#NORMANSCARTH in support of #MauriceKirk: #prisons are fiefdoms run by thugs

Asked to sign the Petition for Maurice Kirk, I did so & added the comment below:   (Highlighted now are my thoughts on where the real blame lies, variations from my original Comment being in red.)
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“As some will know, I speak with authority on this subject, authority born of hard experience.  The problem is how to tell the horrific truth without being accused of wild exaggeration.  Exaggeration is impossible:  It IS horrific!  The innocence of those who think we can appeal to the humanity of the Quislings who now rule Britain is touching.   They are without humanity, shame, conscience or soul,   at least as bad as the Nazis, but less honest!

The courts are run by a Legal/Judicial Mafia, Stasi Police carry out their dirty work.  Prisons are fiefdoms run by thugs, some sophisticated, who reach high rank, some just brutal.  The few who are not thugs are never promoted & just plod on, restrained from blowing the whistle by fear of losing their pensions.

The tragedy is not that Tyrannical Oligarchs should act as they do, but that the bulk of the British People allow them such power, grateful for the perks from being part of the Orwellian Police State, too stoned on ”The Opium of the Masses’ to care, or too spineless to protest.  The few who do dare to protest are in great danger, evidenced by the treatment meted out to Maurice Kirk, me & others who suffered even worse! 

Fortunately, I had good health enough to live long enough to escape from Orwellian Britain.  Let’s hope Maurice can live long enough to do the same.  Should he fail to do so, it will be murder, to add to the torture & torment currently being inflicted on him.

Britain presents itself to the world (& to the gullible amongst its own people) as a Democracy, with Human Rights & the Rule of Law.  It is a façade, behind which unspeakable things are happening.

Will this have any effect on Theresa May?   We shall see.”

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Norman Scarth.
PS:  I hope you might consider signing too.
PPS:  ‘The Opium of the Masses’?  Karl Marx said it was religion.   My own view is that it is now ‘Sport’.  Football may be the worst, but there appeared to be much effort to make the 2012 Olympics even better than 1936!  (for the same reason).  NS.

I wrote:

Dear Signer of the Petition to Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth,

This is to alert you to the fact that Flying Vet Maurice Kirk was imprisoned on 14 October 2013 and moved from HMP Cardiff to HMP Swansea after a brief release to a bail hostel in July. He’s a ‘veteran’ similar to Norman Scarth in terms of fighting as McKenzie Friend for the human rights of victims of white collar crimes.

Therefore I’m asking you to sign a new petition, on the much better platform www.change.org: http://www.change.org/p/rt-hon-theresa-may-mp-please-release-maurice-j-kirk-bvsc-from-hmp-swansea-asap

It got triggered by a supporter who wanted to address the BBC, but other supporters felt more recipients should be added.

The key point is that all recipients receive an email as soon as anybody signs!

Will you help ensure that Maurice gets released this way, please? He does not think that any court will release him and that only publicity can get him out alive, especially as he has been having serious gut pain, while having been denied medical treatment and many other ‘human rights’ in prison.

If you can think of more effective ways of getting him out, please do let me know!

With many thanks in advance,

Sabine K McNeill
McKenzie Friend and web publisher

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem: https://primenumbers.store/
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26 Responses to #NORMANSCARTH in support of #MauriceKirk: #prisons are fiefdoms run by thugs

  1. uknews100 says:

    I HAD a VERY sticky situation with businessmen stealing my legal business from me (Ltd Companies) an Internet ISP that I set-up. They were worth MILLIONS and they saw a chance to try and take it from me. I got VERY Angry, threatened one of them, was put in prison. Call me/Contact me and will explain further. Though Maurice MUST Calm down IF he truly wants to be released. As I WAS INNOCENT, I didn’t feel I should back down, and as never been a day in jail before, acted like Maurice, the prison system then did everything in their powers to amke my time as awful as possible.

    I learned to “Work” THEIR System and get my ass out of their clutches. OR I’d have been given 7-15yrs and then they could have done ANYTHING They want, solitary, spurious claims, physical/sexual assaults, mental abuse etc. I was a youngish, fit martial artist and still HAD to settle my head down and GET OUT! That is 1st thing to do, STOP Making enemies at prison levels. I had plenty of wardens trying to make me mad, scared etc. I used my fair intelligence to turn the table on them (with wit/jokes, then couldn’t report me), then a few wardens got to know/like me and became allies, not more enemies. I also got a decent judge on day to help, a friend who was barrister and ex-girlfriend a criminologist to help on outside. At my court date I got 11 mths and spent 5.5 mths (Judges Remand, NO Bail, 1st Offence EVER), GOOD Behaviour in nick by then. NO Previous record, NO Weapons found in my room in house etc, yet HAD To act like guilty to get through it, to be FREE! So on writing personal letter to judge he took MY Side and released me, even my barrister said I should’ve got minimum 3yrs to 16yrs, for list of offences the police tried to drum up.


    • Bloody hell… I’ll email it to Maurice. http://www.emailaprisoner.com keeps him alive…

      Am involved in the worst of all cases https://mckenzies4fairness.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/14-11-27-police-cover-up.pdf besides trying to develop my software while my email account keeps not working: http://www.3d-metrics.me

      MANY THANKS for sharing that experience! What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, doesn’t it!?…

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      • uknews100 says:

        Yes thx Sabine, it did make me stronger, but most important it made me patient. A trait I was not good at. Now I’m like a Zen Monk in my levels of patience (NOT Quite, but sounds good eh lol).

        Maurice is lucky to have you, as when you feel you don’t have anyone, it is so much more dire. I became a legal helper (McKenzie Friend) while in prison as many young men could not even understand the papers properly. I tried to use my time as positively as possible, the prison would NOT allow me any gym, library etc till I was categorised which is so slow, so tried to help/explain to repeat offenders, get clever or get out of crime, as going to prison for 18mths for stealing a DVD of Star Wars is not good….lol. Sure you get my point, some I hope listened, most are very low esteem, I showed them you CAN make anything you want, no matter where you start out life. I worked with top business ppl in the country, then Pakistan, Dubai etc so tried to instill what their fathers should have. The limits are in your mind, not the world.

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      • I sent your story to Maurice. They are like shots in the arm for him. I can only hope that he will not die in prison!


      • uknews100 says:

        It was my one and only time in prison (thank God), and never wish to return, why I learned to control my anger after that. Now never allow my emotions to get me in a position that they can take my freedom again, it is that important. Once I was in their system, it was truly being a number, they OWNED me and I didn’t like my parents who made me acting as if they owned me…lol.

        I was fighting a family of solicitors who were linked to major freemason temples in Cardiff. They made sure I had a rotten time dealing with police/solicitiors etc. Multi Million pound internet company dealing with Premier level football/rugby throughout UK. Amazing what greed does to ppl.

        IF I can help in any other way except cash Sabine pls just ask. I’ve done 20+yrs on Computers/Internet/Networking Sales etc but recovering from pneumonia last few yrs so not working yet. I’m time rich, cash poor, but spiritually happy, so all is fine really. 😉

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      • uknews100 says:


        I wrote a mail to Maurice hope it will give him a little cheer, I rattled on about my case and tried to make it a little funny/upbeat and as positive I can be for his situation. Hopefully he’ll be allowed to write back, will write off to a few MPs etc again and see if coming from another angle will help at all.



  2. uknews100 says:

    Just had a thought, will try and see if my sales/internet experience can come up with a way to help with coverage, NOT enough ppl know, and maybe we can get some more light on this, they hate the light on them. WHY they hate Maurice so much. I’ll get back to you, if I can sort anything out, or maybe bounce ideas with you, as you are expert in this see what we can muster up won’t enjoy my Christmas thinking I have done nothing to assist Maurice. They released the Lockerbie Bomber on medical grounds, need Doctor to say he is VERY Ill in THEIR professional opinion he MUST Be Released as NOT Dangerous criminal, so NO Threat to public. IF they can release a guy who they allege killed hundreds, poor old Maurice is being messed with, I DETEST Them and owe a few of them some karma payback. I can ONLY try my best.

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    • I’m sabine.kurjo.mcneill on Skype – also cash poor and spiritually happy – while prioritising time among OODLES of things that COULD be done!

      So, yes: COVERAGE is key / king / prime / would be WONDERFUL!!!


      • uknews100 says:

        Hi Sabine, I’m Paul from Cardiff, spoke to you a while ago Dec 2014, re Maurice and his case. I’m VERY sorry to hear they are fking with you and putting arrest warrants out for you (For a chat then will bail you, yeah right, told me that).

        Can I be totally honest, I got a bit wary as Maurice is being implicated (Wrongly) with firearms and my case was involving firearms, then got stopped by cops few days after (Havent been stopped 14yrs, no points, fines, warrants, criminal behaviour), yet knew too much about my very recent life and Made SURE I knew so. It rattled me a bit, also bit embarrassed to discuss firearms charge with you and be honest as my ex-partner is criminologist and know its a small world, so didn’t wish to have her peers discussing me in regard to her and make her feel awkward maybe. I was expecting 10 yrs Minimum as saying I pointed gun at baby and threatened woman etc, all a lie got 6mths in jail, but ONLY after judge saw through lies, they knew saying that would (Because I DID have shotgun and no licence as they gave to me, had NO criminal record and was in process to get licence, black belt martial arts trainer and knew I’d get it easy. He was my friend etc (biz partner, lived IN MY House with wife/kid to bought own, then set me up for rich Freemasons who offered him whatever (As son of Top Cop stupidly thght can trust him and knew him years lol Yeah naive, but streetwise but not in big biz) (Anyways details of my case I DIDN’T wish to mention).

        With your situation and them manipulating a professional GOOD person such as yourself makes me realise NOT just silly beggars like me and Maurice they mess up the lives of.

        Because of my record and severity I am not best person to deal with cops as can’t be forceful as needed as they have me over barrel if act slightly aggressive etc, thats why stayed away from them all my life lol. Thought be a good guy as bad guys die/go to prison. Still know many criminals as born on massive council estate so are my friends from school etc.

        Hope you’ll forgive me for not contacting you back. Got a bit much, but thought you may need a person who has fought and won (Big victory got Freedom, lost money hahaha) against these bastards

        Take Care, be STRONG and don’t allow them to stress you, that is EXACTLY the thing they want most. You’re a GOOD Person Sabine from what comments and work you do, you DON’T deserve this crap, and if I can do anything to help, just say, I won’t allow my embarrassment about my case and wariness about cops, stop me helping you if I can. Can’t do much as bad lungs COPD from pneumonia/smoking too much weed living in Amsterdam for a few years in 2006-2009 ;-), keep your smile BIG and Never allow them to Know they are stressing You, even if they Are!

        Much Respect,

        Paul Iacono


      • Many thanks indeed, Paul!!! It takes one to know one!!!

        And what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!!!

        Anybody seeing this, please do sign and share this petition: https://www.change.org/p/the-rt-hon-theresa-may-mp-return-whistleblowerkids-and-abusesurvivors-of-london-school-to-their-russian-family

        It needs 100,000 signatures asap.


      • uknews100 says:

        I’ll get it out on my Twitter etc and Facebook via friends as I gave that up. I have a good circle who have MANY users and when know good cause they’ll sign, OR will ask pretty pleeeeease.

        Stay Out of the way until this blows past this important point, as when enough exposure won’t dare to jail you. We’ll have to make sure of that.

        Heard you on Radio, you ROCK! Didn’t hesitate/stammer once and that PROVES you didn’t tell one lie. I KNOW worked in sales and studied body posture/speech inflections to tell when clients were lying to me…lol

        Trying to scare you off in my eyes, be careful, don’t put anything public of where staying etc, DON’T make it easy.

        BE Strong, My utmost Respect!



      • uknews100 says:

        This is truly disgusting. This alleged Kid Rapist in normal circumsatnces until PROVED beyond doubt, theyd PROTECT Child/Mother, not potential abuser and his friends. This fking country/continent/world STINKS! Their stench makes me gag they are so evil.

        Why I had to leave corporate world after leaving prison, I went to work for British Gas as sales management and was fast tracked, THEN Met the inner groups, and the bullying/putting in place in public etc being TOLD where and WHO’s parties I should be at on weekends etc NOT My thing thanks lol.

        Why always tried running own businesses. Could control how I dealt with them (I Thought), but when they WANT something of ours, or our children, soul etc they are determined, but I’d rather die than give them my most precious thing, ME/Family, some abusers live by selling own kids to them, fking monsters, absolute monsters!

        HOW is he allowed daily access, unless total cooperation of (NOT)Care system. I am so angry, I have tweeted all day, will keep doing and whatever I can to share/get signatures. Do you know they’ve started a rumour of this being a HOAX, I Told them I have discussed things with you personally and totally trust YOUR professional view on this abuse case and the Only reason they call HOAX is to get light off THEM and discredit you/the case. Bastards.




      • uknews100 says:

        Hi Sabine,

        Quick one, the petition is saying its OVER 140 characters so CANT be Retweeted (140 MAX characts). I Will take my time to cut it down. MANY Won’t. I know you’re great at IT so understand what I’m saying.




      • Please sign petition 2 return the #whistleblowerkids http://chn.ge/1zKIYHD


    • Telephoning HMP Bristol would help. So if you could set up a campaign for people to call the prison, that might be the most effective ‘Christmas storm’…


  3. uknews100 says:

    One thing I found that MAY help, just something I saw on McCanns video. They were wanted for SERIOUS Questioning in portugal and decided with UK Cops cooperation to do video interview Direct to questions that now can be Skype and why need anything more for simple interview, YOU Can be “Cautioned of rights” over video link, and as long as you position the video so they CAN view your complete body/eyes so can assess your body language etc, WHY Not for you, IF Ok for others, speak to advocate and see if I’m right. May allow you to nullify this warrant without having to Return as customs could literally stop you at airport and hand to them. Seen it done.

    Play Safe, and I know you have way more experience of these ppl, but I’m street and we win more times than they wish to let on….lol. GOOD Luck and remember the Creator whoever she/he may be must be on Your side, you will win out Sabine. Know it doesn’t seem like it, but sat in my cell expecting LONG sentence, things happened that made everything fall into place for me. HOPE it does for you.

    Paul I


  4. Peter B says:

    To Sabine, I have only just come across this thread and I think Paul offers very good advice.

    1) Has your solicitor contacted/ written to the Police to find out on what grounds/ law an arrest warrant was issued ? Why ? What do they think you have done wrong ?
    2)Then consider publishing the Police reasons/reply on the web.
    3) Has you Solicitor offered to the police that you are willing to answer any questions they have by skype ?
    4) Write a letter to the Police/cId dealing confirming the offer and consider publishing that letter on the web ?.

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    • Thank You, Peter!

      Here’s what my solicitor sent:

      Your client is wanted by Police on suspicion of causing harassment under Section 4 of the Protection against Harassment Act 1997.

      No EAW has been issued for your client to date.

      – this does not mean you are not on the SIS database which is what the coloured notices probably relate to.


    • uknews100 says:

      Hi Peter,

      I’m fortunately not an expert, but did have dealings with them. In my innocence I was lead to the police station thinking the truth would out. NO, remanded no bail, 1st offence ever, when a gun was found in the complainants property, not mine. So learned to err on side of caution and never walk in willing if can’t guarantee truth will suffice to allow a court to decide. Instead too many bent cops will work to stick you away for months/years then if unlucky get serious bird. Won’t happen to me willingly again, will make sure all the t’s are crossed and dot the i’s, BEFORE they got hands to me.

      Glad to see Sabine is still exposing them, making her case brilliantly. They’d be fools to do it, as too many people would see exactly what’s happening. They wish people to think its untrue (IMHO).


  5. Peter B says:

    To Sabine , as a side note , if you were in the UK or were arrested where ever , the Police could take your keys off you and while you were held in a cell pending what ever has been trumped up , they would go and search your residence here. They don’t even need a search warrant in certain circumstances . They would then take your computer away and trawl through it and their computer experts would get back everything that has been deleted to try and fish for something to pin against you. They could then delay giving you the computer back despite your requesting it. The tactic is , if they can make anything stick is bonus, the real motive is to shut you up .

    Time to get a new computer or hard drive , if you get my drift.


  6. Peter B says:

    To Sabine,following on , if you are arrested at home , or you voluntarily go to a Police station , leave your valuables , purse and cards, mobile phone , keys at home or with a friend / your driver . Have enough cash to get you home and or a second cheap payg mobile to ring to get you home with nothing else on it.

    The Police will take everything off you when they put you in a cell, and go through/fish your mobile phone to log who you call , text what ever.


  7. Peter B says:

    To be for warned is to be for armed . If you have a harddrive in the UK get someone else to take it out , so you dont ” lose ” it!


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