Super Starfighter takes on Secret Family Court Case with the Worst Local Council

They know they can’t afford another Baby P scandal. So they cover up and cover up and cover up. That’s what a whistleblower told Christopher Booker in one of the 10 articles he wrote about them in The Telegraph.

The Nigerian national paper Leadership published on 21 Augist 2011: British Govt Detains Nigerian Couple’s Six Children.

Gagged victims of family court cases and their supporters know how bad Social Services and Local Councils are. And they say that Haringey is the worst of all.

The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW started, in fact, in the streets of Wales: an online petition that has attracted marvellous comments, 697 signatures and 9,535 page views to date.

But Maurice is presumably the world record holder of

  • the number of court cases ever fought
  • the number of hours and days spent in courts
  • the number of police forces harassing him: Somerset, Guernsey, South Wales.

Hence he views the case of the M-family from the perspective of personal experience. All they want is to go home – with their children. Hence this petition for them.

As a Conservative, he has always believed that the right judges and the right politicians will sort the system out. Now he’s wondering whether it’s time to distribute the Lewis machine gun (which was a replica on his aircraft, but South Wales police wouldn’t possibly admit their stupidity and preferred to mount helicopter operations and imprison and incarcerate him for nearly eight months…)

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