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England’s Police also REFUSE to take my statement re Cardiff altering Court Records

I have now been arrested. Please study  my substantive proof  on all my and other’s websites…. FAO Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) 18th March 2017 Dear Sir, Blocked Machine-Gun Civil Proceedings 1CF06331 Each year I am refused the full transcript when a … Continue reading

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Alun Cairns MP Alun Michael Complaint re South Wales Police Criminal Conduct

possibly   A very quick correct reply from National Assembly stating UK Parliament is responsible for current state of both the South Wales Police and Cardiff civil and criminal law courts. Photo: The infamous Cardiff cabal, possibly or to some in northern Kenya, the … Continue reading

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Cardiff Cabal Deny Existance of any Exhibits and Court Management Log to Block RCJ Police Damages Appeal

HMC&TS Manager, Cardiff County Court South Wales  20th January 2017                      Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police case no incl.   BS164169 Dear Madam, Your today’s letter appears confusing in that you deny a court management log, promised by the last … Continue reading

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HM Partnership/South Wales Police/Dr Tegwyn Williams block Appl to Quash a Restraining Order never Served!

SWANSEA PRISON BLOCK MY ATTEMPTS TO GET TO COURT (7 TIMES THIS HAS HAPPENED SINCE MACHINE GUN CONSPIRACY HATCHED IN SPRING 2009). Rampant Welsh HM Abuse to Crown Immunity in order to Cover-Up White Collar Crime Examples of trial judge’s … Continue reading

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KIRK v SOUTH WALES POLICE [Crown acts of state for which the Government cannot be liable in tort].

  MAURICE TEMP NUMBER:  +254790212599 SUPREME COURT Reminder re our court’s Immunity to Criminal or Civil Prosecution Extract from recent Supreme Court for Wales’ immunity to prosecution for whatever they do in their incestuous little world of English hatred: ‘The Supreme Court unanimously … Continue reading

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Dr Tegwyn Williams Welsh Police Conspiracy Spreads to Somerset

I suggest the content of this document indicates what happened in court on 4th November 2011– see facebook 16-11-04-bs614159-costs HM Courts and Tribunal Service HQ           Your Refs CO/4737/2014 The Ministry of Justice                                         2016/P1/11303 (old Home Office building) St James Park … Continue reading

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Twice the South Wales Police have Smashed-in My Car Window for a Non Arrestable Offence & Cardiff’s Civil Trial Judge Has Ignored the Lot!

Like the proverbial ‘Shit stuck to a blanket’……No wonder too many voted for Brexit not realising their funded judiciary gravy-train is now on a down hill run, completely un checked, all the way to the bank. Video appears to show police officer … Continue reading

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Twice Police Smashed My Car Window to Violently Drag Me Out for Non arrestable Offences

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Application for Arrests of Lee Barker Cardiff Court’s GEOamey Custody Manager, Court Clerk Michael Williams, Prosecutors Jackie Seals & D Gareth Evans & Police Inspector Rice or I Will

                      Stop Press Cardiff’s Cabal  Will  Stop at Nothing to Hide the Publicity of 23 years of Police Bullying 14th September 2016 Dear Sir/Madam, I acknowledge receipt of your email, received in this office on 13th September 2016 Your email was referred … Continue reading

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4th of 10 Actions Against South Wales Police Immune to Prosecution when Tried in Their Own Controlled Welsh Courts

Tegwyn’s ‘Nigger in the Wood pile’ The deceitful Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University who fabricated facts in my Caswell NHS (Wales) medical records to assist in my Ashworth  incarceration only to redact and alter them as I had exposed both CPS and police … Continue reading

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