News of Success from Justice Warrior in Bretagne

11 03 02 Merdrignac Bundles for Court of AppealHow does the universe test the commitment and perseverance of a “justice warrior”?

Let me count the ways in which Maurice was tested recently:

  1. Maurice is on asylum for fear of his life since South Wales Police issued a warrant for arrest, since they have a firearms response and since they tried to lock him up in a high security psychiatric prison (where he spent 12 weeks)
  2. He is still hoping to get the medical records mentioned in a court hearing on 2nd December 2009 by XX so that his doctors in France will replace his hip that has been very painful for over a year now
  3. Maurice’s pain killers give him mental and emotional problems of confusion, frustration and irritation of not being able to do things any more as effectively as he was used to
  4. HHJ Seys Llewellyn refuses to give permission to appeal his draft order and 40 page judgment
  5. an appeal document has to be written within two weeks – without his permission
  6. his bank closes his account
  7. his credit card becomes faulty
  8. his telephone line and thus internet connection works only very intermittently
  9. phone line breaks down for good
  10. internet in public library is lots of kilometers away
  11. France has two holidays during which the library is closed
  12. Maurice hopes to get his phone repaired tonight.

When I read the Police’s “skeleton argument” and wrote about it in September 2010, I noticed that page 47 was missing.

Now his picture shows how he’s managed to produce four “bundles” for the judge of the Court of Appeal despite all hurdles.

And Maurice wrote this marvellous text about it.

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