Police Steal my Three Million Pound Damages Claim Papers

[Lord Sachs, I have just heard on BBC 4, a terrible loss of an ‘Officer and a Gentleman’ who got through my armour]

HMP Parc G4S given more time at Taunton Court to Defend Abuse Claim

I was introduced to Nick Hardwick in my wheelchair while he was doing a welsh prison visit as HM Inspector of Prisons

1CF03361 Machine-gun damages claim and linked MP Allegation

Between May 2019 and June 2019 G4S staff at HMP Cardiff conducted a 32 minutes cell search, with drug sniffer dogs, in the complete absence of the occupant, Maurice Kirk.

Mr Kirk was locked in the shower in his wheelchair during the search.

His correspondence was taken from his cell along with his BS614159 and machine-gun 1CF03361 damages claim privileged legal papers.

Late police disclosure now reveals both John Graham’s and then HM Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP’s letters were amongst documents stolen from his cell all allegedly containing ‘an unknown ‘harmless’ white powder! So who on earth said that?

Late disclosure, by way of Mr Kirk’s police interrogation on 1st August 2019 and witness statements by prominent eye witnesses, revealed the ‘investigation’ was still ‘ongoing’ despite police knowing it had been toothpaste glue all along and NOT possible ‘heroin’.

On 1st Nov 2019 Mr Kirk was violently ejected from Parc prison but G4S refuses to identify the contents of his cell. Of course not G4S had handed over their victim’s privileged legal papers and Caswell clinic medical records to the Defendant, the Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary in his multi-million pound damages claims

Mr Kirk wrote to several MPs, both before and since his 2019 incarceration in HMP Parc but still unable to recover his alleged incriminating property that included his Caswell Clinic medical records sent to the prison for him, specifically, by Dr Gaynor Jones.

On 1st November 2019 G4S staff handed to the driver of my pick-up car two packages of Cardiff and Parc prison ‘stopped’ letters, in or out.

John Graham’s ‘stopped’ letters were found in both prison’s letter bundles and containing many of his 1st class stamps for me but no letters purportedly from Mr Kirk with ‘white powder’, the purported exhibit relied on for the criminal charge that had Mr Kirk imprisoned for many, many months until the charge was dropped.

Mr Kirk’s Mr Graham letter, along with the topical MP’s letter, if true in the first place, is also being unlawfully withheld by the welsh authorities to cause his repeated arrests and false imprisonments. If CPR ‘disclosure’ occurs the case against Mr Kirk would again collapse adding to the list of travesties by the welsh and will be also buried.

Mr Kirk’s letters to MPs Alun Cairns, Selaine Haxby and Mr O’Connor’, with or without ‘white powder’, could not be found in the G4S returned stolen prisoner correspondence.

This is yet another proven welsh police criminal conspiracy to bully Maurice Kirk, to prejudice his multi-million-pound damages claims, by having had him repeatedly gaoled, for years when, when it knew this would be yet another prosecution to fail.

South Wales Police seized page one as I had not presented page two, apparently and instead arrested me for ‘Threatening to Kill the Lord Mayor of Cardiff with a Machine Gun

Dear sir,

 Dolmans’ Fraudulent South Wales Police ‘Trading in Machine -guns’ Conspiracy cover-up now unblocked by Judge Andrew Keiser QC

You know why South Wales Police concocted counter-court proceedings, that I had sent a potentially harmful ‘white powder’ from a prison cell to the then HM Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP and John Graham Esq.

The welsh police have now been made to drop both criminal charges, drawn up under anti-terrorism legislation but refuses to return my alleged letters (found in drug sniffer dog 32 minute cell search in Cardiff prison. nor will the welsh police send on to either John Graham or Alun Cairns MP while blatantly and unlawfully ignoring  applications for disclosure under both the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act.

A sample of the Welsh prison’s ‘stopped’ prisoner’s correspondence, in and out, returned to me last year during G4S’s brutal ejection of me from Parc Prison on 1st November 2019.


My letters out of welsh prisons were destined for the Royal Courts of Justice’s HM Court of Appeal, for my then being served full two year prison term (refused any remission)

My letters included those in and out of my family and friends and to lawyers seeking help and now, most relevant, those addressed to MPs I had previously corresponded with re this perpetual, extreme and unusual welsh police bullying on an Englishman when simply seeking PLAN F as my last avenue of redress other than suicide.

I defy anyone who knows of anyone in the UK that has won over 40 malicious criminal prosecutions brought by their own local police force with only a 11% in 113 criminal allegations before the chief constable had to plotted ‘Operation Challis’ in the hope I could be MAPPA3/3 registered to be lawfully shot.

I defy anyone who knows any one who has had to endure months locked in a prison cell, like last year, when subjected, day and night, to prisoner and staff foul language aimed at him with buckets of urine being thrown into his cell and raw human faeces rubbed over his bed.

All triggered by South Wales Police concocted criminal convictions, including ‘child abuse’, ‘fire-arms’ and ‘narcotics’, anything to stop my substantial decades running civil damges claims from progressing any further.

I therefore forced to instruct anyone out there , urgently,  to apply to an appropriate outside police force to:

a)   seize those withheld prison letters

b)   seize my G4S HMP Parc, Bridgend, confiscated medical records, urgently requested by my Taunton MP following my recent colonoscopy CT scan

c)   seize my  ‘trading in machine-guns’  South Wales Police conspiracy legal papers with original witness statements

d)  seize back my clothes, shoes and wheelchair also featuring in my numerous  civil damages claims

e)  seize outstanding Dolmans, solicitors, withheld files in respect to my BS614159 +10 and 1CF03361 multi million pound damages claims.

Much of the above  data is required for my remaining criminal matters I have to face


Maurice J Kirk BVSc  
Tel 07708586202  www.kirkflyingvet.com mauricejohnkirk.wordpress.commaurice@kirkflyingvet.com


147th law firm refuses help in South Wales Police bullying as “too complicated”

Watch this space, may I humbly suggest ,you wicked welsh country’s administration in your thoroughly corrupt cesspit of inherent deceit and intrigue

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Threat to Kill Lord Mayor of Cardiff re Secretary of State for Wales

Let us, Ladies and Gentlemen, not forget that the South Wales Police, so desperate in order to stop my BS614159+10 other substantial civil claims for damages progressing, for their losing 40 odd malicious criminal prosecutions, will stop at nothing now, to save their pensions, to have me gaoled for another 5 year prison term in their latest fabricated allegation of sending heroin from my Cardiff prison cell to the then HM Secretary of of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP.


This current fabricated criminal allegation, carrying for me a 5 to 10 year prison term that I sent John Graham Esq possibly anthrax spores by post from a welsh prison cell, when all knew it was simply prison issue toothpaste for gluing key docs to my prison cell, is , was and will be proved in court that the South Wales corrupt police force, again fabricated the whole thing, we all patiently await for!!!!!!!

An MP refusing to reply to John Graham Esq’s reasonable letter, asking for help, at last, but bust open the long run Welsh prisons /South Wales Police routinely stopping of prisoners’ letters both in or out of their welsh prisons with neither the proposed recipients nor senders being officially notified.

Meantime, my Taunton County Court will be busy over the remaining car also, of course , was stuffed with my 1CF03361 One million pound ‘trading in machine guns’ claim, following yet another South Wales Police failed malicious prosecutions

.watch this space, today

we have evil welsh bstds on the run

The police stolen legal papers in the Volvo and Citroen will be settled in a Taunton County Court


Mr Mr Cairns MP, (posted 3rd November 2020)

1) G4S run HMP Parc, Bridgend, has again confirmed my letters to you from that prison, during during 2009 and 2020, were either stamped, following HM approval and sent on to you or they were destroyed.

Criminal Conduct

2) I therefore, ask, again, for copy of my letters that reached your offices, during the time I was severely harassed by the South Wales Police, in order that I can pursue £500,000 damages claim currently lodged in the Taunton high court.

3) In particular, I am concerned with the whereabouts of my letter to you found in my cell by G4S following a 32 minute cell search with sniffer dogs, while I was locked in the shower block in my wheelchair on or about the 19th May 2019.

4) Other MP letters were also purloined by G4S addressed to MPs following the incessant conduct of your bullying and deceitful police force.

5) My stamped addressed letter to John Graham Esq was also allegedly found in my cell with the G4S refusing to return or admit they have destroyed that letter alone with yours.

6) I am confident, at this stage, you will not be required to examination before any court over this serious matter.

7) I wrote to you earlier on how the prison staff under police instruction, no doubt, were witnessed by many prisoners in the act of stopping over 30 of my letters from even leaving the prison wing office! They included my appeal to HM Court of Appeal over a vindictive 2 year prison term for simply having reported criminal conduct by a doctor whilst in Cardiff’s police station and law courts.

6) To whom do I complain if an MP fails even to communicate with a constituency member even when he was desperately seeking serious help, a duty bestowed on any MP in the UK?


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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South Wales Police Squander Huge Amounts of Cash just to Preserve Their Chief Constable’s Pension


Police Stratagem to Arrest Maurice John Kirk or Get Him Shot

This is a very telling only just disclosed anonymous document from Dolmans’, the chief constable’s private lawyers defending so many of my substantial damages claims brought by me due to 40 odd failed police and Dolmans assisted malicious criminal prosecutions.

Aer signing the visitor’s book I am rapidly surrounded by armed police sporting tin hast and stun grenades

This Strategy memo was deliberately withheld from my T20097445 ‘trading in machine guns’ jury trial in 2010 as it again reveals the delay from South Wales Police seeing the replica Lewis machine gun on the WW1 DH2 replica biplane, advertised worldwide so many times, suggests that as ‘exchange’ of BS614159 witness statements’ with Dolmans was due no later than 4pm on the 19th June 09 by court order and I had already phoned earlier in the day and week on when and where will ‘exchange’ take place. It was abundantly clear to me Dolmans had no intention of expediting the court order civil trial had to be buried alongside me.

South Wales Police record that I went to Barry police station on several occasions indicating I needed to serve witness summonses on serving police officers., I left ones for officers, Inspector Trigg, Sergeant Rice and PC Nicholas Khilberg at least, eye witnesses on multiple arrest incidents concluding in my favour.

The 15th June 09 MAPPA level 3 meeting, in Barry police station, just down the road from my veterinary hospital included the police blackmailed doctor and senior social worker from Caswell clinic who’s notes also recorded that I was ‘likely to be shot’ in the planned armed police helicopter raid on our home, in South Wales.

Called under covert name, ‘Operation Challis’ a parallel planned raid was set up, if I was arrested and not shot. That was ‘Operation Dandelion’, which was launched as I was taken away in handcuffs to closed down Port Talbot police station for days of questioning. Police and social workers arrived at the family home to snatch our then 10-year old daughter, Genevieve, to be taken into Vale of Glamorgan Council Care as I was now a registered in the top 5% most dangerous MAPPA level3/3 victim.

Despite my arrest had been agreed on or before 1st June, at the police HQ AIG meeting many weeks before, it was further delayed by both 8th and 15th June 2009 MAPPA level 3/3 covert meetings in Barry and Bridgend police stations. Police records now release, 11 years later, that they already had known about the world-wide advertisement of my film replica ‘gun’ and knew exactly where it was in 2008.

Why? The Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, had just instigated her ‘shoot to kill;’ policy into the Metropolitan police force as if a parting gift from their Deputy Chief Constable. Her remedy for ridding herself of my continuing irritation and nuisance to the South Wales Police force, by generating such adverse publicity, was obvious.

It was also obvious both me and my 100 plus arch lever files, accurately recording both her and predecessor’s criminal conduct, including 40 odd failed prosecutions, was to be covered up in the bizarre Cardiff Civil Justice Centre hearings.

My BS614159 +10 substantial damages claims, in those days exceeded one million pounds in my claims for damages and Dolmans’ fiddled costs, alone, exceeded one million. Dolmans refuse to disclose the ‘break down of its bill of costs for fear of the media from proven fraud. I refer especially to the documents Adrian Oliver personally had drafted for both criminal and civil courts, for others to sign as true.

The manner in which Oliver had personally had me nearly shot on Sunday 21st October was from maliciously instructing one of his office staff to visit Cardiff’s central police station on the Saturday morning triggering the chaotic execution of Operation Challis and Operation Dandelion, on our quiet country home, was only partly prepared owing to the un fortunate absence of both Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart McKenzie and 2nd in command, Detective Inspector Suzanne Hughes, were considering on the Friday afternoon. “Why don’t I just ring up Maurice and ask him if he knows where the replica WW1 biplane went after he had sold it after flying his aircraft in the 2000 Farnborough Air Show”?

Yours for £130,000 with Carp lake

But on the Saturday with a signed Dolmans written complaint of my ‘threat to cause criminal damage caused Oliver, also wishing to hide adverse publicity, pressed that I should be immediately.

Under Judge Seys Llewellin, I only just recently found out was the most senior judge in Wales, had me banned from the Cardiff’s criminal and civil courts’ public counters for 10 years, making sure he left no tell-tale audit trail as to the real reasons why?

The same judge also attempted to bury his disastrously managed many weeks of oral evidence, from 99 witnesses, ever to see ‘the light of day’.

For a further16 months he delayed my appeal to the RCJ until sealing his 2013 inaccurate judgment on the day of his retirement and which had given sufficient time for the RCJ to say the laws had changed, meantime, making an appeal from Wales no longer available to the RCJ and only allowed to be heard in Wales!

Now refused at the RCJ’s HM Court of Appeal back to appeal BS614159 in the Cardiff Civil court, as I was now registered MAPPA 3/3 most dangerous with police continuing to deliberately concoct evidence to having me ‘lawfully’ shot to stop my civil claim ‘risk’ to her pension with the now new 1CF03361 two million pound damages claim, wrongfully prosecuted for ‘trading in machine guns’. Police had painted the dummy film prop back to black and had unblocked the piece of water pipe, imitating the gun barrel, in an attempt to fool the jury.

I had only the day before, remember on 18th June when I was well inside the South Wales Police’s Bridgend HQ and even had gained entry to the Chief Constable’s inner sanctum with my ‘exchange’ civil claim witness file tucked under my arm

Judge Seys llewellyn

Why didn’t anyone ask me about the film prop ‘gun’ then? About ten of them, many in ant flak jackets carrying automatic rifles, stun grenades and sporting tin hats surrounded me and not only searched me and my car thoroughly (an assault) only then allowed to leave, after rounding up my three legged terrier they had allowed to be let loose, After a senior female officer, Griffiths, conferred with Wilding ,refusing her to accept the file on Wilding’s behalf I quickly signed the visitors book as proof, at least to the judge, Seys Llewellyn, well , at least I had tried.

The Fabricated Facts to avoid the already doomed machine-gun trial
South Wales Police had painted the ammunition magazine from silver back to black and had unblocked the water pipe imitation ‘barrel’ to try and fool the jury

While we all hunted for our three-legged Jack Russel, Jacques, around the grounds of the police station I casually asked the police men present if their search had discovered any machine guns about or live ammunition for it?

I have always thought the premature arrest of me was a Mr Plod ‘knee jerk’ right hand on the 20th of June not knowing what the left hand was doing as it is revealed the statement of Dolmans’ hand written letter, dated on the Saturday 20th, while Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart McKenzie was in transit to a conference somewhere in England at the time, Adrian Oliver insistence I be arrested with no further delay.

Had he overlooked the ‘Foxy’ witness statement he had drafted just a week or so earlier for the police woman to sign ‘he’ had telephoned my wife who in tune had told me a woman had phoned enquiring about the WW1 Lewis machine gun with ammo for sale? Eight of the jury, after my 9th Feb 2010 acquittal, told me and members of my family it must have been first an undercover police woman now switched to a man giving the behind the screen to hide his identity. Possibly on maternity leave.

Having witnessed Adrian Oliver’s lies and read so many of his drafted witness statements for those to give evidence and had unlawfully failed disclosure incidents all screams bias in these welsh law courts so much so the welsh police were dependent on the power of ‘authority’ the same’ authority’ that adversely prejudiced my family’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to cut off my income needed to fund the now ten or so damages claims against the welsh authorities including the police, HMP prisons and specifically named members of the Caswell clinic psychiatric prison just down the road from the G4S prison and police HQ,

All very cosy with almost all of the 113 criminal allegations thrown at me, while trying to practice veterinary science in the Vale of Glamorgan, came from the same close-knit police cabal but losing 89% of the malicious criminal prosecutions in court, if not withdrawn by the HM Crown Prosecution Service as plain stupid.

Prosecuted for ‘smuggling’ pigs into Ireland from a farmer’s field outside Cowbridge, in a 1950 two seat Piper Colt, seven times my refusing to produce any driving documents at all when ordered to by a uniformed police officer, for ‘speeding’ when it turned out the police representative , in court, had all the time, in his file, a clear photograph of the driver, one of my ‘work man’ that lead to an arrerst, a gang of South Wales Police had caused my Cardiff surgery front door to be smashed in by sledge-hammer to assist squatters to enter my premises, again, with the Chief Superintendent’s pregnant daughter and cause more substantial criminal damage are but a few of the CPS blocked criminal prosecutions once the truth, from my cross examinations, began to leak out.

It was the CPS, remember, as recorded in the June 2009 MAPPA level 3 meeting minutes was opposed, from the start, in having me arrested on once owning what may have been, at the time, a prohibited weapon. The CPS consulted and at the MAPPA meeting explained that it was my intent on serving at least 40 odd witness summons before trial commenced only to be achieved by following the daily ‘school run’ to respective homes as each police station, in turn, Cardiff, Barry and Llantwit Major had all refused ‘acknowledgment of service’ of £40 paid for at a time witness subpoenas. Even blocked at the airport for service on a air traffic controller, where I has intimidated by police with guns surrounding me stating that if I did not leave the Cardiff airport, immediately, I would be arrested.

That daft but dangerous incident arose in the frightening low level, even for me, police helicopter chase terrifying the pilot with me so much we had to put the D-Day cub down in first appropriate farmers very rough and almost too small 200-yard field.

Oliver’s misleading police signed MG11 witness statements, such as Barbara Wilding ‘s 6 weeks late affidavit ,contrary to court order and the countless other Dolmans drafted witness statements (almost 100 of them) some clearly bungled to be false, purported to be those of serving eye witnessing officers on their beat, over the years, had finally triggered my arrest due to a hoax ‘girt brick’ potential through his solicitor’s office window.

This left floundering police in Port Talbot police station that 22nd June 2009 night clearly not knowing how to proceed as they were now about to be faced with not just all the medical reports from Caswell Clinic already ordered, those of my own GP of 18 years, PEH specialists and hordes of CAA medical professionals all contradicting what they wanted, that I had relevant ‘brain damage’ and a ‘mental disorder’ of PDD sufficient for me to be locked away, for life, in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital because the planned assassination on me had gone ‘belly up’ due to Dolmans week-end interference to have caused someone senior to press the ‘panic button’ to launch Operations Challis and Dandelion.

The police were now faced with forensic psychiatrist, Dr Bridget Craddock, having examined me in the station, also stating the police black mailed Caswell Clinic doctor was a liar when misleading the MAPPA covert meetings.

The consequences of their joint actions caused the 5 years loss in my life, loss of my wife, health, wealth and damned near my sanity.

There are £1000 rewards to anyone who can significantly enhance my current predicament with donating new evidence in my civil claims against the Welsh authorities brought by an Englishman hoping for justice in a welsh court room.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202


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More machine-gun Conspiracy South Wales Police disclosed

The excuse to having me shot

watch this space

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Can any body send me these alleged Anti Muslim Cartoons as it is obvious a world-wide opinion is sought

ring 07708586202 or maurice@kirkflyingvet.com


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£10,000 REWARD for Caswell Clinic Psychiatric Report

A substantial reward for any one who can get me a copy of Professor Rodger Wood’s original September 2009 medical report of me stating, apart from other ridiculous data, my permanent brain damage, making me so MAPPA3/3 dangerous, was due to my ditching my D-Day Piper cub in the Caribbean and for having been a ‘long term drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed’.

Upon my acquittal at Cardiff’s HM Crown Court on 9th February 2010 the lying little piece of sh– altered his report denying any idea that he was so qualified to interpret the X-Rays from a SPECT scan (just a psychology lecturer at Swansea University).

This original and now buried report, protected the forensic psychiatrist sufficiently to allow police blackmailed Dr xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to apply to His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009, that I should be locked away, for life, in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital.

It may take another 10 years of my life just to get the Dolmans, solicitors, of Cardiff’s wickedly concocted police statements of June 2009, like those also now re-hashed ones of quickly promoted, to do my arrest, only to be rapidly retired South Wales police officers, Detective Superintendent Suzanne Hughes and Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart McKenzie, upon my acquittal now leaving me with their joint June 2020 witness statements, also drafted by Adrian Oliver, my ‘hot and sweeties’ to be circulated world -wide.

LET ME WARN YOU, I was locked up in Caswell Clinic for a terrifying three months under an illegally brought section 35 of the 1983 Psychiatric Act but with sufficient time to interrogate staff and police victims in order to assess what may be next?


As then, now and before, boys and girls in Wales are routinely being locked-up for experimentation or because some, like myself, are a threat to their police pensions

Adolph Hitler did it, Joseph Stalin before him did it and many despots since have done it which is why I call it ‘being dealt the Gulag card’. So, go speak to Patrick Cullinane and Norman Scarth (95 years old ex RN Arctic convoy’s sinker of the German battlecruiser Scharnhorst ) who both skipped country to escape the men in white coats and seek refuge, one in the heavens and the latter now in Eire.

Our Gen

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Covert Police Operation Challis to having me shot

Why didn’t the police simply not ring me up or drop round for a quiet chat to ask where my aircraft had gone to?Watch this space
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The Elephant in the Room

On 24th June 2020 Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Mackenzie of the South Wales Police was dragged out of an early lucrative retirement, the reward for what the local Taffia had told him to do, have me arrested in the hope of my receiving a 10 year prison term.

Mackenzie was to sign yet another one of Adrian Oliver’s concocted witness statements. Oliver of Dolmans , solicitors, Cardiff, had drafted a retrospective account of Operations ‘Chalice’ and ‘Dandelion’ in 2009 to have me ‘lawfully shot’. If that had failed the back-up police cars, also surrounding our home in St Donats, were also waiting, up the lane, with a Vale of Glamorgan social services team to take our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, to be taken into ‘care’. Why? Because the clandestine MAPPA level 3 category 3 meeting three weeks earlier in Barry police station had registered me amongst the top 5% most dangerous in the UK!

Oliver had already fabricated an oh so similar witness statement for the then Chief Constable, in February 2009, for Ms Barbara Wilding to sign as a sworn truthful affidavit. This criminal act of deliberate non disclosure of evidence sparked an early retirement, also, to protect her pension despite the blatant deceit in having me gaoled so many times only to be latter acquitted. This is why, of course, these now 20 police files have taken 11 years to reach the surface despite a string of failed court orders.

Detective Superintendent Stuart Mackenzie Retrospective Statement 24th June 12020

They had all lied by putting together Wilding’s 25th February 2009 sworn affidavit, as these 20 odd files of sensitive police material so portray but, of course, taking the lid off the ‘can of worms’ in their ‘Trading in machine guns’ conspiracy, trial T20097445, when no defence needed to be tendered for an obviously predicted acquittal.

A Helpful Chronology for New Readers

The ‘Elephant in the Room’, no one was to mention, of course, was because their chief constable was, at the time, defending the now notorious BS614159 plus 2 civil damages claims following police having lost 40 odd malicious criminal prosecutions. My resultant civil damages claim required as many as 300 witnesses with 100 of which being police officers, serving and retired.

So, did no one in the South Wales Police simply have asked me, especially while visiting police stations after the 29th May 2009 decision by Mackenzie and MAPPA to have me arrested?

I will relish doing a second statement on how the culture of South Wales Police compels otherwise good officers to do obvious wrong on this occasion Officers are called off normal duties to answer a  “Get Kirk” fatwa. Tis corrupting cultire at SWp puits the public at risk and officers more senior than McKenzie would be involved:-  

The jury did not see these police at all believable or credible and here is spelling out each detail of why………

·        Critical – Who appointed McKenzie as SIO?

·        What was McKenzie actually to do because why such attention over a matter (couple of old cartridges with a dummy gun that if it could fire a single shot was too dangerous to actually use) is so simple a local constable could deal with by asking MK in for a chat and asking – ‘Where is this gun Sir?’  

·        Why does McKenzie say the policy decision of 29 May 2009 included ‘MK visiting HQ to arrest CC’ when that happened weeks later?  

·        If MK was to be a firearms risk …………why only with an era of gun too unsafe to fire? They show absolutely no interest in real risk of someone of MK’s clever ability going nuts and collecting real modern firearms   

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Machine-gun Conspiracy to have me Shot is now Proven


Why did not Mr plod simply ring me up to ask where my Farnborough Air show aircraft was now?

OR, OR ask me, while I attended the four police station visits, between 29th May and 22nd June 2009, complaining of their bullying, the time when police HQ had finally plucked up their yellow bellied courage to arrest me over three weeks later when they thought it was safe enough?

I refer, of course, to ‘Operation Chalice’ , 20 odd, some armed police, with helicopter simply to have me shot and if that failed put the bloody fear into my wife and child by using social workers, trying to take our 10 year old Genevieve into Vale of Glamorgan care?

  1. Amazing 20 South Wales Police arch-leaver Defence Files, unlawfully hidden for over 10 years, including from my 2010 ‘Trading in Machine criminal trial , carrying a mandatory 10 year prison term, were only disclosed to me last week but only by yet another court order

Case number 1CF03361

In The Cardiff County Court

Maurice John Kirk



The Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary


DRAFT                  Two Million Pound Damages Claim                  1CF03361


A Disclosure of 20 lever arch files from the Defendant was received for me at Cardiff County Court on 12 October 2020. Dolman, solicitors’ QC told the bemused Judge Beard, residing,  that Adrian Oliver, partner in Dolmans of Cardiff, that he was refusing to serve them on me in electronic form for fear his ‘busted flush’, that has earned his firm m illions of pounds, so far, since their unlawful harassment of me started in 1993 , defending successive chief constables from 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions. The nefarious conduct of his client would be all over the websites, he indicated, in a matter of minutes if disclosed electronically. This would reveal the extreme level of police bullying and criminal conduct by so that many other in positions of privilege would be also published world-wide. I refer, of course, to far too many within in the welsh judges, HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) welsh prison administration and HM Parole Service (Wales)

  • The 20 lever arch files start with the first 10 files covering the original prosecution papers from 2009/10. There are five files that are a defence statement by Stuart McKenzie SIO (Senior Investigating Officer) along with his attachments. There are  five files that are a defence statement and attachments by the Deputy SIO Suzanne Hughes.

The evidence missing from Disclosure include

Little mention of the armed 20 plus strong police Operation Chalice helicopter raid to snatch our then 10 year old daughter or having me shot.

  • The Disclosure only goes back to February 2009. When the prosecution charges for both offences are dated over a year earlier:-

“…..the particulars of the offence being that between the 1st day of January 2008 and the 23rd day of June 2009, ….”

  • I ask for both explanations as to why such an obvious if not highly improper approach to deny Disclosure.  
  • Also missing is…. to follow Coopers’, buyers of aircraft, with ‘gun’ detained for interrogation on 1968 firearms Act allegations of alleged offences contrary to law.

Where the Defendant fails to provide a defence or explanation

  • The Defendant give no defence or even an attempt to explain why they did not treat me as others and ask the CAA to contact me. I challenge the defendant to explain.
  • The police give no defence on anything. What was the point? There QC, Lloyd Jones had already told the court he had been informed from Judge Keiser Qc I was not going to be allowed a jury nor would the hearing of evidence take more than5 days!!!!
  • The police give no explanation as to why

Critical flaw in arguments

  • Mr Cooper purchased the gun from me in August 2008 and he and many others made various changes to the Lewis display gun in the 17 months from sale to trial.
  • Additionally, Suzanne Hughes is then faced with Mr Cooper’s solicitor contacted SWP to say Mr Cooper will say the gun has been tampered with.
  • Suzanne Hughes tries to counter the obvious need to stop the prosecution by saying Mr Scott will cast doubt on what Mr Cooper says as unreliable.
  • But if Police are using Mr Scot to discredit the reliability of Mr Cooper as a witness as to the condition of the Lewis display gun. Then police have absolutely no witnesses and absolutely no evidence as to what condition the Lewis display gun was at the point of sale and in my ownership before that.
  • It follows South Wales Police and Suzanne Hughes knew with certainty that there were no grounds to charge, remand and continue with a prosecution.
  • Additional questions I seek answered……. To follow with further publications of docs created during my pranks to further expose their inherent deceit.
  • This exposed criminal conduct is set out in these 20 odd now released police files with such things as the 20+ police strong armed helicopter raid on our home, in the Vale of G Glamorgan on the 22nd June 2009 in Operation Chalice are unlawfully omitted from files.
  1. Aim to have me arrested/shot while the other police raid, a few hours later, to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, also withheld from court ordered disclosure.
  2. Also, no Nottinghamshire police criminal investigation disclosure, I had specifically asked for, in also detained Jerry and Jenny Cooper, the latter having collected the film prop from replica Battle of the Somme machine gun, many months before, police had plucked up the courage, for 27 senior police meetings in Barbara Wilding’s HQ, to press the action stations button. SUBSTANTIAL REWARDS FOR ANY INTERNAL INFORMATION from retired police…… maurice@kirkflyingvet.com tel 07708586202

A seven figure exemplary damages claim is due to come my way plus recovery of my huge costs in my defending this malicious criminal prosecution.

To be paid by the Chief Constable of South Wales Police Constabulary? No, in your dreams as Barbara Wilding, with her corrupt police officers, Adrian Oliver and others at Dolman’s, solicitors, Cardiff and other lying prosecution witnesses now face my prepared private criminal prosecutions.

The excessive perversion of justice, set out in these, until now, 20 police files, indicate a deliberately concocted plan stop my my numerous civil claims identifying welsh police’s 40 odd failed maliciously brought police criminal prosecutions,


All those who helped me be acquitted of all charges, requiring no rebuttal and while I was held in Cardiff prison for nearly 8 months, send in your details of costs.

Also a detailed statement on any aspect in the abuse of process of that shambolic two week highlighting any perverse issue you may have witnessed

Sky and another TV company have already expressed interest in a ‘documentary this usual and extreme level of deceit within senior staff of South Wales Police HQ in Bridgend.

contact me 24/7 on 07708586202 maurice@kirkflyingvet.com

The 20 police files will be published over the next few weeks to stimulate those who know anything about the CAA causing ‘gun’s on other British aircraft being frantically decommissioned

I will be handing out Cash, lots of Cash for info also on photos of My DH2 taken in august 2008 and August 2009 etc


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Abuse of Process Applications to Cardiff Courts

I have had delivered to Cardiff County Court my 25 page personal witness statement carefully written, for my readers from around the world, to simply reveal the multi thousands of UK’s funds simply to have me gaoled for a minimum 10 years, anything, just anything, to stop my million pound damages claim against the South Wales Police

the cause

for their 40 odd lost malicious criminal prosecutions case number, now blocked for an appeal , BS614159 plus 8

BUT THAT IS NOT WHY I enclose this early draft for RCJ on how disgusting the welsh penal system is- but who gives a dam other than those incarcerated ?

Exeter Crown court, shortly, will hear the outcome of John Graham’s prison stopped letters, a courtdisturbance to warrant the complainant being gaoled

As usual I buy all who attend a very good lunch, paid for in advance owing to the unusual ciecumstances all generated by the south Wales Police, chief senior prosecutor NS Evans Esq and His Honour Judge Di Evens not stopping this wicked situation from contimuing.

But, of course, the dreaded Covid 19 is endangering each of the above’s incomes with 5000 Crown court trials, is it, put on ‘hold’ so , of course they must boost their respective pensions by dragging on any futile case they can generate or however absurd and bizarre South Wales Police case they can throw at their ‘gravy train’ system.

WHY, for promotion as CPS Richard Thomlow had decided to quickly become a judge for criminally pursuing myT20097447 ‘machine gun’ criminal prosecution. Just as DC Hughes, female police officer that had sneaked into each day of my machine gun criminal trial despite, as prosecution witness, reporting evidence on oath, each day , as promised promotion which she promptly GOT!

JOHN GRAHAM, also a prosecution witness, has since tried to obtain return of his stolen communications with me, by Cardiff and Parc, Bridgend welsh prisons.

26 September 2020


Dear Mr. Jukes,

Creator of my inspiration to expose just ‘what really goes on in our law Courts’

Seeing as I am denied my F.O.I.A. [S.A.R.]  / Data Protection Act request sent already [and attached to this message] to yourself, and after receiving the letter below [attached also] from a Mr. Jason Jenkins, a “Disclosure Officer” of S. Wales police I hereby ask for a formal internal review regarding the denial of my request.

It is believed the S. Wales police force does have the letter referred to in my request as Mr. Kirk was criminally charged and remanded in custody connected to the letter addressed to myself [amongst others] written by Mr. Kirk whilst previously resident in prison earlier in 2019, the letter allegedly having allegedly a possibly noxious “white substance” on it. This letter was stopped from being sent to myself by prison authorities / police at the time. The criminal charge of the letter which was attempted to be sent to myself has subsequently been dropped by the CPS.

I have already sent 3 forms of ID pertaining to myself after your request for ID.

For your information, the addition / amendment not sent with my written request, which was sent to Mr. Jukes at the S Wales police HQ at Cowbridge Rd. via recorded delivery R. Mail, is:

” Sent: 18 September 2020 10:59
To: matt.jukes@south-wales.pnn.police.uk <matt.jukes@south-wales.pnn.police.uk>
Subject: F.A.O.: Chief Constable Mr. M. Jukes, S. Wales police – Update to my F.O.I.A. / Data Protection Act / S.A.R. request

TO: Chief Constable of S. Wales police: Mr. M. Jukes, Police HQ., Cowbridge Rd., Bridgend, S. Wales,  CF31 3SU

FROM:  Mr. J. G. Graham

18 September 2020

UPDATE TO MY F.O.I.A. / D.P.A. Request to the Chief Constable Mr. M. Jukes, dated and sent 17 Sept. 2020:

Dear Mr. Jukes, Chief Constable of S. Wales police:

Please refer to my F.O.I.A. request to you, sent via R. Mail and also attached to this message. I apologise for leaving out an important part of my FOIA / Data Protection Act / S.A.R. request to you – that is:

Mr. Maurice Kirk [d.o.b. 12/03/1945, Somerset, UK]  was charged by the police in mid-2020 with:

” attempting to send a substance which caused distress to another [approx. May 2019] – the letter was stopped from leaving the prison last May 2019″

Mr. Kirk was in prison at the time of sending this letter, it being addressed to myself prior to it being stopped from leaving the prison, by authorities. This charge to Mr. Kirk was subsequently dropped in approximately June 2020.

My FOIA requests asks for a copy of this letter which was stopped as it had an alleged “substance” on it which might [qu.] “caused distress to another” [unqu.] – as it obviously exists as Mr. Kirk was charged with attempting to send it to myself. I request any other letters pertaining to myself that were not sent to me from either HMP Parc or HMP Cardiff from Mr. Kirk, during the times Mr. Kirk was resident in either of these prisons, whether they had any alleged “substances” on them or not.

The letter relating to the charge that was dropped for Mr. Kirk was referred to in part by the S. Wales police officer who wrote by email to myself – a copy of that email dated 06th July 2020 from officer “Brynsley Richards” of S. Wales police being sent with my 1st and original FOIA request letter to you sent on the 17 September 2020 via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery 1st class.  My F.O.I.A. request and attachment is attached to this email.

Thank you.

signed:  J. Graham

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