#PoliceState in action: abusing #elderly in prison and #children in care

In my utter exasperation and despair, I just emailed the supporters of our online petition to Release Maurice from which ever prison he is being held, for he is in mortal danger.

Last night I was similarly exasperated because the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee takes it for granted that the number of children taken into care is going to increase.

What is worse: killing the elderly or abusing children???

Here’s what I wrote to Austin Mitchell MP regarding Children in Care – the oral evidence session in Committee Room 15 on Monday:

It was with delight that I saw the agenda of the Public Accounts Committee on Monday and that you’re a member!

For I’m just deeply involved in the absolutely worst of all child snatching cases – right before my doorstep in Hampstead / Highgate: Russian mother, British father from a family of abusers. It encapsulates everything I’ve seen in some 50 cases before:

Listening to the children on Police video is the most convincing but:

How the Police are in it, is demonstrated by the attached extracts analysing the CRIS reports and video interviews.

The Barnet judge transferred the case to the High Court with a hearing on the 20th and Russia TV will be coming on Monday to interview all Russian cases in the area. Nine in the last year alone! Clearly rising and the Consul and Ambassador are ‘concerned’. Maybe they’ll join proceedings, too, soon!

  • Why did it take the Slovak state to join legal proceedings to recover 2 Slovak boys who were returned after 920 days, just before adoption, but are still traumatised?
  • Why does the Committee Chair assume that the number of children in care is going to rise?
  • Why was our petition Children Placed in Foster Care published in Hansard in September 2013 but never responded to?
    • Why have adult survivors become ‘topical’, while nobody cares for the victims in care NOW, as the two Russian children from Barnet demonstrate?
  • Why did we as the Association of McKenzie Friends put a report together on the Systemic Patterns of Child Snatching and Forced Adoptions in the UK that I took to the Petitions Committee in Brussels?
  • In March we’ll make a conference happen in the EU Parliament: Children Screaming to be Heard – Childhood under Threat due to Incompatible Legal Systems in the EU.

I’ll be meeting Austin. Will you watch the event on Parliament TV at 3.15?

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem: https://primenumbers.store/
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  1. curi56 says:

    please, read my blog childreninshadow.wordpress.com childreninprison.wordpress.com
    You´ll find my Petition Prevent children from Solitary Confinemet –
    I made a Video as witness for that what I wrote about solitary confinemet and the consequences…

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    You can’t make it up!


  3. You have put all the dots out – what is the picture when you join them? In most parts of the world, where there is prostitution, the police have their hands in the till. Slave prostitution is a major global criminal racket – and the punters want ever younger prostitutes. Most prostitutes were sexually, physically and mentally abused in childhood, mostly by fathers or step fathers. Child abuse is therefore “grooming” for prostitution. There is a huge institutional backlash against everyone trying to protect children .

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