Is Maurice Kirk doomed to die in Prison? Refused Glasses, Bail and any other Human Rights…

Maurice has been in prison since 22nd December. On remand. But without any charges in writing. There had been a warrant for arrest for him and he was arrested when he was attending a hearing for the Musas whose six children were stolen by Haringey Council, after he had been helping them as a McKenzie Friend.

Since December, he has been trying to apply for bail, while attempting to proceed with his other litigations. However, he was

  • more or less forced to accept legal representation
  • sufficiently outraged to go on hunger strike for these reasons strike:

a) I have been refused the right to apply to any Crown Court  (Wales or Bristol) for bail in the past six months  – why? CPS/Police have to be tape recorded as to why they oppose bail and they have no valid reason.

b) I have had adjournments from (the Bristol court) for Medical and brain scan. Following my questions in court it was clear the judge had not read the appeal file we had prepared . He also admitted not knowing that  MAPPA disclosure was the major issue. He never read past the first three pages of full Lever Arch file.

Needless to say, I am refused a medical in HM Prison and the brain scan because ‘they’ lose what ever the verdict.

Here is his current position statement.

Yesterday he was in court and ‘served’ with paperwork. But he threw the papers back, as he was refused glasses by the Prison, the Clerk of the Court and the Judge!

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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20 Responses to Is Maurice Kirk doomed to die in Prison? Refused Glasses, Bail and any other Human Rights…

  1. Celia Jeune says:

    The fact that is down speaks volumes! The Welsh Judiciary have a lot to answer for not to mention the affair of the lying doctor.


  2. Meirion says:

    Of course they will tell you that “Cardiff Law” is no different to any other Law.
    I am sure someone can assist as to where in the world would you find the torture of a man on remand being served papers but denied glasses to read those papers.
    Judge Bodfan Jenkins raped Maurice of his right to reading glasses.
    The Clerk of Cardiff Magistrates Court 4
    The Court usher,
    Amery services the Court Cell officer
    HMP Cardiff
    have all refused Maurice Kirk a pair of reading glasses. How callous is that – that is a damn good example of how “Cardiff Law” operates.


  3. says:

    Having a very good knowledge of the UK prison system both from inside and out I find some of the claims being made by Maurice a bit suspect. I know it’s difficult inside but to get things done
    you sometimes have to play by their rules. 22hr lock down is not uncommon in UK prisons & has Maurice contacted the prison ombudsman? Has he put in a claim to ECHR? What about his fellow prisoners or is he being singled out? I read Converse and InsideTime regularly and have contact with prisoners in various establishments throughout UK which makes me suspicious of some of Maurice’s what seem like rantings rather than rational complaints? I will still continue to support where I think it is necessary but if Maurice’s claims are unfounded or a bit wild then they undermine the help and support others are trying to provide for prisoners. Let’s have some facts and proof please, or he could do more damage than good in improving our current prison systems. Tony


    • Dear Tony

      I have known Maurice since June 2009 and have helped with his documentation and website since October 2009.

      I have NO reason to doubt anything he says or ‘claims’.

      What FACTS do you want / need?

      Might you be willing / able to visit him in prison?

      Could you possibly help get EMAIL A PRISONER established in Cardiff (one of the 44 of 168 prisons where it’s lacking)?

      Maurice is excessive as a ‘chronic litigant’ who has WON between 80 and 90% of all his litigations against the Police.

      This imprisonment is meant to prevent him from succeeding with his ‘civil action’ that is scheduled to start on 26th April.


      • says:

        Thanks Sabine, I am glad you have enlightened me if you know Maurice personally then I can accept what you say, however why isn’t someone badgering the prison governor, ombudsman and home office to get things changed. It has to come from those close to Maurice and can substantiate his claims. It is unlawful not to provide him with spectacles and when I broke mine in prison they were replaced almost instantly. The same with dentistry, it was better service than on the out and I still wear the dentures made for me.

        I spent time in 10 different prisons because I was outspoken and stood up for the rights of prisoners who couldn’t, because of this unscrupulous officers found ways to move me on or ghosting as its called. Power sodden senior prison officers (not the so called Governors who have little control over the rank and file and their strong union) who don’t want and wont accept change are the problem in prisons and I have had many complaint and request applications torn up and binned in front of me and legal mail stopped, lost, delayed and information meant for my solicitor passed to police whilst I was on remand by bent S.O’s and P.O.’s.

        I will start asking questions and if others can do the same, Freedom of Information requests are a good way to get things moving. I work with FASO which is based in Wales so I will see what I can find there, unfortunately I live the opposite side of the Country so can’t visit. I have never seen the point of e-mailing prisoners as it only provides the prison and prison officers with useful to them, information and prefer to write.

        I’m surprised Maurice doesn’t have a solicitor as it gives him rights to send information to him that cannot be interfered with by the prison under ‘rule 39’ if they have not changed the number. If anyone wants to start F.O.I. requests they just need to go to the site ‘What do they know’ and it can all be done on line. If Maurice is appealing he has the lawful right to access to a PC to carry out that or other legal work. If refused he should instigate J.R. proceedings. He should do the same with respect to his spectacles? Thanks again, I don’t have a lot of time with the volume of work and requests for help we get besides my own private life but will do what I can, Maurice’s association with Norman Scarth didn’t help his credibility as I have spoken to people who have said that Norman was his own worst enemy.

        I just wish I could do more in general but am fast wearing out being in my 70’s I consider I am on borrowed time. …Kind Regards Tony


      • Don’t worry, Tony!

        We all are doing our best! And we need to keep going, no matter what! Age is no excuse!

        But your suggestions are EXCELLENT. I’m only beginning to get the hang of Freedom of Information requests.

        Norman Scarth does NOT belittle Maurice’s credibility. Norman has had to flee the country he fought for due to harassment by ‘the system’!



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  5. Tony Lowery: What a treacherous man you are – spreading insidious, sneering poison about those who truly ARE fighting against the evil ones! He says, “why isn’t someone badgering the prison governor, ombudsman and home office to get things changed?” Does he really think that hasn’t & isn’t being done? He knows perfectly well it would do more good to write to Father Christmas! He (like the so-called ‘News Media’) tells us about all the wonderful ‘RIGHTS’ of prisoners, yet in the same message tella us .”I have had many complaint and request applications torn up and binned in front of me and legal mail stopped, lost, delayed and information meant for my solicitor passed to police whilst I was on remand”.
    To Sabine: To repeat what I have said elsewhere: I never blame ‘The System’, but the evil ones who RUN ‘The System’ – aided by those like Lowery who suck up to them by undermining the fighters!


    • Yes, yes, Norman. Unless you’re a victim yourself, people cannot KNOW. For they can’t IMAGINE that things are as bad as they are and HOW bad they are. It is also very difficult to provide ADEQUATE support adequately!… Sighs.


  6. says:

    Sorry Norman, but it is this attitude of yours that has caused problems and I have had mail from people who have tried to help you, but you don’t gives others a chance you rant and talk over them and don’t listen. I have always supported you and did ask you once before to try and tone it down as you were alienating the very people trying to help you and I’m sorry that the feedback from people who know you personally affected my judgement with Maurice. I lost my father in the war both my step fathers were in POW camps and I lost nephews in the more recent wars. You were not the only one who fought for this Country but were one of the liucky ones who survived, it’s time to not forget the wars, which only make rich men richer, but to address the present. I’m not undermining you, I’m trying to use the system to influence the system, all the ranting and calling people Nazi’s achieves nothing. Thanks for your comment though…Tony


    • To Tony Lowery: ‘Tone it down’? ‘Let’s not be beastly to the Quislings’ (to paraphrase the WW2 song).. Your every word shows you are one of them. You ‘have always supported me’? Funny idea of ‘support’! I have only one question for you: Are you the man who, when I was in prison last year, sent me several pages of very dirty jokes – ‘to cheer me up’? . ;


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