LEARNING by DOING: Law in Courts and Enforcement in Police and Prison Cells

13 11 28 MJK Dr David Seeley13 11 28 MJK Prison Reform Trust13 04 12 Varied Restraining OrderFirst things first: in his 20 year running claim for damages against South Wales Police (SWP) – for ruining his professional life as a vet, his business life as a property owner, his love for being a pilot and his private life by straining his marriage beyond all limits – there is one individual target: the doctor who helped SWP by claiming that he has ‘significant brain damage, possibly brain cancer‘ – in 2009, if I remember correctly.

Maurice is in prison since 14 October, on remand, without any of his supporters having seen the charges. He seems to have asked whether he has to burn the doctor’s house down before he can get some justice.

So, while in prison, he’s now found himself a ‘secretary’! Someone whose writing I like especially, because he makes little circles for every dot on the i. Helps a lot, as the ‘Kirk script’ is not easy to decipher.

So you see above

  • the typed ‘varied restraining order’ to keep Maurice away from that doctor and
  • a letter to the prison doctor
  • and the Prison Reform Trust, asking for a brain scan – to prove or disprove the wisdom of XX.

On the website of Caswell Clinic, he’s still listed as Director. But I hear of many suicides among teenagers due to his ‘governance’…

And his own witness statement regarding Maurice’s attempts to get to truth and justice on his own website, in particular on Prison Psychiatrist refers Maurice to a Neurologist and more from the Good Doctor.

Then there is the letter of a Legal Advisor of HM Courts & Tribunal Service. For Maurice challenges everybody at any level – as if he was ducking and diving with a plane between people and organisations. A careful 3-page cover letter is followed by 38 paragraphs regarding ‘stating a case’.

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