South Wales Police Squander Huge Amounts of Cash just to Preserve Their Chief Constable’s Pension


Police Stratagem to Arrest Maurice John Kirk or Get Him Shot

This is a very telling only just disclosed anonymous document from Dolmans’, the chief constable’s private lawyers defending so many of my substantial damages claims brought by me due to 40 odd failed police and Dolmans assisted malicious criminal prosecutions.

Aer signing the visitor’s book I am rapidly surrounded by armed police sporting tin hast and stun grenades

This Strategy memo was deliberately withheld from my T20097445 ‘trading in machine guns’ jury trial in 2010 as it again reveals the delay from South Wales Police seeing the replica Lewis machine gun on the WW1 DH2 replica biplane, advertised worldwide so many times, suggests that as ‘exchange’ of BS614159 witness statements’ with Dolmans was due no later than 4pm on the 19th June 09 by court order and I had already phoned earlier in the day and week on when and where will ‘exchange’ take place. It was abundantly clear to me Dolmans had no intention of expediting the court order civil trial had to be buried alongside me.

South Wales Police record that I went to Barry police station on several occasions indicating I needed to serve witness summonses on serving police officers., I left ones for officers, Inspector Trigg, Sergeant Rice and PC Nicholas Khilberg at least, eye witnesses on multiple arrest incidents concluding in my favour.

The 15th June 09 MAPPA level 3 meeting, in Barry police station, just down the road from my veterinary hospital included the police blackmailed doctor and senior social worker from Caswell clinic who’s notes also recorded that I was ‘likely to be shot’ in the planned armed police helicopter raid on our home, in South Wales.

Called under covert name, ‘Operation Challis’ a parallel planned raid was set up, if I was arrested and not shot. That was ‘Operation Dandelion’, which was launched as I was taken away in handcuffs to closed down Port Talbot police station for days of questioning. Police and social workers arrived at the family home to snatch our then 10-year old daughter, Genevieve, to be taken into Vale of Glamorgan Council Care as I was now a registered in the top 5% most dangerous MAPPA level3/3 victim.

Despite my arrest had been agreed on or before 1st June, at the police HQ AIG meeting many weeks before, it was further delayed by both 8th and 15th June 2009 MAPPA level 3/3 covert meetings in Barry and Bridgend police stations. Police records now release, 11 years later, that they already had known about the world-wide advertisement of my film replica ‘gun’ and knew exactly where it was in 2008.

Why? The Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, had just instigated her ‘shoot to kill;’ policy into the Metropolitan police force as if a parting gift from their Deputy Chief Constable. Her remedy for ridding herself of my continuing irritation and nuisance to the South Wales Police force, by generating such adverse publicity, was obvious.

It was also obvious both me and my 100 plus arch lever files, accurately recording both her and predecessor’s criminal conduct, including 40 odd failed prosecutions, was to be covered up in the bizarre Cardiff Civil Justice Centre hearings.

My BS614159 +10 substantial damages claims, in those days exceeded one million pounds in my claims for damages and Dolmans’ fiddled costs, alone, exceeded one million. Dolmans refuse to disclose the ‘break down of its bill of costs for fear of the media from proven fraud. I refer especially to the documents Adrian Oliver personally had drafted for both criminal and civil courts, for others to sign as true.

The manner in which Oliver had personally had me nearly shot on Sunday 21st October was from maliciously instructing one of his office staff to visit Cardiff’s central police station on the Saturday morning triggering the chaotic execution of Operation Challis and Operation Dandelion, on our quiet country home, was only partly prepared owing to the un fortunate absence of both Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart McKenzie and 2nd in command, Detective Inspector Suzanne Hughes, were considering on the Friday afternoon. “Why don’t I just ring up Maurice and ask him if he knows where the replica WW1 biplane went after he had sold it after flying his aircraft in the 2000 Farnborough Air Show”?

Yours for £130,000 with Carp lake

But on the Saturday with a signed Dolmans written complaint of my ‘threat to cause criminal damage caused Oliver, also wishing to hide adverse publicity, pressed that I should be immediately.

Under Judge Seys Llewellin, I only just recently found out was the most senior judge in Wales, had me banned from the Cardiff’s criminal and civil courts’ public counters for 10 years, making sure he left no tell-tale audit trail as to the real reasons why?

The same judge also attempted to bury his disastrously managed many weeks of oral evidence, from 99 witnesses, ever to see ‘the light of day’.

For a further16 months he delayed my appeal to the RCJ until sealing his 2013 inaccurate judgment on the day of his retirement and which had given sufficient time for the RCJ to say the laws had changed, meantime, making an appeal from Wales no longer available to the RCJ and only allowed to be heard in Wales!

Now refused at the RCJ’s HM Court of Appeal back to appeal BS614159 in the Cardiff Civil court, as I was now registered MAPPA 3/3 most dangerous with police continuing to deliberately concoct evidence to having me ‘lawfully’ shot to stop my civil claim ‘risk’ to her pension with the now new 1CF03361 two million pound damages claim, wrongfully prosecuted for ‘trading in machine guns’. Police had painted the dummy film prop back to black and had unblocked the piece of water pipe, imitating the gun barrel, in an attempt to fool the jury.

I had only the day before, remember on 18th June when I was well inside the South Wales Police’s Bridgend HQ and even had gained entry to the Chief Constable’s inner sanctum with my ‘exchange’ civil claim witness file tucked under my arm

Judge Seys llewellyn

Why didn’t anyone ask me about the film prop ‘gun’ then? About ten of them, many in ant flak jackets carrying automatic rifles, stun grenades and sporting tin hats surrounded me and not only searched me and my car thoroughly (an assault) only then allowed to leave, after rounding up my three legged terrier they had allowed to be let loose, After a senior female officer, Griffiths, conferred with Wilding ,refusing her to accept the file on Wilding’s behalf I quickly signed the visitors book as proof, at least to the judge, Seys Llewellyn, well , at least I had tried.

The Fabricated Facts to avoid the already doomed machine-gun trial
South Wales Police had painted the ammunition magazine from silver back to black and had unblocked the water pipe imitation ‘barrel’ to try and fool the jury

While we all hunted for our three-legged Jack Russel, Jacques, around the grounds of the police station I casually asked the police men present if their search had discovered any machine guns about or live ammunition for it?

I have always thought the premature arrest of me was a Mr Plod ‘knee jerk’ right hand on the 20th of June not knowing what the left hand was doing as it is revealed the statement of Dolmans’ hand written letter, dated on the Saturday 20th, while Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart McKenzie was in transit to a conference somewhere in England at the time, Adrian Oliver insistence I be arrested with no further delay.

Had he overlooked the ‘Foxy’ witness statement he had drafted just a week or so earlier for the police woman to sign ‘he’ had telephoned my wife who in tune had told me a woman had phoned enquiring about the WW1 Lewis machine gun with ammo for sale? Eight of the jury, after my 9th Feb 2010 acquittal, told me and members of my family it must have been first an undercover police woman now switched to a man giving the behind the screen to hide his identity. Possibly on maternity leave.

Having witnessed Adrian Oliver’s lies and read so many of his drafted witness statements for those to give evidence and had unlawfully failed disclosure incidents all screams bias in these welsh law courts so much so the welsh police were dependent on the power of ‘authority’ the same’ authority’ that adversely prejudiced my family’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to cut off my income needed to fund the now ten or so damages claims against the welsh authorities including the police, HMP prisons and specifically named members of the Caswell clinic psychiatric prison just down the road from the G4S prison and police HQ,

All very cosy with almost all of the 113 criminal allegations thrown at me, while trying to practice veterinary science in the Vale of Glamorgan, came from the same close-knit police cabal but losing 89% of the malicious criminal prosecutions in court, if not withdrawn by the HM Crown Prosecution Service as plain stupid.

Prosecuted for ‘smuggling’ pigs into Ireland from a farmer’s field outside Cowbridge, in a 1950 two seat Piper Colt, seven times my refusing to produce any driving documents at all when ordered to by a uniformed police officer, for ‘speeding’ when it turned out the police representative , in court, had all the time, in his file, a clear photograph of the driver, one of my ‘work man’ that lead to an arrerst, a gang of South Wales Police had caused my Cardiff surgery front door to be smashed in by sledge-hammer to assist squatters to enter my premises, again, with the Chief Superintendent’s pregnant daughter and cause more substantial criminal damage are but a few of the CPS blocked criminal prosecutions once the truth, from my cross examinations, began to leak out.

It was the CPS, remember, as recorded in the June 2009 MAPPA level 3 meeting minutes was opposed, from the start, in having me arrested on once owning what may have been, at the time, a prohibited weapon. The CPS consulted and at the MAPPA meeting explained that it was my intent on serving at least 40 odd witness summons before trial commenced only to be achieved by following the daily ‘school run’ to respective homes as each police station, in turn, Cardiff, Barry and Llantwit Major had all refused ‘acknowledgment of service’ of £40 paid for at a time witness subpoenas. Even blocked at the airport for service on a air traffic controller, where I has intimidated by police with guns surrounding me stating that if I did not leave the Cardiff airport, immediately, I would be arrested.

That daft but dangerous incident arose in the frightening low level, even for me, police helicopter chase terrifying the pilot with me so much we had to put the D-Day cub down in first appropriate farmers very rough and almost too small 200-yard field.

Oliver’s misleading police signed MG11 witness statements, such as Barbara Wilding ‘s 6 weeks late affidavit ,contrary to court order and the countless other Dolmans drafted witness statements (almost 100 of them) some clearly bungled to be false, purported to be those of serving eye witnessing officers on their beat, over the years, had finally triggered my arrest due to a hoax ‘girt brick’ potential through his solicitor’s office window.

This left floundering police in Port Talbot police station that 22nd June 2009 night clearly not knowing how to proceed as they were now about to be faced with not just all the medical reports from Caswell Clinic already ordered, those of my own GP of 18 years, PEH specialists and hordes of CAA medical professionals all contradicting what they wanted, that I had relevant ‘brain damage’ and a ‘mental disorder’ of PDD sufficient for me to be locked away, for life, in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital because the planned assassination on me had gone ‘belly up’ due to Dolmans week-end interference to have caused someone senior to press the ‘panic button’ to launch Operations Challis and Dandelion.

The police were now faced with forensic psychiatrist, Dr Bridget Craddock, having examined me in the station, also stating the police black mailed Caswell Clinic doctor was a liar when misleading the MAPPA covert meetings.

The consequences of their joint actions caused the 5 years loss in my life, loss of my wife, health, wealth and damned near my sanity.

There are £1000 rewards to anyone who can significantly enhance my current predicament with donating new evidence in my civil claims against the Welsh authorities brought by an Englishman hoping for justice in a welsh court room.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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