State organised murder in #HMPSwansea! Please help #MauriceKirk!

English: HM Prison, Swansea Home sweet home!

English: HM Prison, Swansea Home sweet home! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So far, 294 supporters have signed the petition to release Maurice from HMP Swansea.


Here’s what I just wrote to them:


3 Nov 2014 — Long term supporter Guido has just published this news from Maurise’s sister on his website

“It is clear that the staff in Swansea Gaol have been given orders to completely ignore requests from Maurice Kirk. This will have been done by MAPPA via the ‘governor’ in charge of security Andy Phillips who accused Maurice of assaulting him from his almost defunct wheelchair. Maurice was aware that at least two CCTV cameras would have recorded the event but this evidence was never used.

Adjudication was booked for last Monday (27th October) but the chairman of the Independent Monitoring Board was in and spoke with Maurice so it was delayed to allow Maurice to get a lawyer. Despite phone numbers supplied the Prison (MAPPA) refused to allow him to make a call to a lawyer. The Wednesday was fixed for a hearing but again the IMB member was available; it was delayed again so witnesses could be identified. On Friday it was suddenly called when there was no independent witness (IMB report of Swansea for Yr 2012/13 mentions that frequently adjudications were held without them because of short notice). An internal governor was the adjudicator,(Jaeger). Maurice was denied access to a lawyer, CCTV evidence and the witness he wanted to call was called by the Prison to sing lies on their behalf having changed his story. (He was a prison officer who had told Maurice that he had not been aware at the time that an assault had taken place even though he was feet away!) This was because no assault DID TAKE PLACE. Now Maurice is on the lowest level of ‘privileges’; access only to £4 a week canteen money (stamps, pens, paper, envelopes), reduced time of free association, access to cd’s etc etc, a situation he never climbed out of at HMP Cardiff.

This is all to blacken his Parole Hearing as they have no grounds to keep him locked up as admitted by members of Probation (also under MAPPA)

Now, despite hours of agony during the day (it was only in the middle of the night before) and lying on the floor of his cell as he was unable to get on his bed, no medical help is ever summoned. The chaplain is told ‘porkies’ when he enquires after Maurice’s health. If you have had bad stomach cramps you know that one minute you are writhing in agony and the next the pain has gone and you can get on with your life with just the exhaustion of it all lingering on. You can imagine the fatigue Maurice feels after three hours curled up on the floor. Maurice had to pay a fellow prisoner to alert me to the situation as no-one would come to his aid.”

Guido comments:
Maurice Kirk is being murdered. He is stuck in Swansea gaol in dire need of a medical operation and he is being deliberately ignored by the authorities in the hope that he will die!

People die in police and prison custody every day in this country and it is just written off as “unfortunate”.

In Maurice’s case it would be very fortunate for the criminal cabal of bent judges, lawyers, cops and probation personnel who have deliberately conspired to unlawfully lock him up on the word of an unqualified and discredited doctor.

They are doing this to prevent him concluding his civil case against the South Wales Police because they know he will win it and that will be headline news across the country.

The only way to stop them is publicity, they really, really hate that.

If you would like to see Maurice released from the hell they have cast him into, then please spare a little time to help him and call the prison. Ask to speak to the governor and enquire about his health and wellbeing. If enough people put pressure on them they will have to do something about it.

Here are the contact details;

HM Prison Swansea,
Oystermouth Rd,
West Glamorgan

01792 485300

Thank you in anticipation for your help, this is where people power comes into its own.

Yours in horror and disgust,

You can also use and write to him as prisoner no. A7306AT.


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