LITIGANT in Person, in wheelchair imprisoned with trumped up charges #SouthWalesPolice

14 09 29 Position State 14 09 30 Position State 14 10 06 Position State 14 10 01 Obstruction to MedicalCare DrJones 14 10 04 Why Not Arrest EvansThe Flying Vet Maurice Kirk should be celebrated for his activities as pilot and veterinary surgeon. But South Wales Police have been after him for some 20 years and managed to get his licence revoked, besides keeping him fraudulently in prison for a total of some 4 years.

This time he’s been in HMP Cardiff and HMP Swansea since 14 October 2013 and South Wales Police want to keep him until March 2015.

BUT now that Maurice had the luck of a Prison Inspectorate three day visit to Swansea, he has found his condition slightly eased to include:

  • use of free letters to court
  • use of recorded delivery service
  • more ‘association time’
  • staff actually doing a few things eg Dr visiting him in situ,
  • delivery of a held up letter from 3rd July 2014 etc
  • more access to printing.

It is hoped his telephone numbers can expand from one (his sister) to several.

And now his story in his own terms – in chronological order:

  • 29 Sept 2014: 14 09 29 The Great WheelChair Conspiracy P1The Great Wheelchair Conspiracy – how there couldn’t possibly be collaboration between HMP Swansea and HMCS Bristol to get a prisoner into court…
  • Position Statements of 29 Sept: a chronology of events since July 2009 of Abuse of Process to prevent Maurice from progressing his case
  • 30 Sept: how MAPPA level 3 category 3 has been used for 5 years to stop Maurice
  • 06 Oct: No less than 31 points preventing Maurice from making his final submission for HHJ Seys Llewellyn to finalise his judgement
  • 04 Oct: Why not Arrest CPS Prosecutor David Gareth Evans? – I have had comments on Victims Unite suggesting that the CPS is worse than the Police – and there are places where they work from the same building!
  • 10 Oct: Obstruction to Medical Care – the worst of all aspects aka the Gulag card…

and on his own site:

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