My 14th Cardiff Judge is Fast Running Out of Time over my Uncorrected Medical Report

The unlawful manner in which I was registered MAPPA level 3 category 3, in order that I may be killed and if that opportunity ‘back-fired’, as it most spectacularly did, it would stop my decades of simply seeking civil redress for the first 33 failed police malicious prosecutions  brought by the Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding.

Wilding Wanted

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My Neurologist’s and Police Ordered Dr Metters’ Psychiatric Reports Withheld by Cardiff Courts

It has now become apparent, in 2017, that my neurologist’s report on my ‘significant brain damage’, to warrant my incarceration for life, did in fact NOT go to the Cardiff Crown Court but was deliberately withheld from me knowing, also, either by the presiding judge or HM court’s  staff having been ordered to ‘shred it’ by that evil cabal of theirs that control things in the cess-pit.



This new evidence may assist the current presiding judge…….

The Secretary to                                 4th Restraining Order Jury Trial                    T20170239
Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Williams
Crown Court
South Wales
22th November 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

  Cardiff Crown Court Criminal Conduct  

7.20 am and I am arriving at Portsmouth UK as I believed the court needed to be notified in advance but, in any event, as a South Wales Police MAPPA victim both my lap top and mobile phone were routinely ‘bugged’ during my last unlawful arrest and detention in February 2017.

Last night the internet was again bad on the vessel preventing me from informing the court, earlier, of my return to London to instruct a lawyer to have you lot again reported to both HM Government and HM Ministry of Justice.

This appeared on a email, meantime which is familiar but I had forgotten its extraordinary relevant detail today.

Her Honour may recall the below redacted name was my witness in the recent trial when I was convicted for breaching a ‘restraining order’,  never served on me in the first place, for a conviction of harassment that was clearly unlawful as it has now been proved, overwhelmingly, by new evidence that has come forward, for a defence in the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act, verified, I understand, by police further investigations following mine and those facts below requiring the facts to be put on oath at the next hearing in your court on 14th December 2017.

This must have been at  about the time when police had me registered MAPPA level 3 category 3, most the 5% most dangerous in the UK , so I was, not just in prison unconvicted but prevented from cross-examining the prosecution witnesses in the 1st December 2011 harassment allegations  fabricated by the then chief constable, Barbara Wilding, in order to obtain my long imprisonment to affect my private criminal and civil prosecutions against her.


Initial Statement by YYYYYY YYYYYYY .

Court Appointed lawyer does not have the evidence that is essential for the cross examination of Dr xxx.

  1. Time is needed to organise evidence in support of the defendant Mr M J Kirk that is essential for court appointed lawyer to use in the cross examination of Dr xxx to expose Dr xx unusual dishonesty and malice.
  2. On 1 May 2012, the day before trial, the Crown Court told me they had they had asked Apex Chambers to provide Counsel as the Court appointed lawyer, but no decisions had been taken on who would act. I need to provide very complex papers and there is now no time.
  3. I believe to proceed without my evidence that is needed to cross examine Dr xx would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.
  4. I ask that proceedings switch to focus on a re-trial of the original conviction of December 2011 & 1& 2 March 2012 because my evidence has been hidden from the Courts for their fair deliberations – despite my writing to the Crown Prosecution Service and attending both Magistrates Court and the appeal at the Crown Court. I was prevented from giving evidence on both occasions by improper ‘goings on’.
  5. The matter is so complex and lengthy I merely give the direction of my evidence at this time, and ask for time to submit more.

The direction of my evidence.

  1. I can confirm that Mr Kirk telephoned me on his release in December 2011 and when I pointedly asked him to detail the latest bail conditions or restraining order that he was under, that he was unaware of any restraining order.
  2. As in my attached letter to Mr M Curry Head of Unit at Cardiff CPS and a much fuller letter to Keith Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions I can explain why Mr Kirks actions are reasonable and lawful and that not only should Mr Kirk not be convicted, but that Mr Kirk should not even be prosecuted.
  3. I wish to explain why I believe Dr xx and parties are dishonest and malicious.

Dr xxx’s breach of a High Court Order restraining Dr xxx from obstructing my care and harassing me – and how Dr xxx misleads the Crown Court on 1 March 2012

  1. Please see where in the transcript of 1 March 2012 Dr xxx tries to imply he has no one else objecting to his actions, when I have had take Dr TW to the High Court over his endless dishonesty and now seemingly a breach of his undertaking to the High Court. Dr xxx and parties have interfered in Cardiff NHS very much to try to stop me complaining to the General Medical Council about him.
  2. I have had disclosure of Caswell Clinic papers to confirm that a multi agency committee has been meeting based around Caswell clinic to prevent anyone lawfully complaining to the General Medical Council about Dr xxx. Before Mr Kirk’s alleged harassment charges took place, the committee detail how they aim to get those who complain about Dr xxx imprisoned for many years. My and Mr Kirk’s initials are on the heading of the emails that organise the agenda of these meetings. (I have no criminal convictions/cautions by 55 years and am a well qualified professional man.)
  3. The Caswell clinic multi agency committee seems to have unreasonable influence and control over the Courts, CPS and Mr Kirk’s custody at Prison, to seemingly pervert justice.
  4. I am presently organising the complaints to the GMC for both Mr Kirk and myself. The GMC have confirmed that the GMC legal team have approved a larger than usual investigation will occur regards my complaint. I now start to explain the GMC about what Dr xxx does wrong regards Mr Kirk:-
  5. a) Maliciously denying Mr Kirk access to Caswell Clinic when the staff team of the Caswell had decided in writing that they wanted to build a therapeutic relationship with Mr Kirk. Yet when Mr Kirk would approach Caswell for staff to have opportunity to draw him in, Dr xxx maliciously and dishonesty called the police etc.
  6. b) I believe that Dr xxx did this because Dr T W cannot discuss the close detail of clinical reports on Mr Kirk because the reports are seemingly malicious and unusually dishonest. Dr xxx calls police and falsely alleges harassment to try to cover up exceptional wrongdoing of in bad faith trying to deny Mr Kirk’s liberty indefinitely.
  7. c) That Dr xxx refuses to receive questions and information to clarify or correct his reports. Dr xxx refused to make a statement to explain himself in civil proceedings, to imply guilt.

Mr Justice Beatson saw an extract of what I believe Dr xxx ‘made up’ about Mr Kirk.

  1. The evidence I wish Dr xxx to be cross examined on is seemingly reliable of genuine concern. When I shared what I knew with Mr Justice Beatson on 19 January 2012 sitting at Cardiff Administrative Court he said in Judgement:-

“Some of the allegations that the Claimant (myself) makes about CPS policy, if supported by evidence, would be very serious. Today he has given me a swatch of papers about Mr Maurice Kirk, a litigant who is well-known in these courts. Mr xxxxxx relies on what he says is evidence that it was said that Mr Kirk was mentally unfit and had brain damage, which a summary of Mr Kirk’s record based on a surgery home visit report shows was not true.”

  1. I wish explain why Mr Kirk has not yet had a fair trial to explore what Mr Justice Beatson describes as “very serious” and “a ….report shows was not true”. Yet both the Crown Prosecutor and the Court appointed lawyer withheld my evidence from the appeal at Cardiff Crown Court. There are also more complex reasons why my evidence was withheld from the Court(s). I believe the Courts need to now switch to a re-trial and for the “first time” to explore how Dr xxx and parties do wrong to Mr Kirk.
  2. As for example is in the attached one page extract of recent papers lodged at the High Court 18 April 2012, I am asking the High Court to refer the abuse of power (such as in Mr Kirk’s case) and where there is no Remedy for that abuse, to the Supreme Court.

YYYYYYYYY 1 May 2012
Tel 029/ 20 ………

The power of cyber space at last as cracks open up the wide spread corruption in Cardiff’s courts accepted by too many  locals, as they never knew but not us, victims of their intense greed and grasping for power over the apparent sheeple around them





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Maurice’s MAPPA ‘Risk’ Lecture in New Zealand ….hurry, only a few tickets left !

The Secretary to                                               4th Restraining Order Jury Trial    T20170239

Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Williams

Crown Court

South Wales

20th November 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,


 My Psychiatrist still needs Neurologist’s and Police Ordered Dr Metters’ Psychiatric Reports

  1. Your harassed police victim, of twenty-five years standing, informed the court he needed a ‘pre-sentencing forensic psychiatric report’ due to police unlawful conduct,
  2. in blocking his urgently diagnosed need for hospital appointments now leaving him with ‘significant’ potentially carcinogenic lesions eventually diagnosed abroad
  3. in their deliberate delaying required forensic psychiatrists’ reports for this court
  4. in their deliberate withholding HM Crown Prosecution Service police gathered data before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, in 2009, for application for their victim to be incarcerated, indefinitely, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital when knowing he had been falsely MAPPA level 3 category 3 registered
  5. in registering contrary to their records stating, ‘no threat’ to the general public.
  6. This Cardiff court knows very well why? Thirteen Welsh judges, so far, have shown of any testicles in standing up to their masonic masters that ultimately dominate welshing court proceedings from the higher ranks of their local bullying police force.
  7. Your victim added the caveat his request was for a psychiatrist to be ONLY from Wales.
  8. therefore, he needs to know why no forensic psychiatrist could be ‘found’, in almost three months in the whole of Wales, who were they and WHY did they all refuse?
  9. His family is well aware of the evilness behind this as last time, when this scandalous scenario arose, their father had to remain in HMP prison for a further eight months, no less, on the same bloody lies, “oh, oh, we cannot find a psychiatrist to confirm our victim is either safe to be released or too dangerous to remain in a prison”.
  10. Spineless vermin, the lot of you and the quicker you get judicial autonomy the better.

                                                                                                   Copy to Criminal Court of Appeal


My today’s  REDACTED letter to helpers copied to both trial Judge and Criminal Court of Appeal seeking clarification over the apparent abuse of 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act

Ref enclosed document

Any one else, of course,  can do precisely what they like, say cut in to squares and hang on a hook in the outside loo

 By my redacting the few words I am able to publish world-wide, without arrest  but the Cardiff court keep moving the ‘goal posts’ on this so many times, meaning I am now psychiatric  help.
1st December 20011 ‘Harassment’ district judge deliberately withheld the 1st restraining order from me, for me to breach it and get gaoled for eight months. Now there is an idea of a ‘variation ‘ to it…I defy any of you telling the difference?
Harassment appeal judge refused to allow me to cross examine obvious lying witnesses for fear ‘truth will out’
1st breach jury trial judge refused the jury explanation despite the clarification of their jury note deliberately withheld from both me and Their Lordships in the Criminal Court of Appeal!
2nd jury were denied the rights ,all together,  when the trial was quashed in order to cover up the proven fabricated police evidence and from it being published outside such a corrupt institution, Cardiff Crown Court. oh, but I had not even an  apology money for my bus fare to where I could go back and creep under my stone.
3rd jury was also denied  the discussion, along with me, over restraining orders and just what could be published as teh cardiff cabal concocted a clandestine conspiracy incognito in April 2014 allowing alleged unlawful data being published for ever..
..I bought the transcript when I found out about it , I suppose, because what I write invariably seems to be the truth a word alien to many the Welsh judiciary and South Wales Police’s  vocabulary, it would appear.
This 3rd jury judge said all can remain on world wide sites identifying such data so harmful to me,

The 4th judge has not changed that view either, yet, so I asked again, at last hearing for clarification but the court refused , may be due to a jury trial in progress in tandem.

This letter is being sent to the Cardiff Crown Court and Court of Appeal in hope I get some  helpful guidance

This letter is yet to be responded to:

Dr Ruth Bagshaw

Caswell Clinic


South Wales

10th November 2017

Dear Madam,

    Incorrect NHS (Wales) Medical Reports Seriously Damaging My Health

Now Professor Wood has retired I am free to request from you a copy of his original 18th September 2017 letter he emailed to you stating my ‘significant brain damage’ was due to my having been ‘a long term drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed’.

Your then in-house clinical psychologist, but under duress, allowed me to read both pages of such nonsense now at ‘gross variance’ in its current form, of same date, held in NHS central records but altered to put the blame on a forensic psychiatrist.

In the unlikely event of my not obtaining a promise that I will be given copy, for various criminal and civil courts and for next week’s court hearing, then I may have to raise the matter with Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke and CCRC.

I will be applying for Her Honour to order, if need be, in the issuing of witness subpoenas on the fourteen people who attended my weekly ‘around the table’ discussions caused by the then professor’s report. The GMC will be informed.

After Caswell Clinic’s 7th Aug 2009 forensic psychiatric report by police blackmail, to achieve my s35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act incarceration, Dr David Seely has recommended I see a neurologist and Dr Gaynor Jones has recommended I see her also due to my marked deterioration in health following 25 years of incessant police bullying with no judiciary apparently ‘fit for purpose’ to stop their criminal conduct.

May I suggest these issues need to be expedited before my sentencing hearing next week. This will require the rumoured April 2013 ‘variation’ restraining order, not correctly served on me but reliant on the magistrates’ 1st December 2011 restraining order never served on me in the first place, to be ‘varied or completely ‘struck out’.

My 4th May 2012 jury was bluntly refused courts, Geoamey and police evidence of the purported ‘service’ of ‘papers’ in my cell and considered “irrelevant” (see court transcript).by His Honour Judge John Curran as he had seen some before ‘doctored’.

Their ‘jury note’ was also deliberately withheld from me and my 2013 Criminal Court of Appeal to further disrupt my civil claim following 33 failed malicious prosecutions.

Yours faithfully

Maurice J Kirk BVSc



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Wake-up Time over my Damages Claims against the Welsh Police

Again, I was assured my appeal in RCJ is ‘live’, after 25 years and my many trips to London whilst having filed and paid within in the statutory three weeks back in 2015.

17 11 01 strike out order BS614159

Cardiff County Court deliberately withheld its judgement seal for a further 16 months out of shear masonic spite as to the immense scale of Cardiff Court chaos it portrayed I had proved time and time again of proceedings and three week trial, that clearly confirmed lying in Welsh courts is simply a way of life to them.

Especially amongst its HM court ‘entourage’ all hell-bent on protecting their similarly deceitful local senior police officers when dealing with anyone so stupid enough as to have crossed Offa’s Dyke in the first place to simply practice veterinary surgery.

My 2009 machine-gun police conspiracy files are nowhere to be found and for the first time, in 40 odd police malicious police failed prosecutions, now before the court, the police have miraculously suddenly produced, for their defence in court, intricate ‘primary disclosure’ for the ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy claim 1CF03361.

This was following my many months on remand while police put a ‘plant ‘on the jury and even had painted exhibit A,  the ‘gun’, a different colour to try and fool the jury, anything to secure a mandatory 10 year prison term over my once owned perfectly CAA/Home Office certified decommissioned antique WW1 Lewis machine-gun!

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, throughout the destruction of his own court’s logs, tapes and evidence needed, for appeal, did not give a bloody dam or that the police had now succeeded in refusing CPR ‘standard disclosure’ in over 40 of their failed malicious prosecutions such as the basic accumulation of paperwork that is always generated following an arrest, when legal or otherwise.

See the ‘garrotte type instrument/HM Prince Charles farm’ blog, as a typical example

Criminal conduct has occurred, big time in South Wales, not just in Cardiff County Court, by deliberately having first ‘lost’ my files between their stench and the HM Treasury Solicitor in 2002, whilst frantically trying to have me registered ‘vexatious litigant’ and then preventing me ever to attend the public court counter, these past 10 years, to process said claims, now quite clearly ‘hand in glove’, with its almost as bent HM Crown Court building just down the road.

Beware, Whitehall has to cover it up, especially with daft Brexit looming as it is far too late. Friends know I would never have started litigation in notorious welsh courts but I was promised a jury, rather like UKIP, lying over promising a newly funded NHS.

Meantime, I have had a stream of people promising but NEVER in writing, to get my medical reports corrected and act for me in RCJ to get finally get back to the RCVS before I die.

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My 14th Cardiff Judge left holding ‘pass the parcel’ now the Music has Stopped

I Smell a Rat,

The 17th November 2017 travesty in a Cardiff Crown Court hearing, with the judge flatly refusing to hear a witness with,  significant new evidence, however, inadvertently, it appeared, by her actions, revealed or was it, I hoped optimistically, ‘reviled‘ a little more of the South Wales Police ‘machine-gun ‘ conspiracy in her to getting me killed.

A conspiracy dreamed up by ex Met cop, Barbara Wilding, to implement her fanatically thought up ‘shoot to kill’ policy, later so effectively applied on a London tube train.

in her to betting me killed. The identification in open court of the ‘spirited away’ NHS (Wales) psychiatrist, Dr Metters and in particular, his colleague, present at the time, I am not allowed to name.

BUT first for the uninitiated unaware of the wide spread deceit in the welsh judiciary , anything to cover-up crime to save their pensions,

a little ‘back ground’

Extract from MJK’s ‘Time Line’


2009: SWP, Cardiff Crown Court, CPS and NHS collude for Sectioning

January 2009               Dr Phillips from Fixed Threat Assessment Centre [FTAC] at the Home Office writes a medical letter of no threat, i.e. all clear. I had needed to visit HRH Prince Charles’ Gloucestershire residence with a letter of concern regarding the current state of the Cardiff law courts.

April 2009        With a view to getting me registered as a dangerous terrorist on MAPPA [Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreement] a police psychiatrist, not allowed to be identified, sent a fax and also spoke to my GP of 18 years standing to see a psychiatrist called Dr Metters and a colleague at Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgend.

This doctor who has produced another psychiatric report has not supplied me with either. I have been refused copies from both the Cardiff Crown Court and Cardiff County Court as it may identify the police psychiatrist and hence the true reason for the ‘cloak and dagger’‘ stuff Despite trying numerous avenues, including NHS (Wales) I have been persistently denied a copy of this report. I was soon banned from the GP practice, after eighteen years as a patient by asking, in writing, why?

1ST June 2009  Chief Constable Barbara Wilding convenes the first meeting of the Independent Advisory Group [IAG] at SWP HQ with the purpose of getting me registered on MAPPA so that different agencies can collaborate to treat me as a terrorist.

8th June 2009               A meeting took place at Barry police station of The Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA). These events concern another civil case ICF03361 (machine-gun conspiracy). That case, I argue, is the apex of my argument (the ultimate proof) that SWP were driven by what lawyers term ‘an animus’, a hostile intent, behind all their arrests and prosecutions. Hence I request the pleadings in 1CF03361 be read in their entirety to fully understand what I aver was the absurdity of the prosecution that lay behind it.

The MAPPA Referral information stated “Maurice John Kirk has a long history with law enforcement agencies with a number of criminal convictions together with a large number of civil actions and complaints being instigated. At present Kirk has just over 100 civil actions pending against South Wales Police focused on a variety of individuals.”  

17th November 2017   Judge Tracy Lloyd-Clarke, when presiding over ‘sentencing’ for my 3rd jury trial conviction, appeared to apologise for near three month’s delay (I want the names of those that refused) it had taken to ‘find’ a psychiatrist for making a report in no way in political  conflict with the 2nd December 2009  South Wales Police application in a clandestine Cardiff Crown Court hearing, without my knowing, before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC.

From there, I was to be taken to place where I would be incarcerated for life in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital until I was dead.

At best, you are guaranteed a minimum of six months in almost solitary even before someone even looks at you through the spy hole in the door.

At least this delay to see a psychiatrist was better than the seven months it ‘purportedly’ took the Swansea prison parole board to find such a one, in 2015, not that the board was allowed by South Wales Police MAPPA to use the ‘found’ psychiatrist in any event.

This week’s judge was clearly told I had already arranged a psychiatric report, in anticipation of a repeat scandalous delay and the details of the psychiatrist was already in the possession of the Crown Prosecution Service present in court. The latter barrister refused to produce the medical report as it was by a Dr Metters.

If you, the reader, per chance, do not understand the 40 year police plot , following the mysterious ‘missing Curly Hawkins’, Chief Superintendant’s personal note book from his own office deep in the bowels of Taunton police station, significance of my then 2009 Cowbridge GP’s despicable actions over the ‘Dr Metters cover-up‘ and why today, CPS barrister Mike Smyth of Queens Square Chambers, Bristol, was reluctant to produce the medical report, there and then, then, may I suggest, you have not been concentrating as to what has been published for the past eight years on cyber space BUT only, BUT only because I could not find a lawyer in Wales I could trust.

You have not been concentrating, now, have you?  It required me to get into Adrian Oliver of Dolmans solicitors’ office, to thump my fist on this bloody table enough times until he promised to date the pre-signed affidavit to same day’s date before handing it to me six weeks late.

When was it drafted by him and why does Cardiff court do nothing about Adrian Oliver furnishing me with a true copy of the original at my expense?

Deliberately signed six weeks late, contrary to a specific court order by His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, who, had more than once, suggested ‘settlement out of court’ was the appropriate way forward. Ah, but I suggested to him, Dolmans and in particular, Adrian Oliver and police QC, Lloyd Williams, distantly related to bogus psychiatric reports, are only ‘after the money’ and the longer this twenty- five year running scandal could be dragged out the better as it would very much help pay for their new offices then being built in central Cardiff.

Or did Barbara Wilding therefore ‘sign’ her 26th Feb 2009 sworn affidavit six weeks late? highly unlikely.   so who put the false date on it?

In effect, it was my MAPPA level 3 category 3 registration death knoll  to be shot in our front garden, on 22nd June 2009, right in front of my wife and 10 hear old daughter, Genevieve, from no less that twenty, some armed, police that had rapidly surrounded us with police helicopter hovering overhead, whilst we were enjoying our afternoon tea with the gun dogs

More later, today, on the 17th November court hearing  from your very own Cardiff resident peripatetic drunken foreign correspondent, currently in Brittany enjoying himself amongst the sane, well relatively sane to those in the thoroughly corrupt welshing judiciary and police force (SWP only?….I am hearing disturbing things about the Powyis police).

17 11 19 Breton locals.jpg

Breton locals after lunch in Cote’D’armor


Dejeuner avec the le couple bizarre extraordinaire. Katie et Jean Claude after the very special ceremony in my Breton village. St Vran, where, after wine and ‘bites’ with Madam La Maire few disagreed that 3rd World War, ,currently being acted out in predictable chaos, unless it can be stopped, is a disaster to both UK and France while Germany will be seen laughing all the way to the bank without the need for a single shot being fired this time.

Read ‘fusil’ (rifle) at Verdun as ‘canon’ & not 19th but for 18th, today’s correct date


One French house for only £20,000 or two for £35,000 if you are very quick as I shortly leave for Africa ….20% deposit secures,……my others nearby on facebook etc

St Vran 2h

09 09 18 Professor Wood RptDH2 @farnborough

My Farnborough air show WW1 DH2 machine gun ….ideal for rabbit shooting rumour has it meaning the rare  rounds needed laborious reloading










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Cardiff Crown Court TODAY @ 2pm for Sentencing


18th November 2017 after a good French lunch

A message from Brittany well out of that barbaric hell hole, South Wales:

I am well out of the stench of yet another futile day in a Cardiff court room with the witnessing  of their playing illegal games only because it is accepted by the locals.

 I, in  particular, liked the way the Bristol CPS barrister had again been deliberately denied knowledge of Dr Metters in all this, now I wonder why?
And I need the name of the other doctor that was with him, on the day, for the sentencing judge on the 14th Dec to hear the true story as to why I must be ‘mad.…..but will they dare?

But Dr Metters and Cowbridge Health Centre is now in apparent trouble because neither will release my medical reports in the light of what then occurred since the welsh police launched an armed helicopter and 25 many armed police to surround our family home, two days running, in order to kill me and if that failed, snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve. But, you bastards you failed because my daughter, at the time. I was told, was sitting too close to me……you disgusting spineless inherent short arsed liars
 ……I will consider all this bloody nonsense in Cardiff’s corrupt disgusting building  some time next week . Meantime I remind you I clearly informed the learned judge I already have a welsh psychiatrist, this Dr Metters and wrote accordingly to the court saying I would only accept a welsh psychiatrist from the court.
  So why was there a need for a two month delay?……I will remind the 13 Cardiff judges, so far, before the latest judge, we still need Dr Metters giving his evidence as. who started all this with welsh senior police riddled now proven to be suffering with paranoid  delusional disorder, PDD,

HHJ Tracy Lloyd Clarke .was informed precisely where I am going, a 5th jury trial, if the lying does not stop now.
I have already spent an extra 8 months in Swansea prison, remember,  on precisely the same disgusting scenario, with the parole board, admitting in writing, because no welsh psychiatrist could be ‘found’ for my immediate release from prison when having done nothing wrong
(How many of the 13 judges, so far, read Dr Metters’ first, yet alone his 2nd psychiatric report, go on , guess?).

I knew the evil lying little bastards were up to something when …

2. NOW, ALL AT ONCE, suddenly opening up all my unlawfully stayed decades of civil damages claims against the bullying South Wales Police such as…..

  1. The scandalous WW1 Lewis machine gun/ Farnborough aircraft police conspiracy to have me locked up for 10 years  case 1CF03361
  2. Peolic 33 failed false prosecutions designed to take my life, wife, health , wealth , veterinary and flying professions
  3. Today’s ‘Bun fight in Cardiff’s Crown Court Corral at 2pm…..their very own court protected police fabricated MAPPA  medical records case T2015023 attempts to have me locked away in Ashworth, again, the notorious high security mental hospital , then with Brady and indefinitely. All obtained by falsely registered, without even appropriate ‘agents’ attending 8th June 2009 Barry police station’s clandestine MAPPA level 3 category 3 cabal .
  4. Concocted by someone not even qualified while being blackmailed by the chief constable, bitch, Barbara Wilding.
  5. The now sacked Chief forensic psychiatrist for Wales, last heard hiding in New Zealand, now moved it is believed, does not wish me having a 5th jury trial to finally expose the truth.
  6. All the doctor needs to do is correct my 2009 MAPPA NHS (Wales) medical reports that plague me daily and following me to an early grave. And if the doctor will not, for the judge this afternoon, she should be reporting him to the GMC……
  7. Either way it may well cancel my pre-arranged planned 5th jury trial, on the same old subject, but this time, if I can fiddle it, destined to be heard in an English Court. There I may get that man-made concept, ‘justice’, as Mr Justice Blom-Cooper privately told me once after a Royal Court hearing back in the 80s, in that notorious collaborating channel island of Guernsey.
  8. Police attempted my extradition to that drug dealing haven of Guernsey ,…… locking me up for days in Cardiff prison on the pretext, the two masonic Cardiff magistrates decided, as I could not be ‘identified’ despite the police, court staff or my clinical staff all sitting in the auditorium……that’s welshing justice for you back in May 1993 and nothing has changed.
  9. Accused me of ‘smuggling pigs’ into a Vale of Glamorgan’s farmer’s field from Eire in my 2 seat Piper Colt,…with Kirstie, two saddles and suitable attire for the County Meath hunt only for police police sergeant Rice to again snatch , in full face of the court, the CPS prosecution file and skip the room  revealing the incriminating documents of conspiracy, 50 times now, perverting the course of justice
  10. Low level police helicopter chase over the Vale of Glamorgan when in my WW2 cub without a licence, with  their next helicopter, many years later, used to try , with guns and 20 odd officers, many armed, surrounding our home to kill me or the consolation prize,  to snatch our then 10 year old, Genevieve…….to Council social services care home.


etc etc…..the evil masonic short arsed devil worshippers bastards

The Court Order below, I have only just seen…WHY?

is ‘just the tip of the conspiracy’… let the South Wales Police 33 failed malicious prosecution appeal, running  25 years, get ‘snuffed out’ following my May 1993 police interview tape revelations (stealing my own BMW motor mike….the idiots) being leaked from police HQ,,, decades later .( I must have saved his or her grandmother’s cat or dog in a RTA police call out at 3 in morning, 20 years ago.)….

Thank you kind police officer or support staff ….you have helped me crack open a another can of maggots flourishing in your welsh judiciary all thriving on the tax payer paid ‘gravy train’

The continuing damage by fabricated police induced medical reports, this time at RCJ, while  no one Wales has the ‘ball’s order them to be corrected

Narjis Khan                                         C90CF03361   NOW AT ROYAL COURTS of JUSTICE
Lawyer | A4 General Private Law Litigation
Litigation Group | Government Legal Department



17th Nov 2017

I write regarding your request for a copy of the judgment of HHJ Keyser QC.

Under the CPR.52 PD, I am not under any obligation., as I understand it, to supply you with copies of any other documents at this stage, other than the Appellant’s Notice, Skeleton Arguments and Indexes to the various bundles.

Narjis, BUT are we dealing with the thoroughly corrupt Welsh judiciary again, are you not, hell-bent on protecting senior mason devil worshipping bent coppers in the South Wales Police ….so anything goes, especially against an Englishman?

In the event that the matter is either referred to an oral hearing for permission at which your clients are invited to attend, or permission to appeal is granted, you will be served with copies of the bundles, which will of course include the transcript.

In the meantime, it is open to you to apply to the shorthand writers Opus 2 yourself for a copy of the judgment.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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Bun-Fight at Cardiff’s Crown Court Corral

Alleged Sexual Abuse at Caswell Clinic, Bridgend

All invited to yet another classic example of Cardiff theatre, on Friday the 17th Nov 17,  revealing why my country, no your country, is in far more trouble than you think.

Today’s email extract to Cardiff Crown Court

Enclosed are some of my documents, now in the Court of Appeal, to indicate to the readers world-wide as to ‘what really goes on in Cardiff law courts’ when hell-bent on protecting the South Wales Police from having prevented my two urgent hospital appointments as my being ‘too dangerous’ to attend. 

At Swansea prison the parole board refused to grant me a release for a further eight months as no psychiatrist was prepared give an opinion against the sacked police psychiatrist for fear of their jobs now over a dozen Cardiff judges and magistrates had booked the ‘wrong horse’
On my 2nd appointment date I was not even in prison and still the MAPPA level 3 hostel refused my attendance at a Cardiff hospital.
Why?  From direct orders from police HQ out of sheer spite for missing their opportunity to having me shot when I had ‘penetrated ‘ Barbara Wilding’s inner sanctum to have her arrested..


Clerk to the Court                                                                                             T20170239                  Cardiff Crown Court

14th November 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sentencing Hearing for 4th Alleged Breach of Unserved Restraining Orders

In Preparation of my 5th proposed Jury Trial on fabricated Cardiff Court and NHS (Wales) Records

17th November 2017 sentencing hearing requires a number of outstanding issues to be addressed none of which necessarily requires my attendance unless I am seriously mistaken.

In the light of my finding appropriate legal representation for the hearing to establish

  • why your court refuse local psychiatrists as in HMP Swansea in order to double my sentence
  • to have the court report the complainant police doctor to the General Medical Council now
  • to obtain written proof a restraining order was served on me on 1st Dec 11 and 12th April 13
  • why the last trial judge flatly refused to have any information removed from my web sites
  • why 1st Dec 11 harassment records were doctored before and after CCRC received them
  • why the court would object to an outside police force investigation of itself and local police
  • why is it South Wales Police has been allowed to stand idly by, for so long, to allow their chief level 12 police psychiatrist knowingly to write my numerous fabricated medical reports and his own false witness complaints if not to aid the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to save her pension by having me repeatedly unlawfully goaled to aid her defending my compensation cases against her for persistent bullying and refusal to investigate crimes committed on me, my family and past veterinary staff with, mean time, ‘sweet Fanny Adams’ doing anything to correct my seriously damaging MAPPA forensic and NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic medical reports,

does the court really need my attendance and if so, what on earth for?


Yours truly,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

peter vaughan

17-10-07-sabine-mcneill-ws (2)

Review of Maurice Kirk’s significant irreversible brain damage

It is now eight years since in 2009 Dr ……….. said there was significant irreversible brain damage where Dr………… said he could not predict how that condition would progress. Does it therefore follow for the Court to reassess Mr Kirk’s health to see how Mr Kirk’s significant irreversible brain damage has progressed?

Or do we follow up and find the result of the radiological investigations of 2009 where there are Judge Cooke’s comments of the 24 June 2010 saying:-

“..there were clearly radiological investigations undertaken…”

What is certain is Dr ………… is only a psychiatrist and he also knew that Professor Wood is only a psychologist and that neither Psychiatrist Dr ………… nor Psychology Professor Wood are medically qualified to determine the presence or absence of brain damage from brain scans to report their own findings to a Crown Court.

Would it save the time of the Court to face the truth that Dr ……….has entirely made things up and does so in other cases. Please would the Court read Chapter 10 of “Justice for William” by Helen P Simpson to see a trend regards Dr Williams.

Reasonable excuse – the dissemination of truth is needed to implement the various Mental Health Acts.

Dr  …………… is a Psychiatrist who can take away a person’s liberty. To keep those powers he must get the support of his colleagues, such as two other psychiatrists with such powers to sign his renewal or else he cannot continue.

Therefore, it is a part the implementation of the Mental Health Act 1983, 2007 and all the various updating measures to disseminate information to prevent psychiatrists who do wrong and who are unsuitable from continuing.

Entirely making up significant irreversible damage is obviously a material issue to being considered unsuitable to continue as a Psychiatrist.

All psychiatrists, employers, regulators and insurers who may be asked to counter sign or support that Dr …………. remains a psychiatrist need to know the truth as a part of the implementation of the law (as in the various Mental Health Acts).

Reasonable excuse – Are Judges allowed to impose Restraining Orders that would collude in a potentially substantial insurance fraud?

A condition of being a UK level 12 doctor is that they prove they have insurance to cover those duties. The insurers need to know if there is a history of making things up so that the doctor is obviously unsuitable as being too much of an insurance risk.

Preventing dissemination of material information about Dr’s trend of dishonesty to potential insurers is highly improper if not fraud. A Restraining Order that is obviously ignoring the facts and seemingly colludes in fraud is at least morally wrong if not an illegality, to give reasonable excuse to ignore aspects of its conditions.

GMC use the “local” Responsible Officer system and so could not previously investigate.

By the Medical Act 1983 the GMC “local” Responsible Officer who recommended to the GMC whether a case against Dr ………..should proceed was Dr Bruce Ferguson. But Dr Ferguson is his friend and is in collusion with Dr Williams.

But Dr Ferguson has now retired. The GMC use a 5 year time limit rule. By Dr …still abusing his position who works with police, to continue his vendetta by using obviously false reports and comments, the GMC will start afresh and now investigate.


STOP PRESS (21.45 14th Nov)

Patients cannot complain to the General Medical Council except on sexual matters!

My complaint is based on ‘sexual abuse’ relating to ……….and the ‘going-ons’ in Caswell Clinic and the reason behind …………. having been successfully blackmailed to falsify the facts in order to having me registered MAPPA level 3 category 3 to get killed at civil claim ‘witness statement exchange’ at Barbara Wilding’s home in Ogmore by Sea, Bridgend


“The Cardiff Court is asked to note that a main injustice also occurs in this case because the General Medical Council (GMC) is, in law, a Regulator of the medical profession and not a complaints body for the public. That means a lay person and victim,such as myself, has no standing to complain and progress a clear grievance at the GMC no matter how strong the evidence is.

I know, bought the T shirt and seen the movie.

Although there are some exceptions, (such as an allegation of sexual abuse) the only way for a complaint to the GMC to follow through into an investigation is for people who have a legal status by the various Medical/NHS Acts to refer a doctor to the GMC. Such as the NHS Medical Director (called by the GMC a Responsible Officer) relevant healthcare managers or a Judge in a UK Court of Law.”


This mistakenly still unanswered letter, below, to the NHS, left out from my last email a few minutes ago, is,  of course, the main one to flush out those ultimately reponsible for the corruption in the courts and South Wales police now over a simple need to correct medical records.

But as these medical reports were fiddled, under blackmail, for a clandestine unlawfully drawn up 8th June 2009 Barry police station MAPPA meeting, even thirteen Cardiff judges, so far, have all been warned off from interference by the usual individuals from their masonic maffia controlling both the welsh police forces and judiciary

“The Court is asked to note that a main injustice also occurs in this case, because the General Medical Council (GMC) is in law, a Regulator of the medical profession and not a complaints body for the public. That means a lay person such as Mr Kirk, has no standing to complain and progress a clear grievance at the GMC, no matter how strong the evidence is.

Although there are some exceptions, (such as an allegation of sexual abuse) the only way for a complaint to the GMC to follow through into an investigation is for people who have a legal status by the various Medical/NHS Acts to refer a doctor to the GMC. Such as the NHS Medical Director (called by the GMC a Responsible Officer) relevant healthcare managers, or a Judge in a UK Court of Law.”

wrong letter but similar

The Clerk of the Court                                                                                              T20170239

The Crown Court




10th November 2017


Sentencing Hearing 17th Nov 2017 re the Fabrication of Medical Records



Dear Sir/Madam,


  1. This following letter, below, is asking two gentlemen to send me copy or remind me as to what we discussed on the Caswell Clinic public monitored telephone when I was locked up there for three months in 2009.


  1. They are likely to agree to giving evidence in my support but witness summons are needed.


  1. Also, by way of letters between us or to relevant third parties to Caswell Clinic, staff there must still have them somewhere on such serious allegations, requiring the police intervention as was mentioned at court.


  1. I request that the Cardiff court orders the disclosure of all records relevant to me whilst in Caswell Clinic that will reveal no such threat arose from either Norman Scarth Esq or Peter Oakes Esq to give rise to my having to be transferred to a high security prison.


  1. I request disclosure of each time I used the coin operated telephone set, incidentally at the maximum rate, caused the designated member of staff, always shadowing me, to hurriedly write down what I was saying or more to the point, they thought I was saying when so much was in pre-arranged code.


  1. I request disclosure of whatever it was to have caused the forensic psychiatrist to have then asked at the clandestine 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court hearing, before Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, for my further incarceration in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely, still requires explanation does it not?


  1. I request disclosure of the evidence that the doctor was under ‘threat’, his report states, not for the general public, to have had such a dramatic effect for police to be continuing to hide the truth being to disrupt their imminently to be heard seriously damaging civil trial covering the first of their thirty-three failed malicious prosecutions.


  1. I request as possibly their only level 3 category 3 MAPPA registered ‘threat’ to their pensions for the court to order those fabricated MAPPA records to be disclosed to not just clear my name but to allow for the rest of my life to be spent in relative peace.


  1. The Welsh Police rectified their oversight on this no small matter, as to whom I am a threat, as now identified as my own children and past wives, would you believe, as ‘extremely vulnerable’ to my risk of violence either by a possible ‘machine -gun’ attack on my own kin or whatever a warped welsh mind can muster this time around.


  1. I request all Ministry of Justice records on me, whilst I was in HMP Swansea, in 2014/2015, disclosing such police criminality, eg set out in leaked pages 35/36.


  1. So, if true, as recited towards the end of this police doctor’s 19th October 2009 medical report of me, where now is this such important ‘terrorist’ evidence being withheld if not under the direct control of yet another Cardiff judge I have raised the matter with?


  1. I request disclosure of the police hurriedly drafted MAPPA August 2010 ‘executive summary’ that delayed my civil trial by a further three years.


  1. I request disclosure of Dolmans, the self-allocated private solicitors, from continuing to freely ‘milk’ the public gravy train’ over decades in criminal activity tantamount to immunity to fraud that now requires an external police force investigation.


  1. These relevant MAPPA records, needed for Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke next week, of the forensic psychiatrist’s fairy tales, were even read by a judge, before my very eyes to provoke but he was sworn to masonic secrecy and to hell with England’s PII legislation, as if ever the ‘rule of law’ would mean anything in a corrupt welsh court.




Maurice J Kirk BVSc


MJK November 2017 letter seeking character witnesses.

Good morning Gentlemen but before that,

19th October 2009 Caswell Clinic Medical Report

09 09 Caswell Clinic THREAT of Maurice Kirk09

This scandalous South Wales Police ‘cover-up’ is reliant on the now retired Professor Rodger Wood, of course, who clearly had pulled the wool over a Caswell clinic doctor’s eyes.

My documents include different versions of his 18th Sept 2009 report with 2nd of same date but clumsily re written in February 2010 as I had now both won the machine-gun trial, without even the deed of defence evidence and had my MAPPA 3/3 registration quashed for a while.

I request Rodger Wood needs a witness summons for 17th Nov to avoid yet another jury trial.

09 18 Professor Wood Rpt


09 09 09 Barbara Wilding & A Oliver Private Prosecution to Barry Mag (2)

09 10 23 US Psychiatrist e-mail    09 10 19-opinion-clinical-fabrication-explained


I simply need your memories of the sort of content in any correspondence you had with the Dr at Caswell Clinic during 2009 while I was incarcerated there on yet another police fabricated prosecution, this time ‘trading in prohibited weapons’ contrary to s5 of 1968 Firearms Act.


I was being used as a human guinea pig with radio isotopes up my arm, four times, at the behest of the arrogant ignorant little liar, now retired Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University has got out of all this leaving the doctor that fled to New Zealand still left ‘holding the baby’.


This Rodger Wood was the root cause of this travesty being 2nd behind a bunch of ‘bent coppers’ as neither the police doctor, ultimately in charge nor he had appropriate qualifications to what they were so stupidly playing while believing they had immunity to prosecution.

This ‘laboratory experiment’ on me, promoted by the then Chief Constable of South Wales, Barbara Wilding, who has also, for the time being, ‘got away with it’, was carried out within days of five experts, no less, in the field at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital having certified my no relevant signs of  ‘brain damage’ detected following their appropriate clinical examinations..

The police doctor quoted, at the end of his 19th October 2009 report, I was ‘so dangerous’ by inciting others, you, Norman, Peter and Patrick, that he needed Cardiff Crown Court that I be locked up in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely, so none of my messages could get out to you three for the continuing of my civil litigation against the Chief Constable.


I need record, please, of your actions at the time to show the 17th Nov 2017 trial judge, Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke, my convictions have only been maintained by Richard Thomlow on 2nd Dec 2009 and David Gareth Evans on 1st Dec 2011, before District Judge John Charles, due to one of my now eleven forced absences from courts whilst unrepresented.


The Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary had, remember, launched the helicopter and armed police who surrounded our home and attempted to have me lawfully shot (see leaked MAPPA records) and when that had failed, as my daughter was sitting too close to me, I later found out, while at the afternoon tea table, in the garden with gun dogs and so had returned next day, again in force and had tried again!


All out of spite for making her sign her very own Dolmans’ drafted fictitious 26th February 2009 affidavit that I had been ‘served’ all relevant police records relating to 113 criminal allegations against me, lost by around 89%.


Out of spite as the South Wales Police had already used the remaining 11% successful convictions to welsh to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to ensure my name was removed from the veterinary register, permanently, to cut my income needed to fight them.


Thankyou , gentlemen, this is urgent.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202


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