Worst case of Police Harassment + Worst case of Child Snatching in Cardiff Magistrates Court WHEN???

The Musa Drama has been publicised as the Worst Child Abuse in UK.

Maurice’s drama MUST be the worst of all police harassment experienced by a single individual:

  • three forces: Somerset, Guernsey, South Wales
  • some 130 cases won by him, while the Police only won 12
  • South Wales Police culminated in
  1. a total of 41 “bullying & harassment incidents
  2. they succeeded in getting him struck off the register of Veterinary Surgeons (2002) for flimsy reasons which caused the cessation of such incidents
  3. Maurice’s appeals failed because the College of Veterinary Surgeons is protected from immunity by Royal Charters which, if he had known about, would have prevented him from appealing
  4. false imprisonment for nearly five months
  5. false incarceration in a psychiatric clinic for the maximum of three months
  6. falsifying medical records pretending he suffered from “paranoid delusional disorder”, “serious brain damage” and “possibly a brain tumour”
  7. documents leaked during this time showed that South Wales Police had a “license to kill” and categorised Maurice as highest level terrorist (MAPPA level 3)
  8. in February 2010, Maurice was found not guilty of possession of a machine gun – a replica on an historic aircraft – which kind of made a fool of the Police who used that as the ‘big charge’ against him
  9. the NHS refused a brain scan as well as replacing his hip and Maurice was on morphine for nearly a year before getting the operation done in France
  10. his civil action for damages against South Wales Police is continuously being delayed in court.

This may not be the complete list. But as Maurice is currently in custody in Cardiff Prison, I can’t check the details. So far, he is being held in remand without being sentenced, after he failed to present himself to Cardiff Court. After having been in custody when tackling the Musa case in London in his unique way, his medical condition was such that he didn’t feel fit to travel.

Instead of a court hearing so far, news about his appalling treatment in prison have come by letters from him, as well as this Summary of Bullying.

He wants to seize the opportunity to bring into the openness of a CRIMINAL Magistrates Court the worst of all child snatching cases in the UK that are held before SECRET family courts. Click here for the details.

Maurice is prisoner no A7306AT if you feel like writing to him in Knox Road, HMP Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF24 0UG.T: 029 2092 3100

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem: https://primenumbers.store/
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  2. Corgisnapper says:

    There seems no depths to which those, supposed to uphold the law, will sink in order to further their squalid little campaign of vindictiveness towards this man. I could wish them all in Hertford, Hereford or Hampshire but sincerely hope they end in Dante’s L’inferno; along with all those who perpetrate evil and corruption.


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  12. tasha says:

    brilliant site!! also a victim of harassment slander and false allergations by south wales police force!! they team up with rspca too!! i miscarried due the stress they both gave me!! then blame the crime of my house being raided destroyed of me being deranged offered to neighbours to take stuff out?? even asked my friend to report me to rspca!! they will act on any false allergations too. guilty until proven innocent. i have reported the officers but it was only swept under carpet.


    • Thanks, Natasha

      I Cc Meirion and Peter who are local and want to help.

      We’ll visit Maurice on Thursday in HMP Cardiff and I’ll be staying with Peter in Ammanford, if you want to connect!



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  19. Anonymous says:

    All the best hope you get out soon they are all corrupt bastards


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