Oh, Rambuctious One!

Dear Norman,

1997 Prevention of Harassment Act and Cardiff Cabal’s Restraining Order

This is an interesting point you raise, Norman, on the subject of bad ‘restraining orders’ and our statute defence, allowing you to both detect and prevent further misconduct by those in positions of privilege and with immunity to prosecution.

It reminds me of XX, the now sacked chief police psychiatrist for the South Wales Police, deported to the Antipodean extremities to be as far away from me as was possible, in the time, that the Cardiff cabal could manage.

This is of little comfort to either me or him, of course, until such bad law is reformed and in my particular case, until there is full disclosure of that clandestine 8th June 2009 MAPPA meeting in Barry police station.

Both the police doctor and then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, had hatched their notorious ‘re- painted machine-gun’ plot, to having me shot, reliant in having the full co-operation of the Cardiff law courts which have also been conspiring ever since! His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC continues to refuse, in these past six years, to allow the ‘machine -gun’ civil damages claim to come back into court as too many HM servants are also implicated.

All this started when Ms Wilding had just received HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC’ order to disclose their records of sixty odd police incidents of their harassment of me these many years.

XX had neither examined me nor was qualified to interpret the brain scans I had secretly arranged, from inside prison, to be put before another, for a £1,200 fee, an expert in the field. No doctor in South Wales, therefore, for my parole board release, in Aug 2015, ‘could be found’ as all were too spineless to affect their very nice thank you ‘gravy train’ set up here in The Principality, as usual, at the unsuspecting tax payers expense.

Whereas XX is no longer allowed to work in NHS (Wales) I struggle on to get that fabricated MAPPA 3/3 evidence he used against me but it has also been blocked by my current civil trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC.

Also, of course, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, also now waist deep in the proverbial when trying to cover it all up, is refusing to disclose the only, most likely, true copy left of the 1st December 2011 clerk of the court’s contemporaneous notes, court log and prosecution exhibits, as so many different versions have, so far, been produced following my arrest of the original bent CPS prosecutor, David Gareth Evans. Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University is next.


After my 3rd purported ‘breach of a restraining order’ trial, in 2014, the same trial judge, HHJ Rolands, would you believe, told the CPS, in my forced absence, that XX was no longer protected by the Cardiff cabal as my original defences, citing criminal conduct, had now been corroborated and proven to be precisely correct.

It is also a repeat, of course, of CPS barrister, Richard Thomlow, not telling me, when he told HHJ Neil Bidder QC, that I was only MAPPA 3/3 registered as one of the 5% most dangerous in the UK, because XX believed I had a brain tumour, requiring to treatment but my indefinite incarceration into Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital.

Does it stink, Norman?

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