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Police Conspiracy Proven to get me Struck Off

RCVS Welsh News Rebuttal NB Page 5 para D of the below RCVS document…..police ‘malice’ has now been proved following their 33 failed malicious prosecutions, during the 90s leading to Barry police station 6th January 2001 letter to the RCVS … Continue reading

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Maurice’s Proposed New Restraining Order

Our Wales’ Crown Prosecution Service has proposed a dramatically varied RESTRAINING ORDER, contrary to the orders of the previous trial judge, to be agreed between the parties, if I understand it correctly, on or before the 17th November 2017 listed … Continue reading

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Where is my lovely Dr Gaynor Jones?

Cardiff Crown Court expect me to be examined by a welsh forensic psychiatrist before 17th November and yet each time, in the past, I try to meet with an appointment and it all goes pear shaped. I remember once, arriving … Continue reading

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Proven Fraud by Police lawyers’ Dolmans’ Adrian Oliver & Lloyd Williams QC

Bent Lawyers and Cops published 1,264 cases in 34 stories. I appear to be only one of the few who fight back… Application to a both competent and compellable UK Court of Law to do something about my Seven Years of … Continue reading

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Well Done Wales for 76% Vote for Smacking Errant Children

Few know my grandfather, John Jenkins FRSC, was the  inventor of numerous front line confectionery wonders of CHOCOLATE….such as being the inventor in Watford’s Yeatman’s factory, before bought out by Fry’s chocolate , later Cadburys and now ‘orrible american sugared … Continue reading

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Why police fraud has been allowed in Cardiff’s law courts since their clandestine meeting, re Machine-gun/MAPPA 3/3 conspiracy of around  25th February 2009, for ‘like minds’ within HMC&TS (Wales), South Wales Police, their private solicitors, Dolmans, NHS (Wales)  and HM … Continue reading

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Police Questions over My Machine-Gun!

From the start, my application that any prosecution against me was ‘an abuse of process’, heard before The Recorder of Cardiff in July, told me quite bluntly that I was never going to be allowed to bring evidence on oath before any … Continue reading

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