DEAR ALUN CAIRNS MP: 25 breaches of regulations in HMP Cardiff on HUNGER STRIKE since Monday

14 01 27 Alun Cairns MPHere is Maurice’s latest missive from inside HMP Cardiff:


Arrested 14th October 2013 and incarcerated on both fabricated charges and antecedent history. Breaches of prison regulations include:

  1. Denied access to bail officer to arrange release
  2. Denied facilities to interview my witnesses today
  3. Denied facilities to examine Police CD and DVD
  4. Denied for 3 months access to my own bank account
  5. Denied for 2 months access to my car key to get evidence
  6. Denied this week any canteen to buy stamps and phone calls
  7. Denied cross examination or appeals to punishments
  8. Denied proper notice for court appearances
  9. Denied reasonable access to any law books (3 30 minute visits to library allowed)
  10. Police ‘VISOR’ labelled ‘sex offender’ fabricated to oppose bail
  11. 7 weeks plus punished on IEP with no appeal, not even a radio
  12. Denied a table even to write on for over 3 months
  13. Prison refuses to disclose 2nd Dec 09 evidence of brain damage
  14. Prison agree neurologist needed but nothing forthcoming
  15. Court opened psychiatric report pushed under cell door by a convict!
  16. Over 60 general applications not replied to despite charity
  17. Over 30 complaint forms not replied to despite my verbal explanations
  18. Yesterday maliciously blocked from Chapel by D. Rogan O27
  19. Punished for ‘incitement to riot’ without an ounce of evidence
  20. Police allowed to block phone calls to key witnesses for trial
  21. Refuse release of passport for safe keeping
  22. Police refuse to properly investigate serious assaults and theft
  23. Lawyer denied access despite written consent given
  24. My ‘entering the prison without permission’ allegation appeal delayed
  25.  A handful of officers hold administration staff to ransom putting security issues seriously compromised by plain greed. This list is far from exhaustive.

He just called me and said he’s on hunger strike since he was told on Monday that I wasn’t allowed to see him…

Could you phone HMP Governor Richard Booty and ask that I can go inside next Monday?

Many thanks!

Sabine at

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10 Responses to DEAR ALUN CAIRNS MP: 25 breaches of regulations in HMP Cardiff on HUNGER STRIKE since Monday

  1. JM says:

    i wish there was something i can do


  2. Reblogged this on Victims Unite! and commented:

    Anybody willing to phone Governor Booty of HMP Cardiff on 029 2092 3100 and complain?


  3. butlincat says:

    Booty moved on years ago


  4. goggzilla says:

    Hunger strike to the death?


    • JM says:

      best option i think, but they wnt allow that…sickos start putting tube down your throat three times a day/ maximise their overtime whilst inflicting max pain and suffering. once a week wd be enough to keep him alive.

      they say they can keep u alive 6-8 months doing that to you. but i think that’s bullshit to. those at Guantanamo and other ‘places’ being kept alive much longer…..then there is the surgery option they’ll inflict on you, tube into stomach and pour in liquid shit basically via a drip….bypass the mouth entirely.

      i think his only hope now really is to find soemthing start and start stabbing them in the eyes (if they can’t see they can’t abuse anyone any longer + it’s a third option other than killing them)- hopefully you will then be beaten to death…..certainly beats years of it, although those five minutes or so wnt be particularly pleasant granted. lesser of all other evils i wd suggest…


      • goggzilla says:

        I asked about a thirst strike (will kill you in 48 hrs) but medics said that when unconscious they just rehydrate you.


      • JM says:

        they are sick mother fuckers- guy who refused medical attention was betaen up andthrown out of back of ambulance, left a vegetable, paralysed from neck down…..they were torturing him for months if not years, must have been hundreds involved until his mother managed to euphanise him- she’s serving life for murder now.
        Raoull Moatt option only way left to go now


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