FROM Prisongate to Courtgate and Judgegate? An explanation for the ‘culture’ we’re experiencing

Cover of "Prisongate: The Shocking State ...In his inimitable style, Norman Scarth writes:

See the book PRISONGATE, by General Sir David Ramsbotham.

Because he was doing the job too well, Sir David was sacked from his position as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons, as was his predecessor Judge Sir Steven Tumin.   Sir Steven wrote of people sent to prison by Some slimy judge or magistrate’. 

I borrowed that as a sub-title for my own book, CAUSE for CONCERN.

In PRISONGATE, Sir David told of a Nigerian nurse on the staff at Holloway who said such treatment would not have been tolerated in her own country

Shortly after being relieved of his position, Sir David appeared on the TV ‘Frost Programme’ & told of ‘Barbaric Guards’ (July 2001 I think.  Might have been 21st).

One time Director-General of HM Prison Service, Martin Narey (now DG of Barnados) told of ‘A litany of failure & moral neglect in HELL-HOLE prisons’.

Norman Scarth.

PS:  Sir Steven was being too hard on malpractice by prison staff.  So, they appointed Sir David, thinking that as an army general he would be tough on complaining prisoners. In fact, he turned out to be as hard on prison malpractice as Sir Stephen.  Hence the sacking of each them. My big disappointment with Sir David was that, having exposed criminal malpractice by prison staff, he did nothing to bring about prosecutions.   NS.

COURTGATE is Len Lawrence’s revelation about the Court of Protection.

JUDGEGATE is the exposure of the judges who act in the name of the Court of Protection, without being on the list of 95 approved judges. Len exposes six names and knows of another one in another ‘case’.

Please note the petition to the Scottish Parliament for Judges to declare the membership in Freemasonic societies!

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