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Where is my lovely Dr Gaynor Jones?

Cardiff Crown Court expect me to be examined by a welsh forensic psychiatrist before 17th November and yet each time, in the past, I try to meet with an appointment and it all goes pear shaped. I remember once, arriving … Continue reading

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Trial in 5 Days – Finding of Clandestine Medical Report

Primarily, readers of this blog may be concerned as to what is going to emerge from  my 4th welsh jury trial, next week , from the original subject of a ‘medical examination’ by a police psychiatrist in order to obtain their problem’s  incarceration, indefinitely. Secondly, are … Continue reading

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HRH Prince of Wales Garrotte Incident 1993 Police Interview Tape Finally Disclosed

Incident site Video This travesty of justice led to a private prosecution as it was obvious, while recovering from this unexpected encounter with a bunch of lying bastards from both police, Dolmans and judiciary, that I must expose the ‘welsh way of doing things’ on an unsuspecting … Continue reading

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Retired Judges & 31 other Witness Summonses sought for 12th Sept 2017 Censored Cardiff Trial

Application for Witness summonses to be issued Case ref 16th Sept 2017 Cardiff Crown Court  T2017 0239 and counting Dear Clerk of the Cardiff Crown Court , Please consider the following: Case 272 – The Maurice Kirk Story And Somerset … Continue reading

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UK’s Child Snatching Racket Exposed

Oh do come to my 4th ‘breach of a restraining order’ Whitehall farce on12th September 2017 being acted out in Cardiff Crown Court. See and witness how your child could be the next in your street to be snatched by the welshing … Continue reading

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South Wales Police accuse Maurice again of Intimidating Policemen

Mr Justice Males deliberately misled by Cardiff Crown Court Mr justice Males RCJ 1st RO Judgment Review the progression of Mr Kirk’s significant irreversible brain damage? 1. It is now eight years since in 2009 Dr XX said there was … Continue reading

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WW1 Machine- Gun/MAPPA 3/3/Dr XX Cardiff Hearing Tomorrow 10.30am – ALL WELCOME

South Wales Police used both armed police and an armed helicopter in an attempt to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, into Vale of Glamorgan Council care as I was so dangerous but to whom? THE FACTS IN BRIEF … Continue reading

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£1000 Reward on Convictions of Assailants and Return of Stolen Property as Ministry of Justice Kept in the Dark over 100+ South Wales Police Malicious Acts or Omissions to delay Dr XX/MAPPA Machine-gun compensation.

Madam Guillotine day UP DATE Dear HM Ministry of Justice Barristers, I am assaulted Yet Again Substantial reward  for return of my stolen property near Blandford, Dorset I Had this missive yesterday by email, re my stolen property by robbery from … Continue reading

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SHOOT TO KILL ATTEMPTED FAILED, try again, you evil deceitful little shysters

8th June 2017 Crown Prosecution Service Cardiff Wales Dear Mr Killick, Alleged breach of a restraining Order July 2017 hearing Why have you allowed or instructed the police to have my You Tube videos on the South Wales Police machine-gun … Continue reading

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Dr XX Breaches His Own Restraining Order

  22nd May 2017 MJK email to Cardiff Crown Court              T20170239 4th Jury Trial re Dr XX Restraining Order Following Her Ladyship, The Recorder of Cardiff’s apparent suggestion, in March 2017, that the Defendant make a ‘timeline’ document, citing apparent police harassment … Continue reading

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