ON BEHALF OF Maurice Kirk in HMP Cardiff: emailing those who could make a difference – from outside the UK

14 04 23 Files go to Knox Road 2For the personal attention of
Mr. Michael Spurr, Chief Executive, National Offender Management Service
Nick Hardwick, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Prisons                    

Dear Sirs



We note your interest in preventing deaths in custody. Maurice Kirk’s is a current case that requires the immediate investigation of Cardiff Prison. There appears to be interference by police, the full extent of which is as yet unknown. Who exactly they are liaising with is unknown, but presumably this goes to the very top and includes the NHS. Regardless, Governor, Steve Cross, must be held accountable.

Civil Prisoner, Maurice Kirk, has needed urgent surgery for several months. He is being denied medical attention.

Please note, Mr. Hardwick, that I informed you of this situation on March 11, 2014, and yet the human rights abuse continues. Mr. Kirk is sixty-nine years old, and this is nothing short of elder abuse. I never received so much as a courtesy acknowledgement from you.

Will you please ensure that you prevent his death, and that he gets the medical attention he requires, so that you do not have blood on your hands? I believe he is also being denied access to contacts who will help him with his case, and that his phone calls are being monitored by South Wales Police, against whom he has launched civil action, in order to further their defence in litigation. It is obvious, therefore, that justice is being perverted and the Rule of Law is not being upheld. I am advised that Mr. Kirk has been denied some visitors by blacklisting those that can help him with legal matters. It is imperative that this matter be investigated and that whoever is orchestrating this is exposed.

Will you both please respond to me immediately, and confirm that the matter will be investigated without further delay. This case is very much in the public eye worldwide, and in the public interest. All public servants reading this email have a duty of care to ensure that this matter is fully investigated, and that Mr. Kirk’s rights are restored.

Yours faithfully,


From: XYZ
Sent: April-24-14 6:06 AM
To: ‘Tim.Jones@south-wales.pnn.police.uk’
Cc: ‘tom.winsor@hmic.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘alex.marshall@college.pnn.police.uk’; ‘anne.owers@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘angela.beart@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘nils.muiznieks@coe.int’; ‘freeassembly@ohchr.org’; ‘p.tomka@icj-cij.org’; ‘hugh.orde@acpo.pnn.police.uk’; ‘steve.williams@polfed.org’; ‘nathan.allonby@googlemail.com’; ‘Graylingc@parliament.uk’; ‘mayt@parliament.uk’; ‘geoff.dobson@prisonreformtrust.org.uk’; ‘juliet.lyon@prisonreformtrust.org.uk’; ‘erwin.james@guardian.co.uk’; ‘coepa.del@parliament.uk’; ‘francesca.cooney@prisonreformtrust.org.uk’; ‘ramsbottomd@parliament.uk’; ‘BROOKEP@parliament.uk’; ‘sarah.vero@prisonreformtrust.org.uk’; ‘CUMBERLEGEJ@parliament.uk’; ‘wallacew@parliament.uk’; ‘commissioner@south-wales.pnn.police.uk’; ‘jessica.short@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘robert.barrington@transparency.org.uk’; ‘flcockcroft@aol.com’; ‘Rachel Davies’; ‘Christophe.speckbacher@coe.int’; ‘heyesd@parliament.uk’; ‘jenkinbc@parliament.uk’; ‘nick.debois.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘alun.cairns.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘michael.dugher.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘charlie.elphicke.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘flynnp@parliament.uk’; ‘halfon4harlow@roberthalfon.com’; ‘hopkinsk@parliament.uk’; ‘royl@parliament.uk’; ‘greg.mulholland.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘james.house@silverriver.tv’; ‘huntj@parliament.uk’; ‘pritchardm@parliament.uk’; ‘jack.dromey.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘damian.green.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘alan.beith.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘steve.brine.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘robert.buckland.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘corbynj@parliament.uk’; ‘nick.debois.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘chris.evans.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘ben.gummer.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘elfyn.llwyd.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘seema.malhotra.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘yasmin.qureshi.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘elizabeth.truss.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘karl.turner.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘justicecom@parliament.uk’; ‘privateoffice@attorneygeneral.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘chris.grayling.mp@parliament.uk’; ’emilythornberrymp@parliament.uk’; ‘coopery@parliament.uk’; ‘burnhama@parliament.uk’; ‘liz.kendall.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘sadiqkhanmp@parliament.uk’; ‘philip.davies.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘nick.smith.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘goodmanh@parliament.uk’; ‘faulkse@parliament.uk’; ‘editor@ukcolumn.org’; ‘investigations@icij.org’

Subject: IPCC Reference: 2014/025117 SOUTH WALES POLICE

Dear Chief Superintendent Jones,

Thank you for your response.

I shall be grateful if you will please acknowledge this email by issuing me a complaint file number immediately, as is required by protocol.

Cardiff Crown Court, April 8, 2014 Case Number A20140005, before Judge Crowther

I am reliably informed that the prison duty governor admitted under oath that the police are monitoring Maurice Kirk’s phone calls from the prison, and have put one of his supporters on a no contact list. This information should be in the court transcripts. Mr. Kirk was on remand at the time. He is a civil prisoner.

That alone is an indicator of direct police interference with the health, welfare, and rights of Maurice Kirk, and it is in the public interest that this complaint be followed through in its entirety, please.

It is alleged that Mr. Kirk is being denied his right to medical attention, has been, and is being, subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment as a direct result of overt police interference with his rights, health, and welfare.

This allegation is besides the fact that Maurice Kirk has allegedly been inhumanely treated and persecuted in an unlawful manner by South Wales police over a great many years, as a result of his successful civil litigation against South Wales Police. Here I cut and paste the testimony of Maurice Kirk’s sister which is to form part of this complaint, along with testimonies of those outlined in the email chain below:

“Time to start connecting the dots

I set out below the complaint I have sent into ABM NHS Trust and the organisation representing victims of the South Wales Hospital.

As you can see this involves the South Wales Police in the first place, then the NHS and more horrifically the CPS and Prison Service.

The story below is a synopsis of what has been happening to my brother over the past 22 years.

Truly Shocking.

I am sister to Maurice John KIRK (dob 12.3.45) who is currently being held in Cardiff Prison awaiting sentence for a trumped up crime. He is thus unable to furnish information personally. I live in Jersey but was in Cardiff last month and attended a ‘victims of ABMU’ meeting on Tuesday 26th March 2014 in Bridgend.

A. Maurice Kirk has had a long battle with South Wales Police who continually picked on him for relatively minor motoring offences which he continually disproved in the magistrates’ courts of South Wales over a period of some 18 years. I believe the record would show that he won over 80% of his appearances. Weekly he would be stopped and asked to produce his driving licence and insurance documents at some police station or other as he went about his business.

B. He was a well-respected Veterinary Surgeon who would always drop whatever he was doing socially/family/middle of the night to attend an injured animal if surgery was closed. Our father was also a veterinary surgeon and held the same view that an animal in pain required immediate attention.

C. The Police asked him to attend an injured dog found under the cliffs at Llantwit beach. (They had asked other vets in the area but as it was Saturday afternoon they refused!) My brother with his damaged ankle walked several hundred meters along the beach over stones to retrieve the dog and as people looked on he struggled to carry the mangy animal back to his car to treat in the surgery. He was reported to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons where his motoring offences were noted. The police took statements from some on-lookers who did not understand the situation (the dog had been hurled off the cliff by uncaring owners and my brother was not going to be paid for his efforts to save the dog but this did not matter to him). They failed to admit that a retired magistrate watching the event with her sister had nothing but praise for the vet and did not submit this evidence to the Royal College.

D. Subsequently my brother was banned from practising as a vet. This had been initiated because Kirk had decided to take the South Wales Police to the Civil Court for their behaviour over the last 18 years.

The Police turned up the pressure and one day in June 2009 they arrested him for possession of an unlicensed and illegal firearm. He was imprisoned on remand and S W Police asked Dr. W to verify my brother’s state of mental health. The court duly placed him in C CLINIC for 28 days. During this time the DOCTOR and team was unable to come to a conclusion about his diagnosis and so twice more the court was asked to extend the incarceration in C Clinic. (My brother said it was a truly frightening place to be as most of the inmates really were suffering from mental illness).

E. My brother was determined to defend himself in court as he knew the real story and he would not have been able to afford legal representation and anyway, could find no reliable Welsh defence lawyer. The Police were anxious to stop him speaking the truth in court so unbeknownst to the defendant he was illegally placed on MAPPA Level 3 and made a subject of Public Interest Immunity (IIP) and therefore should be incarcerated to Ashworth Hospital for LIFE!. (Before they picked him up in June 2009 an order had gone out that he was to be shot on sight if seen near the home of the Chief Constable Barbara Wilding. Luckily for Maurice he did not go down that road as he did not know where she lived and had received no notice that he would be shot if he did. This is all unbelievable I hear you say but there is a paper trail to prove it)

F. The Court needed two psychiatrists to sign the document to declare that Kirk was unfit to plead. Although whilst in his prison cell in HMP Cardiff I understand eleven psychiatrists tried to interview him a second doctor could not be found to corroborate that my brother had paranoid delusional disorder and was unfit to defend himself in court.

G. On 2nd December 2009 I ordered the transcript of the bail application hearing in front of Judge Bidder. (received 20th Jan. 2010) My brother was not allowed to be present and so had no representative in court to hear Dr. W testimony that Maurice John KIRK has paranoid delusional disorder, a degree of brain damage and possibly brain cancer.

H. His application for bail failed but surprisingly whilst awaiting trial no Prison Doctor came near him and no hospital appointment was made in relation to ‘possible brain tumour’!

I. Needless to say he was extremely worried about his health once he had sight of the transcript and the doctor’s evidence. NO TREATMENT offered.

J. The Firearms Jury Trial was rumbled as a made-up case by South Wales Police as we were told after the three week trial that the Jury were pretty sure that the Police had fabricated evidence from Day One. Maurice was released.

K. During the subsequent years (now 4 years) he has attempted to have this false medical report removed from his health records and those held by HMP Cardiff. It has been in vain.

L. He desperately needed a hip replacement operation as his ankle injury had put pressure on the hip joint. The anaesthetist was unable to accept him for treatment due to this incorrect report and in the end he had the operation in France.

M. He re-applied for his Private Pilots Licence but this was refused because of the Doctor’s report. He re-applied to be reinstated at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons but this was refused based on Dr. W’s false medical report.

N. He had full scans on his brain at his expense (not in South Wales as the health service refused him) to ascertain that he DID NOT have a brain tumour nor appreciable brain damage.

O. Last year the CAA awarded him his Private Pilots Licence again and after being incarcerated again in HMP Cardiff on another Police make-believe case to prevent the 20 week Civil Action against the South Wales Police in Court from concluding he had to go on hunger strike before the Prison Medical Service admitted that the information in Dr. W’s medical Report of September 2009 was incorrect in its conclusions.

P. I should add that my brother, (aged 69, oldest prisoner in the prison)) who has a prolapsed colon ( as he defended himself this was the only route he could take to get important evidence into Court from his Prison Cell) is in regular 5 hours of pain but is obliged to queue in line with the methadone chaps on his drug wing for a paracetamol which he is obliged to take then (8am and 4pm) and so is unable to receive pain relief when he needs it later in the evening. He is down to see the Prison Doctor in 6 weeks time! When you see how he treated animals in pain he now wishes he was an animal not a Human Being in the South Wales Health area.

Q. He has tried and tried to get this false report removed from his file but it has proved impossible. NHS Wales have never co-operated in this.

signed on the victim’s behalf : Celia L. Jeune (nee Kirk)”

Further, it is understood that, as a result of the revelation by the duty governor of the prison, the case has been adjourned until 30th June, 2014, resulting in a further eighty (80) days isolation of Mr. Kirk. He is in urgent need of surgery.

Please note that this case, and the infamy of South Wales Police, is well known worldwide, and it would behoove the authorities to investigate further, particularly in light of the current police corruption crisis in the UK.

I look forward to receiving the file number before you start the investigation, and thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely,


From: Tim.Jones@south-wales..pnn.police.uk [mailto:Tim.Jones@south-wales.pnn.police.uk]

Sent: April-09-14 8:29 AM
Subject: FW: IPCC Reference: 2014/025117 – THIRD REQUEST [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]


Dear Ms XYZ,

As the Head of South Wales Police professional standards department, I am writing on behalf of Chief Constable VAUGHAN in response to the below e-mail which you sent during the early hours of this morning.

Firstly may I apologise for not responding to any previous emails on this matter which you indicate that you have sent, unfortunately I do not seem to have received any previous correspondence before this occasion.

In relation to the issues which you raise, it would appear that you are linking the alleged mistreatment of Mr Maurice KIRK to the actions of South Wales Police. Unfortunately in order for me to properly consider the nature of your complaint and for a decision to be formally made in relation to its recording, it is necessary for you to provide further information. Specifically I would wish for you to provide as much information as possible in relation to who you are complaining about? What they are alleged to have done? and when and where this alleged misconduct has occurred ?

From reading the limited detail included on the email trail, it would seem that the concerns raised relate to Mr Kirk’s treatment within the prison environment, specifically the lack of needed medical treatment, and as such these matters are issues best addressed by the prison service.

Yours sincerely


Chief Superintendent Professional Standards

Prif Uwcharolygydd Adran Safonau Proffesiynol

Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2014 01:15 AM
To: Vaughan,Peter swp4945; Jones,Tim swp1437
Cc: tom.winsor@hmic.gsi.gov.uk <tom.winsor@hmic.gsi.gov.uk>; alex.marshall@college..pnn.police.uk <alex.marshall@college..pnn.police.uk>; damian.green.mp@parliament.uk <damian.green.mp@parliament.uk>; james.house@silverriver.tv <james.house@silverriver.tv>; steve.williams@polfed.org <steve.williams@polfed.org>; stephenhayes@thebiggestganginbritain.com <stephenhayes@thebiggestganginbritain.com>; deborah.glass@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk <deborah.glass@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk>; anne.owers@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk <anne.owers@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk>; david.whyte@liverpool.ac.uk <david.whyte@liverpool.ac.uk>; d.t.hough@sussex.ac.uk <d.t.hough@sussex.ac.uk>; newsdesk@gwent-wales.co.uk <newsdesk@gwent-wales.co.uk>; angela.beart@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk <angela.beart@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk>
Subject: RE: IPCC Reference: 2014/025117 – THIRD REQUEST

Dear Chief Constable Vaughan

This is my third request for a file number from your constabulary regarding the above.

I shall be grateful for the courtesy of a response.

Yours sincerely,



Sent: April-03-14 8:10 AM
To: ; ‘PETER.vaughan@south-wales.pnn.police.uk’
Cc: ‘tom.winsor@hmic.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘alex.marshall@college.pnn.police.uk’; ‘damian.green.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘james.house@silverriver.tv’; ‘steve.williams@polfed.org’; ‘stephenhayes@thebiggestganginbritain.com’; ‘deborah.glass@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘anne.owers@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘david.whyte@liverpool.ac.uk’; ‘d.t.hough@sussex.ac.uk’; ‘newsdesk@gwent-wales.co.uk’
Subject: IPCC Reference: 2014/025117

Dear Chief Constable Vaughan

I shall be grateful if you will kindly acknowledge my email of April 1 (below) as this matter is in urgent need of investigation, and your courtesy will be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


Sent: April-01-14 8:36 AM
To: ‘PETER.vaughan@south-wales.pnn.police.uk’
Cc: ‘tom.winsor@hmic.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘alex.marshall@college.pnn.police.uk’; ‘damian.green.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘james.house@silverriver.tv’; ‘steve.williams@polfed.org’; ‘stephenhayes@thebiggestganginbritain.com’; ‘deborah.glass@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘anne.owers@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘david.whyte@liverpool.ac.uk’; ‘d.t.hough@sussex.ac.uk’; ‘newsdesk@gwent-wales.co.uk’
Importance: High

Dear Chief Constable Vaughan

I shall be grateful if you will please provide me with a file number in this case, at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,


—–Original Message—–
From: Jessica Short [mailto:jessica.short@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk] On Behalf Of enquiries
Sent: April-01-14 7:23 AM
Subject: IPCC Reference: 2014/025117

Dear Ms XYZ,

Your email dated 11 March 2014 has been forwarded to the Professional Standards Department (PSD) of South Wales Police for consideration as a new complaint.

As you are aware, the PSD of the relevant police force is the appropriate authority to send your complaints to.  Please send complaints to them directly, or to the IPCC enquiries email address: enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk<mailto:enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

Emailing the IPCC Chair will not result in any alternative action, and will delay your correspondence being dealt with as this is simply forwarded to enquiries to be dealt with as appropriate.  Please also be aware that Deborah Glass is no longer with the IPCC.

Yours sincerely,

Jessica Short

Customer Contact Adviser

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) PO Box 473

M33 6FS

Phone: 0300 020 0096

Email: enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk<mailto:enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

Sent: March-11-14 7:39 AM
To: ‘nils.muiznieks@coe.int’; ‘freeassembly@ohchr.org’; ‘InfoDesk@ohchr.org’; ‘juliet.lyon@prisonreformtrust.org.uk’; ‘contact@prisonreformtrust.org.uk.’; ‘jeremy.wright.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘david.jones.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘erwin.james@guardian.co.uk’; ‘warsis@parliament.uk’; ‘tom.winsor@hmic.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘alex.marshall@college.pnn.police.uk’; ‘mayt@parliament.uk’; ‘james.house@silverriver.tv’; ‘investigations@icij.org’; ‘sg@un.org’; ‘cerith.thomas@south-wales.pnn.police.uk’; ‘hannah.jenkins@south-wales.pnn.police.uk’; ‘commissioner@south-wales.pnn.police.uk’; ‘acpo.staff.office@south-wales.pnn.police.uk’; ‘hugh.orde@acpo.pnn.police.uk’; ‘michael.cunningham@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk’; ‘tom.whitehead@telegraph.co.uk’; ‘caroline.dinenage.mp@parliament.uk’
Cc: ‘press.int@aljazeera.net’; ‘press@rttv.ru’; ‘press@rusemb.org.uk’; ‘admin@number10.gov.uk’; ‘Graylingc@parliament.uk’; ‘Varas@parliament.uk’; ‘Wrightj@parliament.uk’; ‘mcnallyt@parliament.uk’; ‘Cairnsd@parliament.uk’; ‘Willottj@parliament.uk’; ‘chris.grayling.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘dan.jarvis.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘sadiqkhanmp@parliament.uk’; ‘Norman Scarth’; ‘PETER.vaughan@south-wales.pnn.police.uk’; ‘anne.owers@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘deborah.glass@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘adam.wagner@1cor.com’; ‘mark.hennessy@irishtimes.com’; ‘andrew.bridgen.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘david.davis.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘watsont@parliament.uk’; ‘hodgem@parliament.uk’; ‘stephen.dorrell.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘stephen.barclay.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘sarah.wollaston.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘ann.clwyd.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘menzies.campbell.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘shepherdr@parliament.uk’; ‘bownessp@parliament.uk’; ‘chidgeyd@parliament.uk’; ‘robert.barrington@transparency.org.uk’; ‘flcockcroft@aol.com’; ‘Christophe.speckbacher@coe.int’; ‘Rachel Davies’
Importance: High

Dear Sirs


Can you please intervene urgently?

It is suggested that South Wales Police might be behind this aggressive and continued abuse of Maurice Kirk, which has been taking place over many years.

Maurice Kirk is a sixty-eight year old civil prisoner, in failing health, and on remand. He has consistently won court cases against South Wales Police, and they have continued to oppress him.

Dyfed-Powys Police, South Wales Police, and all the Yorkshire Police forces have, arguably, the worst reputations on the planet.





Yours faithfully,


From: Norman Scarth [mailto:againstcorruption@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: March-10-14 7:46 AM
To: o.p.jones@gmail.com
Cc: Norman Scarth
Subject: ‘Holiday Camp’ prisons? More like Auschwitz!

To those brainwashed into thinking British prisons are ‘Holiday Camps’.

In its treatment of Maurice Kirk, Cardiff Prison is more like Auschwitz, Prison ‘Doctor’ Rose Marnell with as much respect for the Hippocratic Oath as Josef Mengele!!
This law-abiding pensioner (who has not even been convicted of a crime, but is ‘On Remand’) is in great pain from a prolapsed rectum & colon & should obviously be in hospital, but Marnell neither treats him or even shows concern!

On Friday 7th March 2014 I sent by registered airmail (marked ‘Urgent!’) a letter to Dr Marnell along with three other documents.  They are all attached now.
Hopefully, she will get them Monday, Tuesday latest.  Whether they will prick her conscience is doubtful.
Norman Scarth.

Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2014 18:03:13 +0000
From: butlincat75@googlemail.com
To: admin@number10.gov.uk; Graylingc@parliament.uk; Varas@parliament.uk; Wrightj@parliament.uk; mcnallyt@parliament.uk; Cairnsd@parliament.uk; Willottj@parliament.uk

Call from Maurice Kirk : 16.45gmt today 8 March:

Maurice is now desperately ill and in great pain with a prolapse and needs urgent medical attention at the hospital NOW, but it is being refused by the prison!

At 4.45pm this afternoon 8 March I got a very serious call from MK – who is in great pain with a prolapse = pieces of his body hanging out of his rectum. The prison refuse to take him to the hospital, even though the other dr. said he must go for an internal examination urgently. He says [in his call below] Marnell, the prison ” Healthcare doctor”wont even speak to him let alone help him. He says because hes been on hunger strike theyre refusing to let him have treatment, even though, he says in his call, they said they were going to give him painkillers and sort out the prolapse, but they’ve done nothing.

Please help Maurice by telling as many authority figures as possible what he is saying about his outrageous situation – todays call:

thank you.

J. Graham

MK’s site is  http://www.kirkflyingvet.com







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