MP Restraining Order Proved Unlawful… me

New evidence confirming above requires a police investigation.

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Anarchy to Cover-up South Wales Police Criminality

FAO G4S Lawyers re my Brutal Robbery by G4S HMP Parc Staff

Once again the Welsh authorities ignore recent rules of law such as this


Tel 07708586202

15 January 2022

BLM solicitors,

2 New Bailey Square,

Stanley Street,

Salford M3 5GS

Tel 0161 236 2002

Dear Sirs,

Re: Claim G00TA220 regards G4S Care and Justice Services (UK) Limited (HMP Parc)

Your letter of 31 December 2021 totally avoids the issues. Also, please would you also respond by email, as I often do not get hard copy mail that is posted.

Firstly, for us to make a start please could you provide copies of obvious evidence such as the involved and detailed files which include the pages of complaints written by me (eg Comp1/2 forms), prison responses, documents and prison logs during my stay at HMP Parc.  

Secondly here is a brief overview to help you sending any other letters which are relevant but totally avoid important issues.

1.     In December 2017 Judge Tracy Lloyd Clark, sitting at Cardiff Crown Court handed down a vindictive 2-year prison sentence for my publishing a video recording of my commentary of my attendance, to register complaint at a police station on the internet, being an alleged breach of a Restraining Order. She had not allowed the jury or herself to grasp how I was publishing the simple truth with reference to the doctor’s quite unqualified and seriously erroneous 19th October 2009 medical report that I had such a level of irreversible ‘brain damage, that I was to be further registered MAPPA level 3/3 (top 5%most dangerous in the UK) and incarcerated in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric prison for life.

2.     But the underlying issues to help understand why the claim regards G4S conduct is so very serious is that neither the jury or Judge Tracey Lloyd Clarke had considered what difference saying the truth regards professional standards of senior NHS staff and Police (that liaise and work together including as members of SW Police Gold, Silver and Bronze groups) that protects the public could make to whether what I did amounts to harassment or if my actions did what lesser sentence may be appropriate eg freedom of speech.

3.     While I needed to appeal my conviction and sentence and expose the horrific corruption of how SW Police’s Gold Silver and Bronze group collude with errant NHS staff, G4S and HMP Cardiff were holding my post from being sent and received including my letters to and from courts that included the Criminal Court of Appeal.

The potential harm and loss may be enormous    

4.      By Dec 2018 I was paroled to Mandeville House, Lewis St, Bail Hostel Cardiff.

5.     On Thursday 21 February 2019 at around 8.30pm I was taken from my bath at the bail Hostel back to custody, probably to a police station for the first night.

6.     On Friday 22 February 2019 I was returned to prison but to HMP Cardiff.

7.     Monday 25 February 2019 was the deadline for 1CF03361 Keyser/’Lewis gun’ hearing requiring Further Particulars and limited evidence was submitted to court in my absence. But communications from Cardiff Civil Court/HHJ Keyser ‘Lewis’ case continued to be sent to the Bail Hostel – meaning my letters from HMP Parc were not getting to Cardiff Civil Justice centre. HMP Parc and HMP Cardiff prevented my communications to the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre therefore had a profound adverse effect on my ability to conduct very major litigation.

8.     Between March 2019 and 1 November 2019 I was seriously bullied and abused which included need for medical attention at Accident and Emergency in hospital.

a)     Urine and faeces thrown into my cell and on my bed.

b)     Physical violence from staff

c)     Staff encouraging prisoners to be hostile and bully

d)     The bullying and abuse included interference with and delaying mail to RCJ and Cardiff Civil Justice Centre to pursue my civil cases

e)     The bullying and abuse included confiscating vital property which still has not been returned. (This includes a wheelchair, legal papers, clothes and shoes).

f) For weeks on end I was deprived of my medicines, some prescribed for life, in both HMP Cardiff and HMP Parc.

9.     On 31 October 2019 without my knowledge my sister was told by G4S at HMP Parc that I would be released the next day and she arranged a car to collect me from the prison gates at an exact time which was roughly around an early breakfast time.

10.  On 1 November 2019 I was carried from my cell and placed in the car without my possessions and immediately driven out of Wales by a needlessly manufactured deadline of having to rush with haste to meet a Probation Officer in Taunton or risk being returned to prison. I had to attend the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

11.  At the end of May 2020 I had sent a text to Parole Officer, Brad Hughes, saying :-

“Hello Brad. Thank you for arranging I get my possessions from the Lewis St Bail Hostel, which I have now received. Unfortunately, G4S & HMP Parc have still not given me my possession and papers from when I was released 1 November 2019. I can’t get any response from them. Although you have tried in the past please would you be willing to ask them if I can have my possessions and papers or what I should do next? Thanks Maurice.”

12.   Following my release form HMP Parc on 1 November 2019 as a favour the Probation Officer in Wales Bradley Hughes attempted to regain my property for me. Where Brad Hughes was able to recover my property from the bail hostel with ease. G4S at HMP Parc were obstructive and refused.

13.   G4S/HMP Parc would not respond to Mr Hughes, my Devon or Taunton MP.

14.  After I had served my G00TA220 damages claim on G4S only some of my property was returned in August 2021

15.  Importantly, G4S are keeping my legal papers and letters of complaint that includes evidence of my being bullied and abused at HMP Parc by G4S having circulated to both staff and prisoners that I had convictions for firearms, child abuse and narcotics all of which was false.


Maurice Kirk BVSc

Well done, Australia for upholding ‘the rule of law’

Both acquitted Bristol Colston statue criminals and London’s train vandals, despite blocking our roads and railways, is a reminder of much more serious things to come

So, is all these irregular acquittals coinciding with the new legislation planned to further restrict our basic rights to protest?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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White Lives Matter



Think twice before criticising the Colston verdict

Edward HenryFriday January 07 2022, 12.01am, The Times

Juries have the power to put justice before the law, a power they have exercised for hundreds of years. Authoritarian governments have always hated them for this, and the acquittals of the Colston four have, predictably, precipitated an avalanche of adverse comment.

Much of the parliamentary blasting of the verdict involves dire predictions from Conservative MPs that our heritage, far and wide, has been put at risk by this dangerous precedent. From the tenor of outrage directed at the jurors’ decision one might even imagine that resurrecting the star chamber is a distinct possibility, in preference to that awkward squad of twelve credulous individuals, the jury.

The Leader of The House, Jacob Rees-Mogg, not known for his modernity, must have delighted his legions of friends

The days of the UK jury system is sadly drawing to a close.

I was at the release of some ill informed vandals in Bristol Crown Court, this week, charged with an uncomplicated act of premeditated ‘criminal damage’ contrary to the 1972 Act. They had pulled down Edward Colston’s statue, a symbol of naughtiness like Hitler, that needs to be never forgotten.

Which leads my comment, into rebuttal from today’s anon comment, straight into the state of our democracy at MP level…….


I enclose supporting documents for long awaited matters to be resolved by the appropriate court, yours or the RCJ

1, My costs incurred relating to a bone idle MP who still refuses to respond to any of my emails, despite court intervention, concerning a robbery for my legal papers by G4S on behalf  of the South Wales Police.
2,. My costs incurred by the South Wales Police falsifying data about me to the Devon and Cornwall police to cause arrest and car confiscation over a knife.
3.My application to have my Restraining Order varied/quashed re T20200177 re MP

a) CPS admit only two of my letters reached the MP a year apart and the first was sent by Cardiff prison not by me

b) My two visits to the area Conservative Party, as a member and speaking to one member of staff only, were about 2/3 months apart when my message was not correctly passed onto the MP.

c) Now, it appears, the Speaker of the House also refuses to allocate to me with an alternative MP to address my grievance of the theft. 

In law, I humbly suggest, none of that described above is contrary to the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act even with the wildest of imagination!

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  

I was told I could only communicate with an MP by email and no other way!

The idle MP not only has ignored my complaint by email, of being robbed by G4S personnel at HMP Parc to steel my legal papers against the South Wales Police over their 120 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions but the MP has put it about that the statutory procedure for my being designated another MP has been blocked by the PM, The Speaker of the House to even my own Conservative Party HQ!

So any of you out there thinking the appalling Bristol Crown Court verdict is just another ‘drop in a tea cup’ wise up, wake up, our basic rights for freedom of speech, for example, is just one more step to abolition for the New World Order dominated by freemason devil worship.

Having witnessed and the victim of so many so called unbiased juries in my day, in Guernsey, England and Wales, I can assure the general public they so often get the verdict wrong. They get it wrong due to lack of understanding of either the facts in the case or now taken in by the rampant innuendo when the prosecution ‘play ‘ the politics card.

This Bristol incident again reminds me of Cardiff Courts, in 2009, when I had won 89 % of some 126 South Wales Police criminal allegations, fictitious, fabricated or otherwise, in order to have my name removed from the veterinary register. I needed to fight as no one obtains justice any more in a perverse British court system without a huge amount of cash to pay the completely fabricated legal bills as nothing is properly ‘taxed’ at source any more by our self serving antiquated British legal system that should be abolished along with the wickedly designed National Health system also promoting uncontrollable deceit.

The ‘Gulag card’, therefore, was dealt to me by the Welsh authorities by blackmailing the sacked and now ‘deported’ to New Zealand’ Caswell Clinic forensic psychiatrist, Dr T W, to falsify my medical report, anything to block my imminent jury trial for alleged ‘trading in machine guns’ I was bound to win.

The doctor in my forced absence, locked in a cell under the court without even a lawyer or my legal papers (except those shoved up my arse), had told the 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court I was ‘not fit’ to stand and defend my trial due to ‘irreversible brain damage’ and registered MAPPA level 3, one of the 5% most dangerous roaming our streets. He was not even medically qualified to write his 19th November 2009 medical report to support his application asking I be sectioned to Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital for life.

With the advent of the ever damaging social media and breakdown of of the family unit, during the informative years for children being at the height of their thirst for knowledge, the future remains grim.

All we have left is the three sitting lay magistrates. at summary level, to restore some sanity to our community but when did you last see all three sitting there?

In my life time I have watched the English standards in our law courts , once much referred and exported around the world, slowly being eroded to what I just witnessed in Bristol Crown Court. The re-action by the misinformed present in the street, deliberately blocking the traffic due to the police present ordered not to intervene, was quite disgusting spectacle to watch.

Another sample of wanton vandalism going unpunished
Misguided, blinkered or is the lady I listened to, following her acquittal for ‘criminal damage’, on to something that needs further informed discussion before my country slips further down to a cesspit of deceitful administrators?
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Bristol Mob Rule

white lives matter



Think twice before criticising the Colston verdict

Edward Henry Friday January 07 2022, 12.01am, The Times

Juries have the power to put justice before the law, a power they have exercised for hundreds of years. Authoritarian governments have always hated them for this, and the acquittals of the Colston four have, predictably, precipitated an avalanche of adverse comment.

Much of the parliamentary blasting of the verdict involves dire predictions from Conservative MPs that our heritage, far and wide, has been put at risk by this dangerous precedent. From the tenor of outrage directed at the jurors’ decision one might even imagine that resurrecting the star chamber is a distinct possibility, in preference to that awkward squad of twelve credulous individuals, the jury.

The Leader of The House, Jacob Rees-Mogg, not known for his modernity, must have delighted his legions of friends


At Bristol Crown Court today, while waiting for a barrister in my million-pound ‘trading in machine guns’ South Wales Police conspiracy case, I unfortunately found myself entangled with a bunch of vandals who had just been acquitted for the criminal damage to the Edward Colston’s statue.

The monument, in the city centre, had been pulled down by ropes and huge cheers from a mob and successfully dragged to the edge of the jetty only to be unceremoniously tipped into the harbour.

Their followers, some fifty-odd accompanied by photographers from the national press, had blocked the street outside the Bristol court which put an immediate shiver down my spine. The realisation of things to come in England if our government did not take a firm hand and restore some semblance of sanity then our future was grim. I decided to linger and listen in to their banter.

Instead of leaving, before I was going to vomit, I attempted to reason with one or two of whose using temperate language bordering on comprehension, ie some with an honest opinion. ‘Freedom of speech was fine by myself but I failed, miserably, to persuade any one of them to ‘see reason’ that this was already an admitted criminal damage incident and therefore a criminal offence.

So, I was subjected to fifteen minutes or so of utter ignorance shouted out, in turn, by the urchins clearly signifying their complete misunderstanding of either the ‘rule of law’ or respect for other people’s property, however contentious the subject. No one I spoke to was in a frame of mind of tendering some rational explanation in rebuttal as they had already been given the ‘green light’.

The ‘green light’, today, was the beacon this protest continued to follow lit by the Bristol authorities at the time of the toppling of the Edward Colston statue months earlier. I understand the police had simply stood by on that occasion and done nothing as the fear for the widespread damage potential, with the then fired up mob hell bent on smashing shop windows and burn out cars, far outweighed an incident so short lived as the statue into the Bristol docks.

But, as I soon found out, the ‘green light’ still burned as the traffic jammed outside the court, including the prison van that the vandals had narrowly escaped from, remained stationary. My remonstrations to two police personnel to clear the street, standing idly by, achieved nothing.

A further warning to me, originally given by that school boy hero of mine, of WW1 Military Cross fame while also known for his accurate predictions as an MP decades ahead of his time.

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Maurice Kirk urgently seeks your help

Costs Review 7th Jan 22 at 14.40 hrs at Exeter Crown Court reT20210178/T20200177 Acquittals 


A THOROUGHLY DECEITFUL UK JUDICIARY HELL BENT ON PROTECTING THE ‘lawyer/CPS/police money making cartels, the the tax payer’s ‘gravy train’ flowing to the criminals with no accountability to any one for their daily deceit.

A lying bone idle little MP was the cause but none of you appear to have the back bone to stop it


Insert name

Address line 1

Address line 2



By email & first class post:

(Delete and insert appropriately)  MP name here

MP constituency office address line 1

Address line 2



Dear (Insert MP name),

 [Maurice is denied by Exeter Crown Court Order but he will pay you handsomely if you obtain an appropriate reply]                                                                                                              

I read the recent article on the website exposing judges breaking their oaths and abusing our people in the name of law and justice.   The article titled; “Many of the UK’s judges are a fraud in their own right” (search for the article in their website).   

The article opened my eyes to the fact that the judiciary are unregulated and that nobody is enforcing the law against them, they self-regulate and all stick together to protect one another.  

All MPs also took oath when swearing into Parliamentary Office to act “according to law”, with a duty to act in the national public interest, whilst lending a voice in Parliament to your constituents.

The Promissory Oaths Act 1868 is law today, designed to protect British civilians from tyranny by those in positions of trust.   Judges that breach their oaths by acting with favour and ill-will pose a significant risk of harm to all they encounter.   The problem is that judges that breach their oaths are remaining in office to do it time and time again.  The law was not designed to work that way.   We need to rein in corrupt members of our judiciary and you have the power to do it.

Section 11(3) of the Senior Courts Act 1981 provides that power:

“A person appointed to an office to which this section applies shall hold that office during good behaviour, subject to a power of removal by Her Majesty on an address presented to Her by both Houses of Parliament”.

I request that you make representations on my behalf in Parliament to ensure that the judiciary is investigated and that judges that are found to have breached their oaths are expelled immediately from our judiciary.    

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

First & last name

Dear Sir,

Lying Welsh Bstds

BUT my outstanding £7000 odd ‘out of pocket’ expenses caused by a lying bone idle MP, living off immoral earnings,  refusing even to answer my plea for help from the vicious G4S robbery in Parc Prison, purely set up by the South Wales Police to ‘screw’ my 1CF03361 ‘trading in machine guns’ acquittal civil claim, also needs ‘review’ as the paltry compensation, so far granted, is derisory.

My ‘appeal bundle’, currently needing re-drafting for The Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, requires your input, please. ( temporary Appeal bundle draft at the bottom of this blog).

Deceitful and evil senior South Wales police officers knew, a year before I was gaoled for ‘gun running’, that the film prop imitation WW1 Lewis machine gun on my Farnborough Air show DH2 biplane was never a ‘prohibited weapon’ but a single shot garden gun for rats and tree rats with a blocked barrel!

The police’s unblocking of the barrel and changing the colour of its paintwork fooled no juror either.

The following 2010 certificate, alone, confirms the replica ‘gun’ never was a ‘gun’ in the first place!

There is a very real risk of his appeal being rejected even before Their Lordships have even had the chance of reading the litany of deliberate police lies within it to cover up the earlier Cardiff court ‘whitewash’ of his 2013 civil claim for damages, BS614159, covering over 40 similar malicious failed criminal prosecutions by the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding and her predecessors, for the South Wales Police.

His Honour Judge Petts QC was told in open court, in September’s Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, that Maurice now has a two million pound (concocted) legal bill for also losing his 1CF03361 ‘trading in machine guns’ T20097445 acquittal claim for yet another failed South Wales Police malicious criminal prosecution involving his eight months in gaol on remand.

So desperate was the welsh conspiracy was in by then now Maurice was denied his legal papers and medicine, during each day of the trial from his Cardiff prison cell, he had to survive on that paper work he could cram in his rectum twice a day.

That farcical T2009445 Crown Court jury trial, incidentally, required neither Defendant legal representation nor defence evidence. Not even a compulsory ‘defence statement’ was scribbled out in his cell, in solitary confinement, for eight of the jury to laugh over in the nearest pub having physically dragged him into as he came down the court steps with some of his family!

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Day before High Court deliberate as to why my ‘Machine Gun’ Damages Trial was Refused a Jury

Fracture confirmed

I am demanding a re-trial as yet another Cardiff Court stitch-up

THE APPEAL BUNDLE I forsee will be published here quite shortly for text being used as  a law school example as to how lawyers are trained to cover-up the crimes of their,collegues

Lucky escape    https//

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My Lawyer appears to have been Nobbled Again

Not surprising after filing this  application before the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre




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Watch “Machine gun trial stitch-up” on YouTube

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Appeal re Machine Gun South Wales Police Conspiracy

Machine Gun Trial Judgment

The conspiracy is in the tape of the farcical Cardiff court trial if you are interested in a copy?

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The Level of Deceit in South Wales

The plot thickens……..a quick call to the Civil Justice Centre, today and……..

My machine gun appeal, just like the BS614159 40 odd failed prosecution case, is also blocked

Such is the level of deceit in Cardiff

Judge Seys Llewelyn QC

This South Wales judge presided over my BS614159 + others civil claims on how the South Wales Police lost 40 odd malicious criminal prosecutions while desperate to cut my income by having me struck off the veterinary register on their evidence only.

As the most senior judge in Cardiff’s Civil Justice Centre it was of no surprise to myself, friends and family, that he unlawfully refused to ‘join’ my 1CF03361 (‘trading in prohibited weapons’} civil damages claim as it also was eligible for a jury.which, of course, I must not have.

When those ‘film prop’ proceedings were before Judge Jack in Bristol County Court, in 2000, he expressed serious alarm at the apparent scale of the South Wales Police harassment against a practising country veterinary surgeon simply trying to run his general practice in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales.

This latest High Court ruling raises the mantra on what to do next for those suffering in South Wales?

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