WHO POLICES the Police, Judges the Judges and Governs the Governors?

How many ‘cases’ does it take to convince whom to make a difference?

How many victims need to be bullied and harassed as ‘exceptional and extreme’ cases such as Maurice and Brian Pead?

  • Since I put these summaries together for Maurice, whole new volumes of impropriety could be compiled. No wonder Maurice has serious health problems!
  • So he was released from prison, recalled from that ‘hostel’ but never given any reasons – as illustrated by this document.
  • Since then it has hardly been possible to get information from him in HMP Swansea.

Brian Pead’s chronology is also too much: 28 pages of what you cannot imagine in your wildest dreams:

  • the Police initiates false charges
  • the Judiciary legitimises them
  • and the Governors of HMP Prisons create hell on earth.

I’ve seen exactly this pattern in these cases of victims of child snatching:   On the site I built with his experiences in mind, I am asking Who Polices the Police?

Regarding Maurice, an anonymous Cardiff Crown Court Manager dares call it ‘administering justice’, when he uses blank paper and doesn’t bother to date or sign a ‘Response to a Letter before Claim’… Perfidious Albion, Anarchy by ‘Authorities’ and international exposure by online petitions:

The reality is that everybody just wants to keep their salary and pension rights. That’s the heart of the matter. But the spectrum is too wide from money as the cause and victims as the effect of white collar crimes. Or are turning points in the air?…

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem: https://primenumbers.store/
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7 Responses to WHO POLICES the Police, Judges the Judges and Governs the Governors?

  1. cathyfox says:

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    The Brian Pead chronology is particularly enlightening. The justice system is a sham. The whole system isn’t broke. It was designed by the elite, for the elite and one of the things they like to do is to have sex with children. If you stand up to the elite they do not like it. We must all stand up to them.


  2. New Scotland yard does corrupt deals with defence solicitors and barristers Ralph haeems and co to ensure convictions,Bernard Hogan Howe is a corrupt officer who with his d p s covers up police and judicial corruption,he is also a coward who hides behind a uniform and semantics.the ipcc and ccrc are unfit for purpose and should be abolished.


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