MAURICE GAGGED – the unique legal weapon in UK secret family courts

It has to be witnessed to be believed. You can’t imagine it and you can’t make it up:

  • the worst case of bullying, harassment, imprisonments ‘enshrined’ in some 200 Lever Arch files
  • over 3 decades – culminating in being struck off the professional register – besides being declared to have a brain tumour
  • combined with the worst case of child snatching – covering only 23 family court files and 5 criminal court files – resulting in 7 years of imprisonment for the parents, no contact with their 5 oldest children, with the 2 youngest ones presumably adopted without trace…

Here’s the gagging order that connects the two.

For Maurice accompanied the Musas to the Police Station where they had to ‘sign on’. Given his experience, he encouraged them to do whatever would bring them into a non-secret magistrates court, after what he had witnessed in their secret family court hearing.

They had asked him to help as McKenzie Friend which he is, of course, very experienced as.

How are foreigners expected to cope

  • with the grief over losing their children
  • the utter hypocrisy presented to them as ‘reasons’ and ‘evidence’
  • the complete criminality with which the ‘denie and lie’ tactics are being covered up by ‘commit crimes to cover up crimes’?

Well, Slovakian TV reported the 8-day demo that began yesterday outside Downing Street. It will culminate in petition signatures being handed in next Friday:

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