The Chronic Litigant in Action – with help from the Local Paper

11 07 07 Flying Vet Barry & District Poster

This poster announces this article in the Barry & District News yesterday.

On Monday July 11, Maurice will “animate” Cardiff Court again. At 2pm South Wales police apply to court to put off his one million pound claim for damages caused by the machine gun case.

The want to delay this case until the outcome of his claim for damages of police bullying, which has been running for 19 years. I.e. another dealy of 2 years.

Also, his separate claim against NHS, XX and Prof Wood’s falsified medical reports to get me to Ashworth High Security Prison has received an application in court by the Defendants to stay also!

They want to buy the time until Maurice gets more and more ill and dies away…

His Private Prosecutions in Cardiff  Magistrates are now subject to ‘state a case’ back at District Judge Martin Brown. Bristol Magistrates advice is back before judge Nicholas Cooke QC, on 1st Oct 2009 threw out Norman Scarth and Maurice, refusing him bail lying that the psychiatric report was correct..

11 05 13 Dr Tegwyn Williams WANTED_page001

Falsifying Medical Reports for Imprisonment for Life without Trial

He also spent 6 hours with police this week, repeating all complaints he generated when he was at that evil Caswell Clinic in 2009, run by XX to fill his private clinics.

On Monday, the trial judge is forced to make decisions on whether Maurice gets MAPPA minutes of June 09 to Dec 09, not subject to PII (Personally Identifiable Informaion), which reveals more of the conspiracy to get him to prison for life, unconvicted.

Maurice writes:

You should be able to predict his behaviour after his last one which included I could not sue police for beating me up caught on over head camera (see videos).

Maurice is better at speaking than in writing. He would LOVE to have the support of “McKenzie Angels” in the gallery.

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