Truth will Out

11 12 21 Cardiff Mag log extract

The Recorder of Cardiff, Her Ladyship Eleri Rees QC, is yet another judge, now, who has been given wrong information (lied to, in other words)) about why Maurice Kirk’s legitimate request for an outside police force enquiry is urgently needed.

He is being repeatedly being denied access to his legal papers whilst in court, seven of  his own court hearings, so far, all whilst not being legally represented.

Her Ladyship is also unaware, it appears, that His Honour Judge John Curran refused the 4th May 2012 jury sight of the relevant court records, recording a harassment conviction (restraining order service), as ‘unavailable’. Of course he could not as the records will remain ‘unavailable’ as ‘the records’ are no longer ‘original’ as the jury had specifically asked for.

Following the successful, so far, IPCC (Wales) similar cover-up of the Welsh authorities scheming to have Maurice shot now the CCRC are in the thick of it also refusing to disclose their copy of the ‘original clerk of the court’s contemporaneous records’ of ‘evidence’ on oath of Wales’ Chief Psychiatrist unlawfully given to nine Cardiff judges, no less.

This routine Cardiff court conduct, along with police ‘plants’ on their juries, disguised police, of dubious gender, such as ‘Foxy’ in the 2010 ‘machine-gun’ trial, was repeated  before Lord Justice Leveson et al, in March 2012 at The Court of Appeal.

Their Lordships were made ‘unaware’ of the jury being denied existing court public records, to which HHJ J Curran had referred.

Her Ladyship is also appearing to be misled, following  Maurice’s Bristol solicitors, Neath, South Wales solicitors, solicitors and more recently, a Cardiff barristers’ chambers, also requesting and being denied access to these public records. for their appellant to the Royal Courts of Justice and Strasbourg.

In Cardiff Crown Court, last time, Her Ladyship passed the impression that her court believed that the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) had  already investigated Maurice’s complaint for ‘failed disclosure’ of the court, Geoamey Custodial Services and police records, following his ‘gate arrest’ at court on 1st dec 2011.

These records, now in the possession of Queens Square Chambers, Bristol but still lacking CCRC records, are needed for the first, second, third, forth and shortly, fifth jury on this disgusting conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

How on earth is HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) going to convince the next jury without first having to produce the original records seized by the CCRC in and have XX properly cross examined to hear, first hand, of the deal done with the South Wales Police?

Today’s e-mail to Cardiff HM Crown & Civil Courts

I have not heard about your current ‘progress’ on the list of transcripts currently denied me to which The Recorder of Cardiff has promised me, twice.

1. 2nd Dec 09 XX fraud/HHJ Neil Bidder QC Crown Court
2. 24th Jan 15 HHJ Crowther/Gilbart J ‘denied court note-taking’ High Court
3. 25th Jan 11 HHJ Paul Thomas MAPPA/ ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy Crown Court
4. 1st March 2010 HHJ Hughes Crown Court shambles
5. 1st Dec 2011 clumsily re written Michael Williams’ contemporaneous court records

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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