Dolmans Cardiff Solicitors likely to be Arrested for Fraud

This Sunday afternoon South Wales Police Professional Standards department, some will immediately say a contradiction in terms, telephoned me saying he or she knew nothing about HMP Parc, Bridgend, robbing me of my property, including my clothes, shoes and wheelchair. He or she appeared to no nothing of my other main complaint of my sending a purported Cardiff prison letter to Alun Cairns MP stuffed , prison staff told me, with what looked like a ‘bag of heroin’!

He or she appeared to not know that the vindictive South Wales Police had even contacted MPs telling them that because of my letter I would stay in prison for the rest of the year.

This development is to be a further headache for the Cardiff cabal, headed by chief constable and his private Cardiff solicitors, Dolmans but Maurice has been, of course, at this point a dozen times in the past three decades where South Wales Police malicious conduct is concerned.

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NOW WE ARE TALKING …I go to CARDIFF and have him arrested for FRAUD

14th February 20 21

Dear Mr N C Evans, (Copy to Exeter HM Crown Court)

I have cracked the case for you

South Wales Police fabricated five, possibly six, Maurice Kirk Criminal Convictions held on your records it is now confirmed through letters my sister has sent to me in the past hour!

Whereas the South Wales Police HQ, housing the South Wales Crime Commissioner, Alun Michael, oh so very cosy, mischievous letters from them to others but never to me or Celia, on the issue of this false forensic history, is now clear and I require them disclosed, please, to defend myself under Article 6.

Celia’s found 20 odd letters, some smuggled out of prison in 2019 and therefore unable to be stolen by G4S, on behalf of the Welsh police, on2st November 2019, confirm there was a conspiracy by the police (see enclosed and past published letters) to blame HM Probation Service (Wales) for fabricating I had convictions.

Serious ones including Firearms, Child abuse, narcotics, FTA, ABH and assaults etc and not forgetting alleged breaches of dubious restraining orders never served nor court files preserved but deliberately destroyed due to their Justice system’s notorious lack of candour.

Putting these today’s facts into context with their previous 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecution, back in the 90s while I was simply trying to practice veterinary science, despite almost daily police harassment day and night, they committed themselves, in 2019, to carrying on lying as whether I am a risk or not to be ‘at large’. I am therefore considering making a number of private person’s arrests between now and May if you do not disclose those things I have so far asked for under CPR and unless you to the contrary, are all reasonable.

My sister, Celia, a retired magistrate, is quite used to the welsh authorities ignoring her letters as she knows, invariably, the Crime Commissioner, South Wales Police, HM Probation Service, prison services and Cardiff law courts so often ignore her brother and helpers


1CF03361 South Wales Police machine-gun conspiracy

FAO Dolmans solicitors Cardiff

Good Morning, 

South Wales Police Machine Gun Conspiracy

I appear to have mislaid my T20097445 jury trial 19th June 2009 64 page ‘defence statement’ that caused my unconditional bail when doubled up as my BS614159 Claimant’s civil claim witness statement covering some of the forty odd failed malicious South wales Police criminal prosecutions.

I require a copy of my witness statement, please. The inadvertent mistake by your office staff, by not destroying all the withheld incriminating evidence at my 2010 trial in my favour, is now sought from you and your police client.

Fabricated by SWP & G4S to hold me in HMP Parc Bridgend indefinitely as an IPP victim


And did you there speak to Mr Michael Roy Scott? (gunsmith)

PC Rigley: Yes.
Mr Twomlow: What happened then please? (CPS)
PC Rigley: He handed me what I believed at that time to be a World War One era Lewis
gun which I’d been asked to cease, which I duly did. I was asked to issue a clearance
certificate on the weapon to prove that it was safe and clear to be handled —
Mr Twomlow: Right.
PC Rigley: Which I did, and then took a statement from Mr Scott

Until the temporary Cardiff County Court judge, in January 2020, ordered proper CPR disclosure for a change, after having to endure the usual deceit in your world of so-called law courts, it has resulted in my requiring the rest of the relevant evidence that further supported your conspiracy to support a criminal conspiracy to prejudice my ever-increasing number of civil claims. 

I require a copy of all prosecution witness statements, not produced before 2010 trial such as video/photos and contemporaneous notes created by your client’s investigation into the true state of legality or not of purported ammunition found and especially during the June 2009 ‘machine gun’ strip down at South Wales Police Bridgend HQ after the recovery by the English police.

The Nottinghamshire police had already deemed it a dummy film prop, for the ‘Gun-Bus’ film and nowhere near a prohibited 1916 Lewis machine gun as the prosecution had fabricated at trial. I require these full English police records for my prosecution and to include their full investigation, also, of exhibit AJR1and their interview tapes, taken under caution, of both Mr and Mrs Cooper, the new owners, when caught in possession of the pieces of scrap metal. 

I need returned these Nottinghamshire police interview tapes of aircraft engineer’s and Coopers’ hand written witness statements that were confiscated from me at my arrest in Central police station, Cardiff, after my jury trial acquittal while facing a ten-year prison term.

I require, for my Sept 2021 jury trial, the above unlawfully withheld police incriminating evidence to be returned to me, now, together with the subsequent two police inspector’s substantive data gathered with Llantwit Major’s Acting Inspector Lucas, following my arrest for, ‘attempting to kill the Lord Mayor of Cardiff with a Lewis machine gun’ when only to be fined £50.

 Owing to the level of the police conspiracy, by this time, none of the subsequent investigation data into my complaint both before my arrest at the police station has been disclosed.

Nor has there been any police disclosure of the investigation, confiscation and destruction of my approximate £20,000 of my guns, all lawfully held, in June 2009

The inadvertent mistake by your Dolman’s, solicitors, office staff, by not removing all the incriminating evidence unlawfully withheld from my favourable 2010 trial caused the temporary Cardiff County Court judge, in January 2020, to order proper CPR disclosure, for a change,  

This revealed South Wales police statements deliberately withheld from the machine gun jury trial due to their damaging content to the prosecution’s case.

Further evidence since trial, by way of the June 2010 Birmingham Proof House De-Activation Certificate concluded that prosecution exhibit ARH 1 was simply, at most, what I said it was in court during cross examination, a one shot quite unsafe single shot 0.410 shot gun usually kept in the potting shed for vermin.

So, once again I ask, over these past ten years, are you going to call in an independent police force to investigate this new evidence, Mr Adrian Oliver, with you being a co-conspirator or do I have to come down to your offices or home and arrest you myself in order to take you across the bridge?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  

Avon and Somerset Police Commissioner

Police HQ


3rd March 2021

Dolmans, solicitors South Wales Police Fraud

Dear Madam,

  1. I have had no proper response from you following my complaint on the above matter last month or was it the month before that?
  2. I enclose a follow up website article highlighting the new court ordered evidence of 2020, ten years after the trial revealing that the South Wales Police conspiracy incorporated our own Avon and Somerset police officers which is why I wrote to you also for help.
  3. I contacted your police HQ today but not confident either the matters I raised with you , concerning my sending purported heroin to to HM Secretary of State for Wales or the enclosed will be investigated

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Alun Michael
Crime Commissioner of South Wales

31st July 2019

Dear Mr Michael,

Maurice John KIRK (A7306AT)

I welcome the nomenclature of your title as it is about Crime. I wish
to report a crime or mistake or deceit made by the South Wales Police on my brother
Maurice Kirk, a 74 year old man currently in HMP Parc.

He has been in the South Wales prisons several times since 2009 firstly on a trumped up charge of ‘selling a machine gun’. He was in Cardiff Prison on remand when the Police , realising that their charge had no merit asked the director of Caswell Clinic to find mental issues with my brother to send him to Ashworth for life.

He wrote a report in October 2009, aided by a Dr Rodger Wood suggesting he
had a paranoid delusion personality and probably was suffering from a brain tumour
with damage to his frontal brain due to air crashes. A doctor from Ashworth was sent
to see him in Cardiff Prison who found none of these issues.

In fact I attach a letter from the Clinical Director of Cardiff Hospitals, Dr R Marnell who also states that Maurice had none of these symptoms. Dr Gaynor Jones states to HMP Parc that Caswell Clinic was not for him as they had found no mental issues. In Nov 2017 a Professor Jenny Shaw, a psychiatrist, also cleared him.

The jury saw through the police story and found him NOT GUILTY in February 2010.

However, whilst sourcing suitable accommodation for him in Dorset it transpired that the Probation Service there considered him a man with mental issues and were concerned about his criminal record.

Both these items had been supplied by the South Wales Police to the National Probation Service and so were passed on to Dorset.

When leaving prison in December 2018 Maurice was handed an
OASys record. He had never seen one before, despite leaving prison in your
jurisdiction several times. That was no wonder when he read the falsified criminal

convictions. He was apparently found guilty of narcotics, firearms, child abuse, and
ABH. None of these were found guilty and lead to him being put in prison.
As a retired magistrate I remember often questioning a police officer
the details of the convictions only to find that they had been ‘coloured’ by the officer

I suggest that this has happened here. The judge, not liking an Englishman defending
himself, believed the Police and sent him down for pursuing the original doctor who
had written this erroneous report. Maurice was accused of harassment x 4.

The doctor went sick and left the mental health service in Wales and moved to New Zealand.

None of his colleagues had supported his view. He was very friendly with the South
Wales Police at the time.

Whenever Maurice appeared in South Wales, he had a wife (now divorced) and a daughter living in Glamorganshire, the police got the doctor (MTW) to complain that his victim had named him on the Internet. The court said they had told Maurice not to harass the doctor but the authentic document never reached him.

Clearly the whole thing could have been corrected by withdrawing this Oct 09 report
but it did not happen.

You may well be asking why this all happened in the first place. After
many years of practising as a notable veterinary surgeon around Barry he got more
than irritated to be continually stopped by police who pretended they did not know
who he was.

They took him to court about 130 times for motoring offences. I believe
he got off 85% of the time. What a waste of everyone’s time!

He had a civil action against the South Wales Police in 2009 for harassment. His love was to cure sick or injured animals . He was known for his ability and steadfastness as a vet.

If you cannot change these erroneous records can you suggest where I go? Clearly the Welsh Courts are not an option. There are people in the police service who dread being exposed in public for deceitful behaviour. I feel very sorry for the Probation Service which is at the South Wales Police mercy for making people’s lives hell for no true reason.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Celia Jeune

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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