This blog is meant to spread the word about the extraordinary life of Maurice John Kirk who became known as the flying vet. Also a pilot with a commercial licence, he visited his clients by plane, since he didn’t want to be caught speeding by car.

However, the South Wales Police didn’t like it and put him under surveillance. During 2009, on MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement) level 3, as spelled out below.

Here is the MAPPA report 2008-2009 from the Strategic Management Board (SMB) of the South Wales Area.

Who are the MAPPA offenders?

Offenders eligible for MAPPA are identified and information is gathered  then shared across relevant agencies. The nature and level of the risk of harm they pose is assessed and a risk management plan is implemented to protect the public. There are 3 categories of offender eligible for MAPPA:

Registered sexual offenders (Category 1)

– sexual offenders who are required to notify the police of their name, address and other personal details and notify any changes subsequently;

Violent offenders (Category 2)

– offenders sentenced to imprisonment/detention for 12 months or more, or detained under hospital orders. This category also includes a small number of sexual offenders who do not qualify for registration and offenders disqualified from working with children; and

Other Dangerous Offenders (Category 3)

– offenders who do not  qualify under categories 1 or 2 but who currently pose a risk of serious harm, there is a link between the offending and the risk posed, and they require active multi-agency management

Level 3 Active Multi-agency Management

As with level 2 but these cases additionally require the involvement of senior officers to authorise the use of special resources, such as police surveillance or specialised accommodation, and/or to provide ongoing senior management oversight.

Members: Dr Ruth Bagshaw
Psychologist and Clinical Lead, Caswell Clinic

Gwenan Roberts
Cwm Taf NHS Trust

Protection Department

• Memorandum of Understanding between SMB and Duty to Co-operate Agencies

• Formal Terms of Reference developed and agreed for SMB


ViSOR is a national database holding details of sexual and violent offenders, and other dangerous persons.

The three MAPPA Responsible Authority agencies – police, prison and probation – are able to work on the same IT system enabling the sharing of risk assessments and risk management information on individual violent and sex offenders in a timely way to reduce re-offending.

South Wales have been pro-active in developing a multi-agency ViSOR / MAPPA team that works together within the same office and shares access to police and probation IT systems.

We look forward to prisons joining this co-located team, ensuring that we have the capacity to provide a comprehensive single help-desk facility for all MAPPA professionals in South Wales.

The team is committed to ensuring that no member of the public comes to harm because critical information known by one agency was not, subsequently, shared appropriately with others. (Extracts from official South Wales Police 08/09 Annual Report overseen by Barbara  Wilding, Chief Constable and Defendant)

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