McKENZIE FRIEND par excellence punished by MAPPA and Illegal Imprisonment with Torturous Conditions

Maurice has an extraordinary memory for all his experiences in and out of police stations and court rooms – as well as prison cells. After having been let out of HMP Cardiff for about a week, his ‘licence’ was revoked and he’s put into HMP Swansea.

I leave it to you to guess or find out why. Commentators on his official site express their valuable opinions.

Would you mind phoning the Governor Lauren Watson on 01792 485300 and get explanations for

  • only allowed one person to phone: his sister
  • only being allowed the use of 2nd class stamps
  • not being allowed to address envelopes to Courts, while he is trying to get his Civil Claim against South Wales Police settled.

Or would you just send a message via He’s prisoner no. A7306AT. It costs £5 to start sending messages at 30p for 2,500 characters.

The Draconian bail and prison conditions are due to the fact that he’s been placed on MAPPA level 3, i.e. he is considered to be a terrorist of the highest level of danger! Here’s the letter of 02 July 2014 confirming that.

Attempts to ‘restrain’ Maurice by keeping him in prison have supposedly been ‘breached’ as challenged in his letter to the Criminal Court of Appeal of 12 June 2014 page 1, page 2, page 3.

Here’s the ‘licence’ document: page 1, page 2, page 3.

Before the Nigerian Musas were imprisoned after their children had been taken, he had acted as McKenzie Friend for them in a number of settings. Once he was accused of recording when no device was found on him…

ITV’s Exposure program Don’t Take My Child has made it clear now that the Musas are far from being alone…

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