Another “honey trap”: Maurice was asked to be witness so he could be arrested

Norman Scarth called it a “honey trap” when he was lured out of his flat to be arrested.

Maurice is interested in the Musa case, for he has seen himself that Social Services were going to take his daughter, if his wife didn’t sign a certain document…

Maurice has contributed to the Musa case as a McKenzie Friend in Clint Eastwood style. But when the Met Police phoned to ask him to be a witness in Wood Green Crown Court, they used the occasion to arrest him. The reason was a supposed “Restraining Order” that he has never seen. He had received a phone call about a “warrant for arrest” being out, based on this mythical restraining order.

Apparently he had not only been found “guilty” of having harassed that XX, but also being restrained from publishing about him. Hence I was asked to take those posts down from his website that refer to XX.

However, the Police claim that they had shown him that order in the cells. They had never given him a copy. Nice “Rule of Law”, eh? But remember, the Police as all other authorities of the “establishment” are all protected from prosecution by Royal Charter. We can bang our heads against brick walls, while at least living at peace with our conscience.

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