PRISONS, POLICE and COURTS in meltdown. What next when you look at the True McCann story?

A Place for Paedophiles

A Place for Paedophiles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joining the dots is an interesting exercise: the deeper you go, the more shocked and amazed you ‘get. Over this weekend I ‘processed’

1. I wondered if I ended up killing myself in jail

  • an article in The Independent on Sunday about having been inside where not only Maurice has been unlawfully and innocently since 14 October 2013, but also Brian Pead since 14 May 2014;
  • and now on Monday morning Millions wasted by remanding prisoners, charity says on the BBC.

2. As long as this police chief stays, paedophiles and sex abusers will get away with it, writes Simon Danczuk MP in the Daily Mail

3. How the Court of Protection left a 94-year old without savings or dignity

  • Christopher Booker in his weekly column in The Telegraph;
  • Len Lawrence, former pilot of British Aerospace, has been victim of the same court which he now calls Court of Entrapment.

4. Mind the Gaps: between the True Maddie McCann story and the mainstream media versions

  • four videos with fine details and the conclusion that the State would fall if the truth came out in a trial.

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