Chronic Litigant keeps fuelling the British Adversarial Court System

Our Corrupt Legal System

Why Everyone is a Victim (Except Rich Criminals)

How many court actions does it take to warrant the label ‘chronic’ for litigant Maurice Kirk?

And how many legal documents and court hearings does it take to understand the shortcomings of the adversarial system that the UK relies on – in contrast to the inquisitorial system of the Continent?

Quoting from Wikipedia, Charles Dickens’ Bleak House spelled it out in 1853:

the flaws of the British judiciary sytem – based in part on his own experiences as a law clerk and in part on his experiences as a Chancery litigant seeking to enforce his copyright on his earlier books.

On the level of the individual Claimant, Appellant or Litigant in Person, all the money he should have rightfully had, goes to the two ‘adversarial’ sides of lawyers who, in reality, act more like brethren in a dirty trade than as honest defendants for their respective clients.

The lawyers get paid no matter what the outcome of the case is, especially in the case of public authorities. That’s what Maurice calls ‘the public gravy train’.

With this document, Maurice appeals again, making a total of 26 points:

  1. to uphold the decision of a Bristol District Judge that Maurice’s private criminal prosecutions are dealt with by the Cardiff Crown Court
  2. to examine XX’s falsified reports
  3. to overturn the Cardiff District Judge’s decision according to the English judge’s decision…

11 07 28 MJK McKenzie AngelsMaurice has not accounted (yet) for the amount of money with which has fuelled this adversarial system – now between England and Wales. Fortunately, some of his McKenzie Angels are based in Bristol!

11 08 06 Corrupt policeYes, the police will be corrupt as long as we have to use and endure dishonest money. For that’s the ‘tool’ that allows for corruption…

Honest money would create honest people and honest behaviour, even bank(st)ers!

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