WHAT DO Maurice Kirk and Brian Pead have in common? Unlawfully imprisoned Litigants in Person!

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English: The UK’s new Home Secretary, Theresa May, giving speech to Home Office staff. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being a Litigant in Person is one thing, for you are up against

  • solicitors, barristers and judges who have let you down
  • not knowing the right procedures and ‘remedies’
  • not realising the meaning of ‘points in law’
  • a system of professionals that rather protects itself than delivers ‘justice’.

Being unlawfully imprisoned is another thing, for you have

  • to find friends and allies among prisoners and staff against all the odds
  • to maintain communication with the outside world, even though the rules and regulations about obtaining stamps, papers and access to law books are ridiculously restrictive
  • to try and get legal representation, for you think that might get you ‘justice’…

Maurice has always believed that this system can be ‘cured’ with the right judges and the right politicians. In his latest letter from HMP Swansea he admits to having to agree with Norman Scarth who had to decide to leave his country for which he had fought in WWI and Patrick Cullinane who lost his house to the nice people who use their position in tax offices as their pretext for stealing.

Norman wrote in March 2014: Much belatedly, Home Secretary Theresa May is currently making a few timid noises (which will soon be forgotten) about corruption in the police, the very thing Maurice Kirk has been trying to expose for years.

From my perspective there is only one other victim of Police who ‘compares’ with the extreme and exceptional bullying, harassment and torture that Maurice has been experiencing: Brian Pead, the whistleblower of paedophilia in Lambeth Council.

It seems that nobody is above the Police. No wonder when Brian writes in his book From Hillsborough to Lambeth that Wikileaks and John O’Connor make it clear that the Police run the pornography industry. [Use CTRL F to search for either Wikileaks or John O’Connor as keywords.]

It still is remarkable that in Brian’s case

  • Police from Bexleyheath, Essex and Norfolk ensure that he gets hounded, falsely accused, charged and sentenced to five months
  • and ‘ghosted’ across at least six prisons since 14 May 2014
  • so that he doesn’t have a chance to advance his case as a Litigant in Person or get legal representation.

Sounds familiar?

Yes. I’ve seen it in Melissa Laird‘s and Maurice’s case. Here South Wales Police ensure that

  • he is on MAPPA level 3, i.e. considered to be as dangerous as the worst terrorists, even to his first wife who diligently comes to court hearings and helps as best as one can from the outside
  • his mail gets delayed or not delivered
  • that the doctor who can’t be named is protected at all costs – even though it is clear that his report claiming Maurice had severe brain damage, possibly brain cancer, was falsified as ‘ordered’ by South Wales Police
  • this very report continues to be used to deny him his rights, including his licence to fly!

Life is stranger than fiction…

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem: https://primenumbers.store/
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  13. mymouths2big says:

    Royal Charters appear to be designed to grant immunity from prosecution for the ruling classes and their government appointees.
    Therefore, the individual becomes nothing but a slave, controlled through coercion and threats of punishment, by an untouchable elite.
    All Royal Charters are therefore invalid, they contradict Common Law.

    However, the Royal Charter protected Judiciary, Law Society, Police and Politicians are united in their determination to obliterate our freedom under the law, and our right to justice. The 1% have seized control.


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