PAVING THE WAY to High Security Prison Ashworth – AGAIN!!!???…

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Maurice (now 68)‘s latest experiences in HMP Cardiff are soo horrendous that one should tell them as fiction, as they are soo un-believable.

But life seems to be ‘shock therapy in disillusionment’, until we wake up to oppose deception.

Here’s the five-page ‘witness statement’ by the doctor who kept him in his clinic for nearly seven months in 2009 – as a first step to the high security mental hospital / prison Ashworth.

And here he writes to his MP Alun Cairns who has already written to the Governor of HMP Cardiff and to John Hemming MP who takes also great interest in white collar crimes:

  1. I have received a written warning following my visit to ‘reception’ to obtain release of my car kay.
  2. Five prison staff were present when they refused to establish if f it was there or not.
  3. Independent Monitoring Board was denied an explanation by dramatic faced to face confrontation when showing the gentleman the door!
  4. Three, so far, recorded delivery letters to my lawyer, witness and Sabine McNeill have never arrived since 24th October 13 applications.
  5. I continue being denied use of my debit card to prepare for numerous court actions.

Please send, sealed Rule 39, your communications with Mr Batty, HM Governor.

Thank You.

This time Maurice is on remand after he threatened to burn down the house of that doctor – with the ‘diagnosis’ of ‘significant brain damage, possibly cancer’.

But as the doctor colludes with / is paid by South Wales Police, it has been impossible to get him charged so far.

Now the question is whether, once again, the powers that be are stronger by paying people to ‘just to their job’ or whether the tide is turning for litigants in person who pierce the veil of non-disclosure and other perversions of the course of justice. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Norman Scarth (87) who shares the mental hospital experience with Maurice has launched this petition to end a practice worse than the gas chambers in Britain:

That the British State/Government/Supreme Court each do their bit to put an end to the MIS-use of ‘Mental Hospitals’, a practice described by Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn as “Worse Than The Gas Chambers”; the Appeal by Norman Scarth (which is currently before the Supreme Court) being a good opportunity to do so.

Maurice’s main website tells more.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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