Letters to the Chief Executive of the Local Health Board

Maurice’s current legal action should have been adjourned, and he should have had his hip replaced on July 20th, when his operation was scheduled. But the surgeons require the medical records. They won’t operate if they need to fear that the patient won’t wake up. And since there have been statements about ‘serious brain damage’ and ‘possibly brain tumour’, Maurice keeps fighting for that evidence.

As the judge slowly gets round to realising not only that MAPPA documents need to be released by the ‘multi-agency partnership’ Prison, Probation and the psychiatric Caswell Clinic, he has also ‘somewhat adjourned’ the case last Friday.

As the medical records are held under the control of the Local Health Board, Maurice wrote this letter on September 15 and this one on September 18 to the Mr David Sissling, the Chief Executive of the Local Health Board.

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