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15 01 27 PETI roomI am re-fuelled from visiting Brussels on Tuesday for a meeting of the Petitions Committee where Ellie Popova presented her case: Help Megan Return to her Bulgarian Mum. I reported as MOBILISING Bulgaria in the #EP_Petitions Committee in EU Parliament.

As is to be expected, MEPs are appalled to hear what is going on in secret family courts in the UK. BUT:

  1. the UK authorities were invited and only sent a letter
  2. no UK MEP was present – except the assistant of Jude Kirton-Darling who had been so supportive before.

Given the pace at which EU institutions work, it doesn’t seem to be worth filling in an online petition for Maurice. But his Parole Hearing scheduled for 4 February has now been cancelled without reason:

Good morning

Parole hearing for Maurice John Kirk A7306AT

I have been informed that the parole hearing for Mr Kirk on the date given has been cancelled.  Parole hearings do not fall into the responsibilities of Domestic and Legal Visits booking so I am unable to give you any further information on the matter.

If you have any queries you will need to write into HMP Swansea.

Kind regards,

Christopher Jones
Domestic and Legal Visits Booking Clerk
HMP Swansea

So it looks as if he’ll be 70 behind bars on 12 March! Courtesy of South Wales Police and all related key people in key positions: in prisons and courts.

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  1. JM says:

    hardly a surprise— they did the same to me, kept cancelling my parole hearing/ tribunal, four or five times in all…then suddenly released without warning…..it is just used as one of the way to torture people…..wish i could do more than just hope for the best for him.


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