told you where your phone was in France so go get it, does that mean I claim £1000 reward lol or just pay your outstanding bill that I have email proof of, if you go to prison I will write to you and send you stamps 😂😂😂😂


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