“Scandalising a Judge” may be out of date, suggests Peter Hain MP’s lawyer

Now the message has also reached Wales: Peter Hain, MP for Neath and Port Talbot, is being prosecuted for criticising a High Court judge in his autobiography.

Well, so far, 151 MPs are asking for the case to be dropped and for MPs to have the right to freedom of expression in this Early Day Motion.

At the same time, Caul Grant is starting on his second week of demonstrating outside the Royal Courts of Justice accusing the Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts. And so far, 13 MPs question the Ethics of Law Firms!

The videos include John Hemming MP who pointed out that Parliament can remove judges!

Peter Hain MP’s barrister said:

The fair criticism of judges and judicial decisions is not only quite clearly a right, there are also occasions when there may be a duty to do it.

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