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Cardiff Cabal Deny Existance of any Exhibits and Court Management Log to Block RCJ Police Damages Appeal

HMC&TS Manager, Cardiff County Court South Wales  20th January 2017                      Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police case no incl.   BS164169 Dear Madam, Your today’s letter appears confusing in that you deny a court management log, promised by the last … Continue reading

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New Judge for Machine-Gun Conspiracy to have Maurice Shot if not Sectioned for Life in Ashworth Psychiatric Hospital now destined for an English Jury

Lawyer’s Brief 9th Jan 2017 court order   17-01-09-mg-lift-doc174 Machine-gun civil claim 1CF03361 was caused by police trying to stop claims In my view and that of many at a farcical trial, this is a win/win case It is a case … Continue reading

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A ‘Maurice’ Talk at Aero Club of East Africa Enjoyed by All!

Confirmed today or if bigger venue required,–any ideas? So what do you want v What you are going to get? 1943 Cub first to Australia’s coat hangar bridge in 2001 air-race Japan ‘mishap’ World record for distance for a J3L4  cub … Continue reading

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Daily Mail article somewhat more accurate than the Sun’s predicted plagiarism yesterday

Has this glorious eccentric finally crashed to earth? He was Oliver Reed’s drinking pal and now he’s causing havoc around the globe.  More on his Facebook page: where he wrote 16 hours ago: I have just been informed from than one informed … Continue reading

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FOUND: Dr Tegwyn Williams & Dr Janis Hilliar in Canterbury New Zealand -Caswell Clinic Staff required shortly as Witnesses of Fact not Fiction

STOP PRESS MY attempts to see, by previous invitation, my lovely MAPPA 3/3 appointed Dr Gaynor Jones at Glanrhyd Hospital, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, psychiatrist were not only stopped, of course, by police intervention but had  they had me gaoled again,  just on release … Continue reading

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The Welsh Assembly is Hell-Bent on Blocking My Machine-Gun Appeal getting to The Royal Courts of Justice

2nd hand machine-gun FOR SALE –excellent for rabbit-shooting or vermin extermination My statistics of South Wales Police bullying culture that has ruined my life and many others. 16-09-15-statistics-re-south-wales-police-bullying The Current Cardiff Judge His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC   Cardiff’s GEOamey Custodial Services manager,  … Continue reading

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Application for Arrests of Lee Barker Cardiff Court’s GEOamey Custody Manager, Court Clerk Michael Williams, Prosecutors Jackie Seals & D Gareth Evans & Police Inspector Rice or I Will

                      Stop Press Cardiff’s Cabal  Will  Stop at Nothing to Hide the Publicity of 23 years of Police Bullying 14th September 2016 Dear Sir/Madam, I acknowledge receipt of your email, received in this office on 13th September 2016 Your email was referred … Continue reading

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4th of 10 Actions Against South Wales Police Immune to Prosecution when Tried in Their Own Controlled Welsh Courts

Tegwyn’s ‘Nigger in the Wood pile’ The deceitful Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University who fabricated facts in my Caswell NHS (Wales) medical records to assist in my Ashworth  incarceration only to redact and alter them as I had exposed both CPS and police … Continue reading

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HM Partnership & Criminal Case Review Commission Depravity

With Brexit all most in ‘the bag’ our ‘HM Partnership’ judicial system, practised now for centuries in my cherished United Kingdom, appears safe once again, well for the time being, as it was after May 1945 when the cartel was … Continue reading

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Shyster South Wales Police (part 2) (part 1 on face book)

24th July 2016                                    Claimant Position Statement                        BS614159 7CF07345 etc       … Continue reading

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