Appeal re Machine Gun South Wales Police Conspiracy

Machine Gun Trial Judgment

The conspiracy is in the tape of the farcical Cardiff court trial if you are interested in a copy?

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The Level of Deceit in South Wales

The plot thickens……..a quick call to the Civil Justice Centre, today and……..

My machine gun appeal, just like the BS614159 40 odd failed prosecution case, is also blocked

Such is the level of deceit in Cardiff

Judge Seys Llewelyn QC

This South Wales judge presided over my BS614159 + others civil claims on how the South Wales Police lost 40 odd malicious criminal prosecutions while desperate to cut my income by having me struck off the veterinary register on their evidence only.

As the most senior judge in Cardiff’s Civil Justice Centre it was of no surprise to myself, friends and family, that he unlawfully refused to ‘join’ my 1CF03361 (‘trading in prohibited weapons’} civil damages claim as it also was eligible for a jury.which, of course, I must not have.

When those ‘film prop’ proceedings were before Judge Jack in Bristol County Court, in 2000, he expressed serious alarm at the apparent scale of the South Wales Police harassment against a practising country veterinary surgeon simply trying to run his general practice in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales.

This latest High Court ruling raises the mantra on what to do next for those suffering in South Wales?

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Yet Another Example of South Wales Police Criminality

In the Bristol County Court                                           

Case number GA00TA220

Maurice John Kirk (Applicant)


G4S Custodial Services Ltd (Respondent)


Revised Skeleton Argument

for the hearing of 2nd December 2021


His Honour Judge Petts was advised by the Police’s QC not to read ‘the Trading in Machine Guns’ CRIMINAL Trial ACQUITTAL TRANSCRIPT!

( Did you get that, Tim K?)

Swiftly followed by the learned judge refusing my N244 Application for CPR disclosure in its entirety

Swiftly followed by the learned judge and Police QC expressing a view that on my acquittal a Newport gun shop ‘must’ have decommissioned the ‘prohibited weapon’ before sending prosecution exhibit ARH1 (replica machine gun) to Birmingham Proof House!

Swiftly avoiding the mysterious three day disappearance, it would appear, of the item when police withheld evidence will confirm it went to the Chepstow forensic laboratory where the barrel was likely to have been unblocked and prosecution exhibit painted a different colour in the hope of fooling a jury.

Failed South Wales Police Disclosure of evidence forced me to pay for a 12th Sept 2021 court application to disclose the the key evidence proving malicious criminal prosecutions by senior Welsh police officers over a 13 year period.

N244 Application notice

For help in completing this form please read the notes for guidance form N244Notes. Find out how HM Courts and Tribunals Service uses personal information you give them when you fill in a form: rts-and-tribunals-service/about/personal-information[1]charter

Name of court County Court at Cardiff Claim no. CF03361 Fee account no. (if applicable) Help with Fees – Ref. no. (if applicable) H W F – – Warrant no. (if applicable) Claimant’s name (including ref.) Maurice John Kirk Defendant’s name (including ref.) Chief Constable of South Wales Police

Date12th Sept 2021 sept2021

1. What is your name or, if you are a legal representative, the name of your firm? Maurice John Kirk

2. Are you a Claimant Defendant Legal Representative Other (please specify) Applicant. If you are a legal representative whom do you represent?

3. What order are you asking the court to make and why? An Order for Specific Disclosure of documents as set out under CPR 32.12.and for the issuing of witness summonses.

4 Have you attached a draft of the order you are applying for? ✓ Yes No

5. How do you want to have this application dealt with? ✓ at a hearing without a hearing at a telephone hearing

6. How long do you think the hearing will last? 2 Hours Minutes Is this time estimate agreed by all parties? Yes No

7. Give details of any fixed trial date or period None

8. What level of Judge does your hearing need? District Judge

9. Who should be served with this application? Dolmans solicitors on behalf of the Chief Constable of South Wales Police 9a. Please give the service address, (other than details of the claimant or defendant) of any party named in question 9. 2

10. What information will you be relying on, in support of your application? the attached witness statement the statement of case ✓ the evidence set out in the box below

The defendant to disclose: 1. Gold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of Operation Orchid

2. All records re police helicopter flights re Operations Chalice and Orchid

3. All Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff records of Operation ‘Orchid’ & ‘Chalice’

4. Gold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of Operation Chalice

5. Gold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of Operation Bridger

6. All minutes relating to Gold Groups are retained locally by that ‘OCU’. (These documents must include closure reports, Gold Group logs and other material such as Critical Incident Management Logs).

7. Nottingham police records relating to Operation Chalice and exhibit ARH1

8. Scott Arms records relating to Operation Chalice and exhibit ARH1

9. Duxford Museum records relating to ARH1

10. Bedford Shuttleworth Air Museum records relating to Operation Chalice (five machineguns)

11. Chepstow Forensic Scientific Services records relating to Operation Chalice and ARH1

12. RAF records (2000 Farnborough Airshow and Lynham airfields) of exhibit ARH1

13. Gold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of ‘Foxy’

14. Gold, Silver, Bronze, MAPPA, OASys, MG6D and PII records of PC Nigel Brown

15. Full content of all police and retired police personal pocket notebooks of Operation Chalice

16. Full content of HMP Cardiff & G4S run HMP Parc records of Operation Chalice & Orchid

17. Full content of HMP Parc stolen Caswell Clinic medical records of claimant re Operation Chalice and civil claim 1CF03361

18. Andrew Huxtable Prosecution exhibits AH1 &AH2

19. Andrew Huxtable’s Home Office controlled video and photographs of his examination of ex ARH 1

20. Litts of Newport gun shop, South Wales, records relating to Operation Chalice and ARH1

21. Medica lrecords of bridget Craddockre Operation chalice and Orchid

22. Medical records of Dr Metters re Operations Chalice & Orchid The Cardiff Count Court to issue witness summonses, to the following, to attend 1CF93361 civil damages claim on behalf of the claimant:

i) Tim Dodson, clerk of court, with the claimant’s defense statement for T20097445 and court log

ii) Kirstie Kirk with records of her Operations Chalice and Orchid involvement

iii) Genevieve Kirk with records of her Operations Chalice and Orchid involvement

iv) ‘Foxy’, under cover police officer, with his records of Operations Chalice and Orchid

v) Nigel Brown of South Wales Police with his records of operation Chalice and Orchid

vi) Retired DC James Philips with his records of Operations Chalice and Orchid

vii) Retired inspector Phil Davies with his records of Operations Chalice and Orchid

viii) Police officer Kerslake with his records of Operations Chalice, Orchid & BS612159 damages claim

ix) Police officer Redrupp with his records of Operations Chalice and Orchid & BS612159 damages claim

x) Police officer Williams with his records of Operations Chalice Orchid & BS612159 damages claim

xi) Police officer Andrew Rice with records of Operations Chalic Orchid & BS612159 damages claim

xii) Police Officer Davidson with his records of Operations Chalice/Orchid & BS612159 damages


xiii) Police Officer Morgan with his records of Operations Chalice/Orchid & BS612159 damages claim

xiv) Police Officer Dyson with his records of Operations Chalice/Orchid & BS612159 damages claim

xv) Appropriate Adult Mr Reeves who witnessed Operation Chalice and Orchid helicopter raid

xvi) Retired Chief Superintendent Stuart McKenzie OIC of Operations Chalice and Orchid

This list is far from exhaustive

3 Statement of Truth I understand that proceedings for contempt of court may be brought against anyone who makes, or causes to be made, a false statement in a document verified by a statement of truth without an honest belief in its truth. ✓ I believe that the facts stated in section 10 (and any continuation sheets) are true.

The Applicant believes that the facts stated in section 10 (and any continuation sheets) are true. I am authorised by the applicant to sign this statement. Signature ✓ Applicant Litigation friend (where applicant is a child or a Protected Party) Applicant’s legal representative (as defined by CPR 2.3(1)

On the 18th May 2019 , on instructions from the Gold Group under the Chief Constable, the 2nd Defendant, the Governor of the Cardiff prison, allowed the theft of not just my G4S legal papers from my prison cell but blocked my mail both in and out of the prison for months on end

South Wales Police falsified OASys records circulated world wide and G4S containing falsified criminal convictions for firearms, child abuse and narcotics.

G4S staff leaked these highly unlikely convictions to both Cardiff and Parc prisons and my parole officer, signing off each one, who finally had them expunged from the record to immediately secure my release from prison following my favourable Parole Board hearing witnessed by retired Celia Jeune, my retired magistrate sister.

30 odd Prison stopped letters by both prisons
  1. This application has arisen because from 10 May 2021 to 20th May 2021 I was at a jury trial at Exeter Crown Court after which I was acquitted. Although attending my home address and accessing my emails I never saw any communication from Bristol County Court of a 15 May 2021 listing in case GA00TA220 or I could simply have said to Bristol court that I was at Exeter Crown Court on that day.
  • I also paid a court fee of £10,000 which I believe demonstrates how seriously I regarded and committed I was to the G4S matter in Bristol linking it to BS614159 appeal (40 odd South Wales Police failed malicious criminal prosecutions) and the equally alarming 1CF03361 ‘trading in prohibited weapons’ civil claim also arising from South Wales Police malfeasance.
  • I ask the Court also to take into account that in 2021 at 76 years I have what some may describe as an age-related cardiovascular deterioration (GP letter enclosed) where I have been in NHS hospitals inpatient ward three times in May and June 2021 and was given an assortment of medication for severe AF (atrial fibrillation). It is well known that an elderly person starting such medication will have very considerable problems with struggling to be able to think and organise themselves due to the oxygen starvation to the brain.
  • My ‘significant brain damage’ condition was first recorded in the Caswell Clinic, South Wales medical report dated 19th Oct 2009 by Dr TW, now sacked for rampant dishonesty, advising the 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court, in my forced absence and without legal representation my real medical need for ‘legal representation’ in the imminent ‘machinegun’ trial.
  • All in court knew, full well, I was bound to win the disgraceful allegations as the RAF and civilian gunsmiths had already deemed prosecution exhibit ARH1 not ‘decommissioned’ as the film prop had been put together for the film ‘Gunbus’ as a single shot 0.410 shot gun to fire star shells at air shows.
  • Had paperwork for the 2000 Farnborough Airshow not been so daunting in the precious time remaining then Captain Brian Trubshaw, of 002 fame, would of had ‘his money’s worth when inviting me to display my replica 1916 Battle of the Somme DH2 biplane as I had other pyrotechnics as well in my ‘arsenal’

The ARH1 prosecution exhibit was in a shade of black when I bought it and then partially painted silver, on the ammunition magazine only, after sale to Gerry Cooper. Mysteriously to some but not the Claimant nor eight of the jury, commenting in the Cardiff pub, on 10th February 2010, in court the magazine was clearly painted back.

In June 2010 the exhibit was into another shade of ‘silver’ on the magazine when returned to Gerry Cooper. The police had returned the ‘gun’ with yet another shade of ‘silver paint’ with the mysterious three days between the Nottinghamshire police handing over the exhibit to the South Wales Police to have me prosecuted never being explained either at the criminal trial nor in the very unfair civl trail with my being denied the obviously needed witnesses and exhibits hidden all along by Gold Group in charge of both the criminal and civil trial.

It was sure comical to witness each of the original criminal prosecution witnesses in the now civil trial exercising their art learnt from their police college training for ‘selective amnesia’ when appropriate.

  • The June 2009 armed police helicopter raid on our home, requiring over twenty officers on the ground in St Donats in the Vale of Glamorgan, was Gold Group’s Operation Challis under the control of Barbara Wilding due to her deliberately having written her February 2009 false sworn affidavit stating proper CPR disclosure had been conducted in both the BS614159 and T20097445 court cases.

My contacts in the police force informed me, after acquittal, that the main purpose of the police raid was to have me ‘lawfully shot’ as that month’s Gold and Silver Groups had been recorded by Elizabeth Paul and is one of my prosecution exhibits in 1CF03361 ‘gun’ case.

It is most important for the general public to know, as to what really goes on in our UK’s thoroughly deceitful judicial system that ‘Operation Challis’ was combined with ‘Operation Buttercup’ or Tulip was it, to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, from that afternoon tea party, should I not be shot, as I was purported by the 15th June 2009 MAPPA committee, also under Wilding, to be a ‘very serious risk’ even to my family members!

The subject of ‘risk ‘ or ‘real risk‘ is not an expression completely unknown to the Kirk family with my oldest daughter’s grandfathers, one each side of the English Channel on D-Day, Dad operating as as a sabotage expert from an under ground OB (Operational base), in the event of German occupation, under either the Somerset Blackdowns or Quantock hills with the other as a commander in the French Resistance responsible for some of the D-Day preparation.

Belinda’s book, ‘Adventure Revolution’, destined to be a compulsory school book, admirably throws some light on the true meaning of ‘risk’ and especially as her grand mother cried upon hearing that I had bought a veterinary practice in South Wales, of all places!

  • I brought the G4S case believing that there is a clear principle that it is essential for courts to respect prisoner’s rights because of the high level of control that a Prison has over its prisoner (eg responsible for prisoners’ letters to their respective MPs, for example – See my T20200177 alleged ‘stalking’ my own Conservative MP acquittal and equally ridiculous T20210178 Exeter Crown Court ‘bladed instrument found in my vehicle’ acquittal.
  • Regards my compliance with Case Management my understanding is that whereas I can be asked to do obvious easily achievable points of civil procedure it is unfair and potentially unlawful to request a lay person representing themselves to display the skill of a lawyer.
  • I also refer to Lord Chief Justice Thomas who, before the Justice Select Committee said the Judiciary are concerned that efforts claiming to make the county courts more efficient, were making the courts more unfair.

The 1CF03361 ‘gun’ case is now on appeal as it was clear that both HMP Cardiff and HMP Parc had been given orders by Gold Group to purloin my legal papers when ever possible including my correspondence either in or out of the prisons.

The general public needs to understand no Gold, Silver or Bronze Groups’ identifiable paperwork has ever been disclosed to their targeted victim in any of the police’s seventy odd malicious criminal prosecutions since its inception or since my buying the Vale of Glamorgan veterinary practice in 1993.

  • I do not believe a lay person should be asked to cost out their claim as though having the skill of a lawyer but rather a lay claimant should only be asked to do as has occurred in UK Courts for centuries that a lay person has a right to bring an injustice, of such magnitude, before the court.
  • It is noted, following the two million pound police legal bill muted by their QC in the October 2021 1CF03361 very unfair trial, all the culprits are ‘hell bent’ on stopping any forthcoming appeals or Welsh related costings analysis ever to get before an English court of law because fraud has been proved.    
  • This claim arises from while I served an unlawful incarceration as I should have been released in March 2019 at G4S’s HMP Parc, Bridgend, South Wales so the Welsh police had concocted another now proven pack of lies as the Exeter jury fully understood. Witnessed and signed prisoner statements, seeing my prison mail stolen on most days need disclosure in this case and I am relying on the Honourable English Court to assist, thankyou.
  • South Wales Police, the court heard from the CPS, had telephoned my MP in May 2019 informing her that because I had sent a letter (seeking help over my being harassed by the Welsh police with property stolen) I would remain in prison until December 2019 despite my release date being March 2019. The MP fortunately for me wrote the above facts in her MG11 witness statement.
  • On 1st Nov 2019 I was G4S violently assaulted by G4S staff who confiscated the full content of my cell refusing, they thought amusing at the time, in supplying me with the statutory inventory receipt of property stolen, as laid down by government regulations.
  1.  These legal papers included, of course, the imminent ten year delayed 1CF03361civil claim evidence arising from South Wales Police’s T20097445 ‘trading in machineguns’ failed malicious criminal prosecution concocted by the then 2008 Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding while acting as Gold Group chairperson for the committee. Dr TW, of course, also sat on MAPPA level 3 category 3 monthly meetings to discuss my threat to their respective pensions.

As an aside it is of significant public interest to note that this year, thirteen years after the SWP ‘machinegun’ conspiracy was hatched, to stop my BS614159 plus other civil claims, His Honour Judge Petts stated I had been ‘dishonest’ when giving evidence on oath in the October 1CF03361’gun’ trial.

Interesting also is that the learned judge and police QC both commented that the Newport gun shop, after my 2010 acquittal, MUST of done ‘WORK’on prosecution exhibit, ARH1, to explain away the reason why Birmingham Proof House’ certificate clearly records it was never ever a prohibited weapon but, at most, a single shot 0.410 shot gun!!!!

The Newport gun shop staff all went ‘berserk’ when I was bombarded with their denials only to then quietly produce the certificate stating it was not even a ‘firearm’.

Far more important was a copy of their unpaid bill again submitted to the South Wales Police.

A simple call by a lawyer to the Newport gun shop confirmed, of course, no ‘work’ was allowed to be done by them on an alleged ‘prohibited weapon’.

  1. , my three years of my Welsh GP medical records, my Caswell Clinic, Bridgend records specifically sent to me for my Taunton GP by Dr Gaynor Jones in November 2018 and clothes, books and two wheel chairs. They refused to hand them back even ignoring my Devon MP’s letter on the matter. As a consequence, I was prevented from case managing the machinegun claim and accordingly penalised for it at the October 2021 trial.
  1. However, when I say confiscated my legal papers and possessions it was all more brutal than that. On 1 November 2019 my cell was raided by eight prison officers who, without explanation, filmed on body cams, rammed both my arms behind my back and forced on over tight handcuffs. Despite prior knowledge they had no regard for my previously broken wrist, thumb, elbow and shoulder.
  1.  South Wales Police’s PNC remarkable disclosure, following my May 2021 MP alleged ‘stalking’ allegations acquittal revealed that during my G4S incarceration in 2018/19 there were, on record, my having previous false convictions including ‘firearms’, ‘child abuse’ and ‘narcotics’ (cultivating, supplying and using).
  1.  Whereas the probation officer had success in having these convictions removed for my successful October 2019 Parole Board hearing, ordering my immediate release, there will be similar false data still remaining on my MAPPA 3/3, MG6C, PII and OASys etc police-controlled fairy tale records.
  1. Five FALSE WARNINGS on the South /Wales Police’s PNC, including I was ‘likely to be violent upon arrest’, was revealed for the first time following my T20200177 MP/ police CPR disclosure under Article 6 etc.  
  1. I was then violently carried from the prison and without my feet touching the ground placed inside a vehicle and driven out of Wales without my legal papers and possessions.  Two bundles of my mail almost thrown at me identified as urgent mail sent to Cardiff prison in early 2019 with the remainder addressed to me, in June onwards, in HMP Parc!     
  1. Prior to 1st November 2019 while in custody under the control of G4S I was abused and denied adequate and appropriate medical care.
  1. The abuse included assaults on my person, some recorded in my snatched Comp1/2 prison complaint forms, my being denied my daily Omeprazole, for weeks on end, required for a diagnosed carcinogenic lesion, Barrett’s Oesophagus, following a flying accident for James Bond film, ‘Moonraker’, splitting my diaphragm and significantly damaging my phrenic nerve.
  1. Therefore, the tort includes:
  1. G4S and prisoner assaults and thefts in the Parc prison

A lawyer opening my boxes some released G4S stolen property years later, still stealing two wheel chairs, legal files, medicines, clothes, my shoes and official inventory of my cell clearance, of course


  • G4S induced assaults by prisoners on their misconceived belief of my having been convicted as paedophile, drug dealer and for having a conviction relating to 1968 section 5 prohibited weapons.
  • G4S withheld my medicines for weeks
  •  and denied the return of my Caswell Clinic medical records sent into the prison for me in November 2018 by Dr Gaynor Jones specifically for my GP
  • HMP Cardiff also stole both my incoming and outgoing mail for HM Criminal Court of Appeal, Cardiff’s civil court, my GP and family.
  • Both Welsh prisons deliberately confiscated my applications for Parole, medical help, RCJ appeals, G4S judicial review applications and the recent machine gun case 1CF03361 papers being heard now on appeal in some Cardiff court as I am denied, of course, access to The Royal Courts of Justice.

Some of my stolen legal files were only returned to me by G4S in August 2021

  • G4S have stolen my MP/lawyer file including copies of letters to HM Secretary of State for Wales and MP I cannot name by court order, Holborn Adam solicitors, Law Society, Chris Daw QC and Bar Council.
  • My clothes, shoes and two wheelchairs remain stolen.

This list of loss is not exhaustive

Temporary photographic evidence of some of the retrieved Claimant files from G4S recently from four boxes from HMP Parc opened and checked by law

  • In addition to that critical principle to respect prisoners’ rights, this case is about conduct that is far more malicious than odd breaches of human rights and the background of why I was in HMP Parc is essential to grasp as a means to understand what motivates G4S and what is really going on.

Multi Agency working – colluding with errant police as a perception as to why G4S also acted in bad faith failing to disclose a Chief Constable was also in charge of Gold Group, the officer in charge of T20097445 unknown to the Claimant, 2017 jury or Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons over past 12 years.

  • As in the 1CF03361 South Wales Police ‘machinegun’ conspiracy, to secure a 10-year mandatory prison term to block my imminent BS614159 civil claim, both G4S and HMP Cardiff conspired to pervert the course of justice.
  • The background is important because it explains the motivation of G4S to try to do the same as SW police to obstruct if not swamp me with obstacles to make it difficult for me to manage my civil legal cases ALL against them.
  • This claim arises in a context where I am in a long term dispute with SW Police and their partners through multi agency working where I alleged that every time I tried to bring a case before the civil courts to prove my point, mischief occurs by SW Police and their partners (such as Dr T W and G4S), try to undermine my case at the civil courts. (Dr TW was the author of my notorious 19th Oct 2009 psychiatric report recommending I be further sectioned under the1983 Mental Health Act as an IPP prisoner in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital- meaning for life.
  • By mid 2009 my case over years of harassment and deceit by SW Police was due to be heard at the civil court. The case concerned nearly two decades of being harassed by police trying to prosecute me and the sheer amount of times they tried to prosecute me made for an unassailable inference of mala fides.  I was acquitted or a case dropped over forty (40) times.. More than 40 prosecution cases were started and I won 89% at one point consisting of more than 123 criminal allegations. A trend which means that it is certain that the reasonable thinking man will suspect that some kind of mischief must be occurring (HHJ comment in 2000 BS614159 Bristol County Court hearing was an example of that).
  • Regards this 2009/2010 remand and prosecution over a WW1 film prop dummy Lewis gun the jury believed me and I was promptly acquitted.
  • But in August to December 2009 when SW Police felt their prosecution would fail they used their Gold Group  multi agency partner Dr TW to deploy reports he must have known were false to try to damage my credibility and get me sectioned to Ashworth indefinitely.
  • Importantly Dr TW used a series of one month applications for sectioning to Dr TW’s clinic at the ABM NHS in Bridgend starting 3 August 2009 to assess whether I may have brain damage from aeroplane crashes. This was to assess whether I had brain damage affecting my behaviour which of course included the ability to manage my life.
  • His colleague, Professor Rodger Wood, in on the act went further and said in writing my brain damage had been primarily due to my having been a ‘long term drinking partner, Actor, Oliver Reed;!
  • However by 29 August 2009 two experts from the ABM NHS Bridgend Radiology Department decided I had a normal brain scan for a man of my age. Therefore, just like my claim against G4S, Dr TW sought to collude with SW Police by not only hiding my NHS formal all clear result from the Cardiff Crown Court but also Dr TW made the leap to an area of medicine in which he is not qualified, to assert as an expert that I had significant irreversible brain damage which impacted on my behaviour.
  • Additionally Dr TW changed his early diagnosis to the Cardiff Crown Court of

“…….consistent with, but not diagnostic of a paranoid illness…”

Dr TW writing to Cardiff Crown Court early September 2009

  • In contrast between October and December 2009 Dr TW was trying to Section me indefinitely to Ashworth now claiming I suffered from Paranoid Delusional Order but was unable to explain any unreasonable or unusual behaviour to justify him saying that, other than I was suing SW Police.
  • Also the extreme number of attempted but failed prosecutions or like incidents, meant a reasonable person would think there was good reason to challenge SW Police.  Parliament has decided that legal action against the Chief Constable is the correct way to raise issue.
  • Dr TW was seemingly colluding with SW Police by attempting to Section me indefinitely on 2 December 2009 at Cardiff Crown Court before a jury trial could occur in January/February 2010. But he failed because no other doctors would support him.
  • SW Police now promote only the false report of Dr TW as if true while omitting from police records what all the other doctors say. Dr TW says in his report to the Cardiff Crown Court:-

“…My current preliminary position is that whilst Maurice Kirk is fit to plead, his difficulty in organising ……as a result of brain injury……..he would be unable to conduct his own defence

Dr TW point 11 dated 30 September 2009

  • After my being acquitted by the jury in 2010 failed prosecutions that take up my time and resources did not stop.
  • One of eight of the jury in a nearby public house physically dragged me into a public house near the Cardiff crown court in order to tell me that after the first day od evidence in a two week trial it was clear I had been ‘stitched up’
  • As from 2010 while I tried to avoid SW Police and live in France, SW Police sent my local French police a copy of medical reports by Dr TW that police knew were untrue. I was locked up in a french lunnybin until recognised by a nurse remembering I had had a total hip replacement in there due to Guernsey police having left me handcuffed for many hours with a dislocated hip.
  • Additionally in 2010 SW Police tried to prosecute me over trivia of whether trying to attend the civil court amounted to common assault and after a year of disruption to my life that was eventually thrown out of the Magistrates court.
  • during the time period of of the BS614159 police incidents seven times I had HORT1producer documents served on me by south wales Police and seven times I flatly refused to produce, anymore, my driving licence, insurance and MOT documents that led to no cautions or prosecutions.
  • Furthermore as from 2011 SW Police started a series of many prosecutions claiming that my trying to complain with accurate truthful references about them using false reports by Dr TW, amounted to harassment of Dr TW.
  • I did manage a year free of SW Police where in 2016 I flew my aeroplane half way across Africa as reported with interest and excitement by the main UK news media and the main media across the world.
  • But I could not complete the second stage of my 2016 Africa trip because SW Police arrested mled for two years for saying the truth in a Cardiff police station about Dr TW.
  • My Cardiff Bay police station video account of the Dr T W/South Wales police conspiracy was never investigated
  • SW Police do not like me saying the truth and I was given a two year sentence for publishing the truth and that is why I was at HMP Parc under the control of G4S.

Are my claims about saying the truth credible?

  • Dr TW must have known he was doing wrong because in 2007/8 he wrote Chapter 19 “The expert witness: professional practice and pitfalls” in the Handbook of Forensic Mental Health (Pub: William 2008)explaining not to go beyond one’s expertise and to use other experts if issues are outside of one’s expertise. Therefore, when Dr TW is not medically qualified as a neurologist
  •  Dr TW not only acted improperly but potentially even criminally in knowingly and so seemingly intentionally misleading the Crown Court, CPS and Police on important issues.
  • We can see potential dishonesty regards Dr TW and police use of Paranoid Delusional Disorder (PDD) because they use PDD when they feel it could cause harm, but hide it from the four prosecutions when it would have reduced my sentence by half or even no sentence at all.
  • We can use the example of the case of farmer Tony Martin who shot two young intruders as they fled his home. In the Tony Martin case PDD was an integral a part of the case and was the reason why he only received a reduced sentence of three years. Whereas Police and Dr TW arranged I served 5 years in prison for saying the truth on posters and on the interne
  • The Police cannot avoid the fact that even though I was acquitted in the 2009/10 Lewis gun case a film prop dummy Lewis gun was not a firearm. Yet the police still have to this day placed on the Police National Computer (and so for the attention of police across the world) that I am a 2009 firearms risk and that I am violent.

Honest Opinions of experienced G4S staff differ to that of police.

  • The staff at G4S did not find me as a violent or dangerous risk as SW Police maliciously say or having the severe medical conditions as Dr TW say and SW Police amplify.  It may well be one reason why G4S needed to hide my legal and other papers as G4S inadvertently prove the wrong SW Police do in persecuting me by a false assertion of risk that they know is not true.

Claimant won the Cardiff Crown Court jury trial in 2010 and the Exeter Crown Court jury trial in 2021 that both arose from a false assertion of risk 

  • As from the 2009/10 prosecution that SW Police lost they still placed the Claimant on the Critical Public Protection Risk as one of the very most dangerous people in the UK where by Critical Public Protection Risk those procedures require police local to the prison to inform the constituency Member of Parliament when the person may be released into their constituency and what risk there is.

Abuse at HMP Parc

  • When the Claimant was serving sentence for saying the truth at HMP Parc, SW Police took this opportunity of having placed the Claimant on the Critical Public Protection Risk to exaggerate risk to an MP so that she became hysterical from false assertion by SW Police so that she ineptly claimed that the Claimant asking his constituency Member of Parliament for help amounted to stalking. But yet again we have another prosecution by police that the jury at Exeter Crown Court did not believe. 
  • G4S also may feel need to hide my legal and other papers because the papers can help me prove the both physical and mental abuse that occurred while I was at HMP Parc.

Example of HMP Cardiff and HMP Parc taking legal papers 

  • I believe the harsh treatment and raids of my cell with the confiscation of my legal papers was instigated by SW Police via multi agency working because the same occurred while I was at HMP Cardiff.
  • Please see the attached statement  by ….. prisoner statements (confiscated)

The Law

Last month’s high court ruling appears top support all my previous civil claims against the South Wales Police when exersising a Part 18applicationfor further disclosure was nearly always avoided.

  • My understanding of the law is as online Human Rights groups say that –

“Make no mistake, no matter what your crime, you will be subject to the Prison Rules while you are a ‘guest of the state’, however many of your basic rights are unchanged. You still have the right to food, protection from assault and access to the courts.”

  • Regards the set aside of the previous decision I understand there is to be a level playing field fairness and with a priority support the overriding interests of justice.
  • The Claimant did not see any notification from the County Court and would have easily responded if he had by saying he was at an Exeter Court trial. The Claimant was also an inpatient in hospitals for serious age- related cardiology problems. The Claimant understands the Court has good reason and discretion to set aside the previous decision if the Court so wishes.  
  • Although some it the court system may wish to try to establish a harsh approach that squeezes out litigant in person from having access to the courts, I believe the senior Judiciary under appeal on points of law, cannot support the imbalance in power and unfairness that is occurring or asking lay people to act with the skills of lawyer. 

The Claimant wishes to get on with is life without all these disputes and court cases and ask that G4S return his legal papers and other possessions as a matter of urgency.

Dated 21st September 2021


Let us now summarise the level of deceit within the South Wales authorities requiring an Englishman to have his name removed from the veterinary register and gaoled for five years of his life in order to block both his BS614159 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions civil claim and his 1CF03361 equally scandalous ‘trading in prohibited weapons’ malicious criminal prosecution civil claim contrary to section 5 of the 1968 Firearms Act

For those who have access to court tapes of my BS614159 civil claim and court log you will quickly realise the level of lies within. That may explain why the Cardiff courts refuse to disclose either its court log yet alone an official transcript that was so orchestrated in order to block any now new evidence

No doubt the same will occur in the 1CF03361 and G4S case.

My faith in our UK judicial and executive systems was severely dented, recently, by successive courts refusing even the disclosure of their public records as they are so relevant to this G4S civil claim and robbery cover-up only achieved by a series of corrupt administrations.

My recent attempts with government departments, The Speaker of the House and party HQ, while desperate to get an MP to ask the right questions, including as to who was behind my robbery and theft of vital ‘machinegun’ papers while I was in Parc prison, requires an inde



 Claimant in Person

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For Britain Campaign

I had an Anne Marie Waters come knocking on my door , this morning.

A stimulating conversation!

Nearly made the lunnybin
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Lest We Forget

In our current European caos ( t e letter between g & j will not work) we must not forget tose t at stopped Germany and Russian dominance

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South Wales Chief Superintendent Caught Lying on Oath

To: Lieutenant General James Bashall 
           National President, Royal British Legion
Dear Lt. Gen. Bashall,
   Neither the Royal British Legion or the MOD Veterans Dept have contacted 96-year-old Arctic Convoys veteran Norman Scarth.
1. I telephoned t e Royal British Legion this morning and request that they contact 96-year-old Norman Scarth.

2. I have printed off all emails below and have posted them directly to you. Please see below.

Your item was posted at Post Office® branch, Post Office on 12-11-2021. More information will be available as it travels through our network.Tracking number: NY702464677GBService used: Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed 1pm™ 
Yours respectfully,
Leonard Lawrence

The proverbial hits the fan

So, ‘Parliamentary process’ is still in trouble over lobbying?

So is my MP in trouble, also directed by the same ‘Parliamtary procedure’, continuing to refuse to answer serious constituents cries for help contrary to ECHR

At my recent one million pound 1CF03361 ‘machine gun’ damages Cardiff claim, euphemistically called a trial before Judge Petts, retired Chief Stuart Superintendent Mackenzie was swiftly arrested following his being caught lying on the tape records.—

MY LEGAL PAPERS STOLEN BY G4S, in an act of robbery, are still required back for my appeal due shortly.

He said the 2008 Chief Constable Barbara Wilding Gold Group led criminal investigation, into my being ‘in possession’ of a ‘prohibited weapon’, was run by him and exclusively by him, which we all knew procedures for a MAPPA 3/3 registered victim by standard policing, was a blatant lie.

Chief Constable Barbara Wilding, the Defendant in my civil claims, had to have been in charge of her latest ridiculous allegations over a film prop replica WW2 Lewis machine gun , not just because she was also the Defendant in my 90s BS614159 forty three failed police malicious criminal prosecutions but it was listed, in January 2010, to soon ‘hit the proverbial fan’!

This meant the Gold, Silver and Bronze Group police investigations and their findings were deliberately kept completely hidden from the Criminal and Civil Procedure Rules procedures of ‘disclosure’ of facts identifying malfeasance.

It identifies yet another tranche of deceitful senior SWP officers not disclosed under primary or secondary CPR in the daft maliciously brought ‘machine gun’ criminal trial either, such is the level of welsh so called ‘justice’ for those interested into what ‘what actually goes on in our UK law courts.

This is my witness statement pertaining to the current Exeter Crown Court case connected to MAURICE J. KIRK,
 the Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Mr. M. JUKES  and2] the entity known as G4S PLC [who run “security staff” – warders – in the relevant prisons Mr. MAURICE KIRK is connected to in this matter: HMP Cardiff and HMP Parc, during 2019].
These 2 subjects were asked, during September 2019, via a formal F.O.I.A. [S.A.R. / DPA requests, for a copy of this letter authored by Maurice Kirk and meant to be sent to myself during May 2019 – this letter being stopped from leaving HMP Cardiff by the G4S prison employees and/or SWP in May 2019 as it had an alleged “substance” on it which might [qu.] “caused distress to another” [unqu.] [referring to the charge M KIRK was remanded in custody regarding].
Mr. Jukes, Chief Constable of South Wales police was sent the FOIA request on the 17 September 2019; GFS PLC were sent the FOIA request on the 28 September 2019.
This withheld letter obviously exists as Mr. Kirk was charged with attempting to send it to myself – the charge pertaining to that, which also enforced the custodial remand of Maurice Kirk, being dropped also at a later date by the CPS.My F.O.I.A. [S.A.R.] / D.P.A. requests have not been responded to by anyone, to date.
 Signed: This is a true sworn statement and signed by myself John Graham on the 11 May 2021.
Attached are:the F.O.I.A. [S.A.R.] / D.P.A. request sent to G4S PLC –
an identical request was sent to Mr. Jukes, of SWP, also attached.The acknowledgement letter from G4S PLC re: my request Acknowledgement from SWP’s “Disclosure Team”s Mr. Jenkins, telling me to write to G4S PLC, not SWP.
My F.O.I.A. [S.A.R.] / D.P.A. request has not been responded to by anyone, to date.

Another example of SWP’s total disregard for the rule of law


That must explain why my designated MP refuses to answer any of my pleas, my letters from Welsh prisons, for help both before and following the 1st November 2019 robbery by by G4S Park prison staff to steal, on behalf of the South Wales Police, my ‘machine gun’ privileged legal papers together with my clothes & wheel chairs. Someone clearly needs a visit.

and now a touch of England you so detest

I again invite feedback from the general public, especially from others that have suffered under South Wales injustice. I have already received on phone, emails and comments on my regular blogs depicting the sheer scale of South Wales Police’s malicious criminal conduct to pervert the course of justice .

Oh what fun…my appeal is being blocked, it would appear.

The subtle difference between my knowledge and the learned judge’s assumption, is that I have found over near 30 years of my life in that hell hole Wales of court deceit, is that I have now been accused by a judge of lying, I sold a film prop for film , Gunbus, when knowing the replica 1916 Battle of the Somme Lewis machine gun was a prohibited weapon!

Where is the logic in that?

Belinda Kirk

7h  · My book has been nominated for Outdoor Book Of The Year…/shortlists-announced…/🙏😁 Please can you vote for me … See moreTGOMAGAZINE.CO.UKVote now in The Great Outdoors Reader Awards 2021! | TGO MagazineWe’ve received hundred

War fears explode as 16 Chinese fighter jets enter Taiwan’s airspace – island on alert

My dear friends of Taipei flying club is there anything I can do for you in UK re Chinese aggression?

My memories of my film talk in the pub and horrendous departure, next daym in a cub in a torrential storm to South Korea are vivid!!!!!!!!

Breton cottage for just £55,000

Norman Scarth RN

A victim of such a corrupt UK legal system

Christopher Fogarty19:12 (10 minutes ago)
to Mary

Norman Scarth 96 years of age, lives in Ireland, a political refugee from England.

He had operated an equestrian business in Leeds until a politically-connected customer falsely sued him and won the case. Norman appealed the case to the top of Britain’s judicial system; unsuccessfully.
By then, indigent, he took his case, pro se, to the European Court of Human Rights where he not only won, but that court also ordered Britain to cease conducting secret trials.

Upon Norman’s return, victorious, to Leeds, his troubles really began. Norman’s support for the Inland Revenue-robbed Irishman Patrick Cullinane and others targeted by British State criminals may have been a factor  He was raided in his home by some nineteen constables who claimed that Norman, a 120 pound septuagenarian, had injured one of them. They managed to convict him of criminal assault and he was incarcerated for years in a prison for the criminally insane until prison psychiatrists managed to force the gov’t to release him. Once freed, Norman was subject to yet more crimes by the constabulary. He eventually fled England to Ireland where he has lived for the past few decades.

Please forward this to any English pol who might be interested in justice.


Dear Sir,

Thank  you for your email, for your information I have set out below a brief outline of my case circumstances and the Irregularities and injustice involved in my issues with the SWP and its Senior Leadership Miscreants. 

Suffering from Work Overload for a considerable period of time – Senior Management disregarded the fact – although following my departure TWO Police Officers were seconded into the Licensing Department – ACC Lewis went on record (Media Wales) stating that “The Cardiff Licensing Department was the busiest Licensing Department in the U K”.

Well documented periods of sickness – stress and anxiety.

Wrongly accused of criminality by two unreliable Criminal Informants.

Operation Kansas – was a lengthy (eighteen months duration) and costly (profligacy) unfounded Police Surveillance Operation that was mounted against me.

Civil Liberties – Despite enshrined Human Rights Laws – Article 8 and 10 of the ECHR – Breaches of RIPA 2000 were carried out against me which was a complete misuse of Anti-terror Laws – there was no evidence, grounds / basis to allow for the level of surveillance that took place. An Abuse of Power.

This abuses included unlawful Directed and Intrusive Surveillance and telecoms interception under the guise of RIPA 2000 which was carried out by a corrupt and disgraced Professional Standards Department.

The grounds given to the ‘Delegated Officer’ for the Authorisations and Renewals of the Police Surveillance were all manufactured / fabricated and regularly changed when there was NO evidence to warrant any further Police Surveillance in order to accommodate further surveillance to be unlawfully carried out by the SWP.

This surveillance included listening devices planted in my home, telecoms interception of my Private Telephone calls, my Police Office, etc.

SWP – PSD / ACU committed PERJURY in respect of applications made to Judge for for a ‘Production Order’ and in an application to a Magistrate for a ‘Search Warrant’. It has been suggested to me that the ‘Search Warrant’ issued by a Magistrate to search my home was NOT in fact for that purpose but to recover the unlawfully placed SWP surveillance equipment – without compromise? 

After some 18 months of unlawful surveillance – no evidence of any criminality was ever found – as there was none to find.

Please see the case of: Mark Dias and Steve Mathews – Cleveland PoliceBreaches of RIPA 2000 aconspiracy to ruin lives – 2017.

Please also see the case of : Johnny Johnson – SWP  ‘A series of Mistruths’: How evidence against hero cop cleared of assault charge was described – 2014

Then without any evidence of any wrongdoing the SWP carried out ‘Unlawful Arrests’ on me my wife and others.

When there was NO evidence of any criminal offences disclosed – so the SWP then introduce HMRC and alleged – Tax Evasion.

There is an irregularity in respect of the HMRC investigation – HMRC state that they were NOT involved in any investigation against me or my wife until some six months after our arrests – so does this mean that the PACE Recorded interview which was conducted by a person who purported to be a Greg Jones of HMRC – was bogus?

HMRC will NOT confirm where Greg Jones works from and will NOT provide me with any copies of the NOTES made by Greg Jones allegedly from HMRC (contrary to the DPA / GDPR) that were made during the first PACE Recorded Interview with him and one SWP – PSD Officer. So was Greg Jones an imposter?  

Tax Evasion. – however, following THREE subsequent interviews with a confirmed HMRC Investigator my wife and my Tax Affairs were found to be completely in order, no criminal or civil offences disclosed and NO penalties imposed. 

Cover up at all costs – a witch-hunt then ensued – an unlawful targeting – look for anything to justify the SWP’s unlawful actions carried out against me and others.

A Kangaroo Court – (Secret Court) – some time later a Gross – Misconduct Allegation Hearing took place against me which was has since been established to be a patently obvious breach of the Home Office – Police (Conduct) Regulations in respect of the constitution of the Misconduct PANEL an absolute ‘Conflict of Interest’ situation, a breach of the Rule against Bias, Statutory Conspiracy, Misconduct in Public Office, Pervert the Course of Justice, Obstruction of Justice, etc. 

A Kangaroo Court (Secret Court) – Civil Liberties – Article 6 of the ECHR – evidence to my benefit was missing or never produced, I was denied access to witnesses, evidence both medical and otherwise was discounted without any evidence ever being produced by the SWP – PSD to refute or rebut my submission – such actions by the SWP have only brought the Police Misconduct Allegation Hearing process into – DISREPUTE. 

Minimum effort on the part of the SWPF / PFEW appointed Solicitor and Barrister – don’t try to hard we want to ensure the end result – DISMISSAL – I was dismissed for what was said to be Gross – Misconduct which was an Abuse of Process and a Miscarriage of Justice.

Gross – Misconduct is NOT clearly defined and appears to be open ended and is therefore wide open to professional and personal abuse and is a misuse of the already too elastic ‘Balance of Probability’. 

Isolated and abandoned by my so called representative body the SWPF / PFEW (I’m Alright Jack) I was informed by the SWPF – Secretary that there was NO more Police Federation Legal Funding for me for any Appeals against my dismissal and or an Employment Tribunal.

I am a Chief Constable I can do what I like. I was failed by the SWP – Senior Leadership and its Crime Commissioner – Alun Michael who acted unlawfully and ultra vires – beyond their powers in denying me an Appeal against my dismissal from the SWP and in some other matters.

I was failed by the Home Office appointed Chair of the Police Appeals Tribunal – Mr Richard Merz in respect of my deeply flawed and perverse Gross – Misconduct Hearing and in my subsequent application for a Police Appeal Tribunal process. Despite there being ‘New Evidence’ available.

I was failed by the Home Office appointed Head of the Wales Region of the IOPC – Catrin Evans and Co in respect of my complaints made to the IOPC of criminality with the SWP – PSD and its Senior Leadership. The IOPC alleges that it oversees the Police Complaints system and sets the standards by which the Police SHOULD handle complaints – the IOPC is NOT fit for purpose.

Delay and concealment – I was denied access to specific data – breaches of the DPA / GDPR, PACE, Police Reform Act, etc.

I was failed by the recommended Crown appointed Information Commissioners Office – Elizabeth Denham and Co – in respect of my complaints to them about breaches of the DPA / GDPR against the SWP – the ICO alleges that they uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting OPENNESS by public bodies and data privacy for individuals – the ICO is NOT fit for purpose.

I was provided with copies of my PACE Recorded Interview by the SWP. However, that CD copy had been edited and extracts had been removed. I have thus far been denied access by the SWP to the Master CD of my Pace Recorded Interviews – in order that I may make a comparison – Spoliation / Tampering with Evidence, Statutory Conspiracy, Misconduct in Public Office, Pervert the Course of Justice, Obstruction of Justice, etc, etc which is a recurring theme within the SWP who have history of being discredited in Major Investigations.

Lies and Deceit – a cover up, mind boggling incompetence, dishonesty, leadership failings, cronyism, profligacy, persistent and malicious lawbreaking, blame avoidance, stifle accountability, minimise reputational damage and an unsavoury tendency to use precious police resources and public funds to smear, bully, vex, annoy and harass critics.

The propensity to cover up rather than address or rectify, the SWP’s many failings is constant and at times seriously shocking, steeped in rotten culture. There is an absence of ‘Portfolio Responsibilities’ and ‘Accountability’.

A. Roach.  

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South Wales Police G4S Robbery Hushed Up

Such is the level of deceit within Gold Group’s Chief Constable in Bridgend police HQ, just over the wall of Park Prison, I can find no MP allowed to receive reply from G4S concerning the return of my stolen property when violently ejected by eight G4S prison staff on 1st November 2019.

Remember , G4S was instructed to steal my 1CF03361 ‘machinegun’ court papers as they reveal widespread fraud within Dolmans solicitors who sat in in on the many MAPPA 3/3 and Gold Group hearing in the HQ in order, if possible to have me shot (see leaked committee contemporaneous notes).

HM Speaker of The House of Commons


London SW1 1AA

31st October 2021

Dear Sir,

I apologise for taking up any of your very busytime but I have nowhere else to turn to as the Exeter Crown Court directed me to email my constituency member of parliament for help over my ignored South Wales Police statement of complaint (incident number incident number1900418801).


10th Jan 2020 Complaint against HMP Parc South Wales G4S Staff

I, Maurice John Kirk, file complaints against HMP Parc, Bridgend, G4S custody staff for their seriously inflicting injuries, harassment and false imprisonment to cause numerous thefts of my possessions……..

Sir Lindsey Hoyle, none of my letters to my MP have been replied to.

I therefore asked my past MP, Alun Cairns MP but he also ignores my letters. I turned to my then temporary parliamentary representative for North Devon, Ms Selaine Saxby MP.

Ms Saxby immediately wrote to the G4S barbarically run Welsh prison, where the brutal robbery took place and has also between repeatedly ignored, of course, ever since.

Please, can anyone else, of any political persuasion, take on the Taffia for my property back which include two wheelchairs, clothes and current Cardiff County Court and RCJ ‘machinegun’ legal papers?


Yours faithfully,

Maurice j Kirk BVSc

Taunton, Somerset, England.


From: HOC Enquiries <>
Sent: 02 November 2021 15:37
Subject: RE: FAO The Speaker of the House 

Dear Maurice

Thank you for sending us your letter marked for the attention of Mr Speaker.

However, as you do not live in Mr Speaker’s constituency, this office would normally reply in the first instance.

It will help you to know that MPs will only normally be able to help their own constituents. Therefore, if you are living temporarily in the North Devon constituency, you may wish to go back to Selaine Saxby MP’s office and ask that they persist with your case by taking this matter up with the ministers or officials at the Ministry of Justice on your behalf, or by referring your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsman?

If, however, you are based in Taunton you should contact your current MP there to do this for you. You can confirm who your MP is by typing your current postcode into the box at: Find MPs – MPs and Lords – UK Parliament

Should you still wish to contact Mr Speaker directly, you can of course do so to:

I hope this is helpful.

Very best wishes


House of Commons Enquiry Service
House of Commons | London | SW1A 0AA
0800 112 4272 (Freephone) | 020 7219 4272
Text Relay: 18001 followed by our full number
And so the the apparent ‘treacle treatment’ continues

HM Speaker of The House of Commons


London SW1 1AA

3rd November 2021

Dear Jean,

I am most grateful for such a swift reply.

My designated MP has ignored all my letters for years so Selaine Haxby MP tried to recover my significant stolen property from G4S run Park prison, on my behalf and was also completely ignored.

In the old day’s with similar problems of ‘misfeasance in a public office’ criminal conduct another MP was allocated by the Speaker’s office or by some similar such branch of Parliament.

Do I really have to resort to the Taunton police, again, over this proven fraud, theft and some one continuing to live off ‘immoral earnings’ from the proceeds of crime?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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Operation Bridger Police come to Arrest Twice in a Week

Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP, tonight, blocked my application for an MP allocation re G4S South Wales Police  ‘machine gun’ robbery

In the light of the Speaker of the House’s refusal, today, to allocate an appropriate MP to ask obvious questions over the vicious robbery, two years ago today by G4S Park prison to steal my legal files, re South Wales Police’ chief constable’s ‘machine gun conspiracy, my current intention is to represent Taunton Deane as ‘what really is going on’ in our law courts and community that needs radical reform?.


.Maurice seeks help from Mr Speaker from HM House of Commons

IN THE COURT OF APPEAL                                                REF. NO.



– v –






(These grounds have been prepared with the assistance of lay McKenzie advisers assisting Mr. Kirk with Mr. Kirk’s permission, who was unrepresented at the trial and conducted his own defence.)


  1. The Appellant was acquitted of 1 count of Harassment by Stalking, contrary to section 2A(a),(b) of the Protection of Harassment Act 1997 before HHJ Johnson and a jury at the Crown Court at Exeter on 20th May 2021.
  • At the conclusion of the trial, HHJ Johnson imposed a Restraining Order for a limited time against the Appellant under section 5A(1) of the Protection of Harassment Act 1997 on the same date in respect of an MP.
  • The Appellant now seeks leave to appeal against the making of that Restraining Order as though it had been made on his conviction as part of his sentence under section 5A(1),(5)(a),(b) of the Protection of Harassment Act 1997.



  • It is contended that although the learned Judge applied the correct civil standard of proof on a balance of probabilities in making the Restraining Order against him, the learned Judge failed to give sufficient reasons for the making of the Order, in view of the fact that the Appellant had been acquitted of the charge against him by the jury.
  • In particular, the learned Judge failed to identify the acts or any specific acts in relating to the Appellant’s conduct that in his view would have justified the Restraining Order being made against the Appellant.


  • The learned Judge erred in law and/or in principle in directing that the Appellant may not publish anything concerning an MP, thereby interfering with the Appellant’s “right to freedom of expression” under article 10(1) ECHR, Human Rights Act 1998.
  • Further, the learned Judge failed to take into account or consider the Appellant’s “Convention Rights” and in particular his “right to freedom of expression” under article 10(1) ECHR, Human Rights Act 1998 when making the Restraining Order against him.
  • The prohibition against the Appellant from publishing anything about an MP restrains the Appellant from commenting on the competence and reliability of an MP, when such matters as to her conduct in not responding to the Appellant’s requests to her and her constituency officer for help is a matter of public interest and importance regarding the democratic system and accountability of elected MPs to their electorates.
  • In the premises, the making of the Restraining Order against the Appellant was disproportionate and was not “prescribed by law, or “necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary” for the purposes of article 10(2) ECHR, Human Rights Act 1998.


  1. During the Exeter hearing before the learned Judge, the Appellant experienced medical problems that he had not experienced before and medical evidence will be sent to the court regarding this.
  1. The outcome of the Atrial Fibrillation caused the Appellant confusion and with the loss of the Appellant’s hearing aids at the hearing, the Appellant was deprived of a clear understanding of the relevance of a Restraining Order being required following an obviously predicted acquittal. (The CPS had conceded the Appellant sent only two letters to an MP, which is not correct and were a year apart!).
  1. During the morning of 10th May 2021, the Appellant had to go to the accident and emergency Department of Exeter Hospital by ambulance from the court, and the learned Judge was informed regarding this, so that the proceedings did not resume until the afternoon session.
  1. The Appellant’s condition caused memory loss with the lack of oxygen to his brain for proper concentration so that he was unable to comprehend the circumstances of the order being sought.

Dated 28th Oct 2021



Appellant in Person

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I am arrested for ‘Threatening’ an MP

My emails for an MP’s help, re G4S robbery to my Parliament building, are being blocked .. . I will therefore have to jump to PLAN J

At the Conservative Party’s London HQ yesterday, despite a judge’s directions, I was again refused an MP to act on my behalf concerning the Wales G4S robbery to steel my legal papers against Gold Group chief, Barbara Wilding, because the then HM Secretary of State, Alun Cairns MP, was sent from my prison cell what was believed to be heroin we were told. I was further gaoled for a further five months for apparently sending what was believed to be anthrax spores to another MP

Could Enid Blyton have written a better fairy tale?

HM Speaker of The House of Commons


London SW1 1AA

31st October 2021

Dear Sir,

I apologise for taking up any of your very busytime but I have nowhere else to turn to as the Exeter Crown Court directed me to email my constituency member of parliament for help over my ignored South Wales Police statement of complaint (incident number incident number1900418801).


10th Jan 2020 Complaint against HMP Parc South Wales G4S Staff

I, Maurice John Kirk, file complaints against HMP Parc, Bridgend, G4S custody staff for their seriously inflicting injuries, harassment and false imprisonment to cause numerous thefts of my possessions……..

Sir Lindsey Hoyle, none of my letters to my MP have been replied to.

I therefore asked my past MP, Alun Cairns MP but he also ignores my letters. I turned to my then temporary parliamentary representative for North Devon, Ms Selaine Saxby MP.

Ms Saxby immediately wrote to the G4S barbarically run Welsh prison, where the brutal robbery took place and has also between repeatedly ignored, of course, ever since.

Please, can anyone else, of any political persuasion, take on the Taffia for my property back which include two wheelchairs, clothes and current Cardiff County Court and RCJ ‘machinegun’ legal papers?


Yours faithfully,

Maurice j Kirk BVSc

Taunton, Somerset, England.

Even my political party appears not to help

Defendant’s Legal Submission

      An idle MP and Maurice John Kirk were like ‘two ships passing in the night’

Extracts from 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act

Prohibition of harassment

  • A person must not pursue a course of conduct— (a) which amounts to harassment of another, and (b) which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.
  • Subsection (1) [ F4or (1A)] does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows— (a) that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime,

2 Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (c. 40) Document Generated: 2021-03-25 Changes to legislation: There are currently no known outstanding effects for the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. (See end of Document for details) (b) that it was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or (c) that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable.

The fundamental issue was an ‘objective’ one while both parties in the case had quite different ‘subjective’ beliefs much based  on ‘hearsay’

The 1st November 2019 robbery of the Defendant, by staff of G4S Custodial Services in HMP Parc, Bridgend, South Wales, resulted in the loss of the South Wales Police’s victim’s personality.

The victim’s stolen ‘personalty’ includes:

  1. his clothes
  2. his shoes
  3. his two wheelchairs
  4. legal papers including from his civil claim 1CF03361 (trading in machine gun conspiracy)
  5. his BS614159 papers resulting from 40 odd failed police malicious criminal prosecutions
  6. his 3 years of NHS (Wales) record currently being requested by his GP, cardiac and gastroenterologist specialists in Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, Somerset
  7. his full 2009/10 records from Glanrhyd Hospital’s Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, resulting from three months of horrific incarceration under section 35 of 1983 Mental Health Act.

At Conservative Party HQ, yesterday, I was refused an MP to act on my behalf concerning the G4S robbery to steel my legal papers against Gold Group chief, Barbara Wilding, because then Secretary of State, Alun Cairns MP, was sent from my prison cell what was believed to be heroin we were told.

10th Jan 2020 Complaint against HMP Parc South Wales G4S Staff

I, Maurice John Kirk, file complaints against HMP Parc, Bridgend, G4S custody staff for their seriously inflicting injuries, harassment and false imprisonment to cause numerous thefts of my possessions.

Serious Assaults   (Article 3)                                                                             Incident 1900418801

  1. After my Feb 2019 unlawful ‘recall’ to prison from a Cardiff parole hostel I was assaulted on numerous occasions in Parc prison with one incident already reported over the ‘floor buffer’  on A2 wing. All required medical attention and captured on CCTV & body cameras. 
  2. The 2nd filmed significant assault was in June 2019 when I was forcibly removed from my 2nd missing wheel chair by unnecessary force from seven officers carrying me back to B block.
  3. The 3rd main incident was in Nov 2019 when I was snatched from my cell by unprovoked excessive force using no less than eight G4S officers using handcuffs on my wrists behind my back. This deliberate pain was inflicted from B wing to the main gate where I was ‘released’ for Bristol Royal Infirmary attention. This included x-rays due to my hip prosthesis having suffered partial subluxation of my hip joint and prescription analgesics for a month.
  4. The incidents have left me feeling severely intimidated, vulnerable and in constant pain.

Deliberate False Forensic History Yet Again (Article 6)

  1. In Sept & Dec18 G4S had inadvertently released Caswell Clinic medical data by fabricated police criminal convictions including ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’, ‘narcotics’, ABH and ‘FTA’.
  2. Oct 19 HM Parole Board hearing, with evidence from a retired magistrate, had also revealed why a prison had needed such violent ‘constraints’. Both parole officer & prison supervisors had vehemently opposed release as I was, ‘violent and extremely dangerous’. To whom was I a danger, exactly, turned out to be only the Chief Constable? This caused my swift release.
  3. That CCTV and more leaked 2009 Barry police station MAPPA level 3 category 3 data of Barbara Wilding’s conspiracy, to have me shot, is applied for to be disclosed at the ‘machine gun’ hearing on 24th January as it all identifies the original culprit’s nefarious conduct. 

‘Heroin’ to Alun Cairns MP & ‘Anthrax Spores’ to another MP false Allegations  (Article 8)

  1. My Feb 19 release was due so police concocted reasons to stop my mail in and out of Cardiff & Parc prisons to protract time in prison and delay my civil claims. The ‘white powder’ found in my two MP letters had simply been remaining traces of toothpaste originally used for gluing exhibits onto my cell wall when originals had been stolen by my key liaison officer.

Further Deliberate Theft of my Possessions (Article 7)

Despite my pleadings and requests by parole staff G4S continues to refuse to return my wheelchair and legal papers as the latter is needed, of course, for my 10am 24th January 2020 civil court proceedings against both G4S and the South Wales Police. Today’s MG11 VPS written complaint to very patient South Wales police officers will, no doubt, end up in the police HQ shredder as did the ones, re police paint gun, to try and fool the 2010 jury!

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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