A Typical Day for a Litigant in Person in Custody whilst Unconvicted

“Prisons don’t have a lobby”, I was told by the priest who has been looking after prisoners in Berlin-Tegel (Germany) for many years. But he also told me that he has lost all faith in solicitors! That’s solicitors advising convicted criminals…

And thus prisoners don’t have a lobby, as hard and tenacious supporters of victims of white collar crimes (UK) only know too well.

Worse: Litigants in Person don’t have a lobby. They wake up to the realities of Solicitors from Hell and Our Corrupt Legal System – Why Everybody is a Victim [Except Rich Criminals].

Here, Maurice writes a ‘Position Statement‘ as a result of a typical day in his prison life, covering:

  1. Prison [HMP Cardiff]
  2. Magistrates Court Cardiff
  3. Independent Monitoring Board
  4. Prison Ombudsman
  5. Crown Court
  6. NHS
  7. Wales Office
  8. Alun Cairns MP.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician, software designer, system analyst, event organiser, independent web publisher and online promoter of positivity.
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