HOW MANY PEOPLE does it take to cover up South Wales Police’s shenanigans #mauricekirk?

14 09 12 Position Statement14 10 06 Application for Writ of Habeas CorpusMaurice’s story includes his most recent position statement on the left.

Over the years he has been showing up, inter alia:

  • that South Wales Police repainted the machine gun he had purchased as part of an aeroplane
  • that some 80% of his court cases derived from extreme and excessive bullying and harassment were won on appeal
  • that Dr T W, formerly of Caswell Clinic, was used to write a false medical report to get him behind the bars of a mental hospital forever and the General Medical Council can’t do anything about that
  • that HMP Cardiff was used to ruin his health with negligence
  • that his civil appeal procedures were seriously stifled by preventing him from communicating with courts and the outside world – as we’ve observed with many other prisoners
  • that HMP Swansea follow suit by imposing equally bad prison conditions.

Here are some of his documents as evidence, while his former wife has applied for Habeas Corpus.

14 08 13 Abuse of Process – his letter to Barry Police Station about their way of using MAPPA as a pretext for gross abuse of process in prison, probation, courts and even medically;

14 09 04 Recall to Custody Appeal – requests for evidence;

14 09 08 Malicious Prosecution – 25 questions to Barry Police Station regarding their malicious prosecution without trial, after they ‘recalled’ him to custody from a bail hostel;

14 09 10 19 November Appeal – a list of court letters that have not been responded to – for his civil claims appeal to be heard on 19 November this year.



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  2. mymouths2big says:

    The murdering of Morris Kirk, for that is what it is, wilful neglect by the state, illustrates perfectly the evil of Royal Charters. Elevating anyone above the laws that govern the rest of us makes a mockery of ‘Equality Under the Law’, and Inequality Under the Law’ prevails.

    It’s time to demand justice.


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