LORD LEVESON to hear Maurice’s Application at The Criminal Court of Appeal sitting at Cardiff Crown Court on 14th March 13

Dyfed-Powys Police

Dyfed-Powys Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

South Wales Police

South Wales Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Maurice Kirk

I have read your latest posting entitled Lord Leveson to hear Maurice’s Application at The Criminal Court of Appeal sitting at Cardiff Crown Court on 14th March 13 on


and have just posted this as a comment:

In light of this article printed by the Western Mail Group and particularly Martin Shipton who is personally aware, and, slippery shouldered your infamous case as a matter of public interest and accountability despite their offices being a mere 50 yards from Cardiff Justice Centre
perhaps Rhodri Glyn Thomas Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson on policing should make effort to walk from his ivory tower in the bay and attend the biggest policing corruption case Wales has ever endured.
In the above article Rhodri Glyn Thomas is quoted as saying.

“It is very important that the police are not placed above the law and immune from the consequences of any wrongdoing. “Their conduct should be of the highest standard and, if it is not and deemed to be criminal, they should face the judicial process. “Standards within police forces need to be very high if public confidence is to be maintained. The four Welsh police forces need to bear this in mind very carefully when allegations of police corruption are upheld in internal inquiries.”

The fact that no reporter can walk the 50 yards to report on this, the biggest police corruption case in Welsh history beggars belief.

Furthermore, the fact that an elected representative of the public at the Welsh Assembly can speak about police corruption and not physically see it on his own doorsteps at Dyfed Powys and Cardiff Justice Centre is very worrying indeed. Wilful Blindness springs to mind.

You will recall when you attended the “Llangunnor Six” meeting at Dyfed Powys Police Headquarters in Carmarthen, Alan Fry South Wales Police Chief Executive stood in for Keith Reeves Chief Executive of Dyfed Powys Police due to his illness.

It is now of no surprise why Alan Fry deliberately blocked the seriousness of the “Llangunnor Six” meeting.

It can be further argued that it is Alan Fry that deliberately quashed the seriousness of the issues brought to his attention by the “Llangunnor Six” in order to protect the integrity of his own Chief Constable Barbara Wilding. Therefore, the only fall guy from that meeting was Dyfed Powys’ Chief Constable Terry Grange.

Furthermore, the question now is; is it South Wales Police that is orchestrating all the further abuse that the “Llangunnor Six” endures at the hands of the notorious Dyfed Powys Police?

And, what part has Adrian Oliver of Dolmans got to play in his capacity as solicitor/s for both Dyfed Powys and South Wales Police Forces within this abuse and persecution.

Yours sincerely,

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