Partners in Human Rights Activism: Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth

This photo was taken when Maurice went to Leeds to support Norman Court in one of his private prosecutions.

Today, people are mounting a demo to Free Norman as he is in Leeds prison, in conditions that he describes as a “definition of hell” in his open letter to Judge Jonathan Rose. Paul Talbot-Jenkins’ “Battle Bus” has been decorated for the job and is on the road!

Norman also sent a petition to HM The Queen which you can can support with your signature.

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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  5. unknown woman says:

    The elderly man (Norman Scarth), the 85 years old must given the freedom “Release Him Now” from prison he is outspoken telling the truth while unlike the Police Solicitor and Mastermind, the Judge who handle his case was lying, including some members of parliament, they like us to shut-up our mouth, no hear no see no speak, like the monkies and be like a robbot. We are all to be in prison because we are poor no money. ., but global theives like Rothschild dynasty and the Rockfeller family tree.” while Rockfeller never content having more than 400 trillions gold and silver in the bank as well as Rothschild 500 trillions gold and silver, why not to stripe and make them naked and to be treason” they were bunkers taken the whole prophits of the worlds for themselves. The King or Queen, the President, Prime Minister, the Chancelor etc, are became prostitute to the site of the LORD God Almighty, for coneiving to these Satanic Rothschild and Rockfeller. God created the being in purpose in this world have thier own nation to develope Custom, Culture, Languages, even their have to develope their own wealth. Another things the elite has as well Billions savings, understand the Satanic Rothschild and Rockfeller want to have mass murder globaly the 7 billions populations to reduce 2 to 3 billions left over on this planet earth. They are planning to give the whole strength and power to the Pope of Rome (Son of Perdition) to be king of king, lord of lord and to be a high priest to kill anyone who opposed him, who don’t want to beleive he was god.


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