NO PERSECUTION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION – what Robert Green, Maurice Kirk (and others) have in common

Robert Green is the promoter of the Hollie Greig campaign which accuses the Scottish establishment of paedophilia and lack of Police investigation. Instead, Robert has been incarcerated in Scotland, as an Englishman, and despite his age of 68 and his heart condition – since 14 February 2014, with bail refused three times. Here’s a petition for you to sign to release him.

On his way between prison in Perth and court in Aberdeen he came up with the slogan NO PERSECUTION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!

How significant on soo many levels in Scotland, Wales, England and, in particular, prisons!

Sounds familiar? Maurice has been inside since 14 October 2013 and was recently sentenced to 8 months on two charges. He has been trying to find legal representation for years. His cases should be consolidated and ‘packaged’ into one against South Wales Police, but:

  • as a Litigant in Person he lacks ‘equality of arms’ for starters;
  • even after years of studying the law, as many victims of white collar crimes have done, it is difficult to use the right procedures and present the right points in law;
  • legal professionals make ‘deals’: they negotiate with each other;
  • barristers and judges write orders out before hearings;
  • who knows whether all evidence presented ever gets read – but it is the basis for charging ‘professional’ fees.

Crown Prosecutors have been found to be as corrupt as all other representatives of the legal profession.

At this point, it is clear that Maurice would be better off, if he were represented. But when the prison claims that Maurice didn’t want to see a barrister, you feel the arm of South Wales Police pulling all strings again.

The Government has lost control, says Maurice. Did it ever have it, I wonder?

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