Real life battle between Good and Evil or a Brave Individual v Institutionalised Criminality and Harassment

It has taken me since March this year, when he introduced himself at our meeting in the House of Lords, to learn to appreciate what Maurice Kirk is trying to achieve, while I’m still not sure whether I am truly touching the g-spot…

My current understanding and assessment is

  1. he feels betrayed by his own professional body, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons: they should have told him that their Royal Charter made them immune to prosecution, even if they do wrong (thanks to their lawyers colluding with South Wales Police)
  2. he has lodged an In fron of the Supreme Court in Londonappeal – with the highest Court in the country – for the Privy Council to intervene – the highest body of power acting on behalf of Her Majesty; the photo was taken by his daughter when he lodged the application in June 2010
  3. his current action against South Wales Police began on September 7 and is adjourned for the time being. It is about CIVIL DAMAGES and them being the cause for being struck off as a vet, but, the damages done to him independent of the removal of his professional income, are also well beyond everything ‘ordinary’.

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