On the Unusual, Extreme and Indefinite Aspects of Kirk v South Wales Police

In 2004, their Lordships Hoffmann, Roder of Earlsferry and Sir Philip Otton represented the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and delivered a judgment of 35 paragraphs on eleven pages.

Paragraph 2 begins with “This is a very unusual case.” What they find unusual, is that “no animal has any ground for complaint against him. Mr Kirk’s problem is with people.”

In September 2010, Case No. BS 614159-MC65, CF101741 and CF204141 describe KIRK v THE CHIEF CONSTABLE OF SOUTH WALES POLICE – the legal action for civil damages.

HH Seys Llewellyn QC is the presiding judge and has commented more than once that this is a “very unusual case”.

Maurice has issued a Preliminary Skeleton Argument of 153 paragraphs on 22 pages and the Police’s lawyers lodged their Skeleton Argument in 277 paragraphs on 83 pages.

What is “unusual”?

  1. the number of motoring incidents that the Police instigated – as can be seen in this schedule of incidents
  2. the number of incidents that the Police claims not to know about

What is extreme, is listed here.

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