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INTERIM ARTICLE for those following the wickedness of some in the South Wales Police now moving to the London law courts . The MUSA article is to warn others our judiciary is not as it hopes to appear to be … Continue reading

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Maurice’s Hidden Weapons per Rectum

Today’s Letter to Exeter’s HM Crown Court 3rd Sept 2021 Court Hearing re ‘Found in a Public Place with a Bladed Article’ Both Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) and Dolmans, Cardiff solicitors for the South Wales Police, ignore my requests for … Continue reading

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Arrested for Road Rage with a Carving nife?

I’m barred from eating in the Half Moon by court order so I have filed with the RCJ an appeal which they keep denying they received! Such is the power of ‘big brother’. In this case the aftermath of the … Continue reading

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Dolmans Cardiff Solicitors likely to be Arrested for Fraud

This Sunday afternoon South Wales Police Professional Standards department, some will immediately say a contradiction in terms, telephoned me saying he or she knew nothing about HMP Parc, Bridgend, robbing me of my property, including my clothes, shoes and wheelchair. … Continue reading

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Celtic Nepotism- My HM Justice Secretary Letter Blocked

I am interested in the vacancy on the Taunton and District Council IN THE COUNTY COURT AT BRISTOL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Claim No. G00TA220                         1st Defendant G4S Care and custodial Services Ltd  2nd Defendant HM Governor of Cardiff Prison (application pending)  Claimant’s Application … Continue reading

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Cardiff Prison Officer to ‘Spill the Beans’

STOP PRESS I OFFER £500 for the return of my medical records Bristol County Court has struck out my £500,000 damages claim against G4S for robbing me, in HMP Parc, of my wheelchair, urgently needed Caswell Clinic medical records my … Continue reading

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South Wales Police Deliberate Failed Disclosure

South Wales Police Deliberate Failed Disclosure  (If the English police disclose only half of the 12 examples below then ‘we all go home’)  Since Sept 2009 welsh police have withheld my (1) Glanrhyd Hospital Caswell Clinic medical records (see 26th Jan 21 GP note) including Professor … Continue reading

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Refused Court Exhibits, Witness Statements, MPs Alun Cairns, Kevin Brennan, James Wallis, Jo Stevens and Selaine Haxby despite my constituency MPs at the time

Ms Selaine Saxby MP Barnstable Devon 10th January 2021 Dear Madam,                                                             G4S Robbery Witness Summons  In the light of  my previous letters and visits to your constituency office in Barnstable your writing to  Bridgend police and HM Governor of … Continue reading

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What if your MP refuses to Help?

I have written, today, to my Prime Minister for the recovery of my urgently needed medical records, seized by the South Wales Police, for fear I may again be gaoled when seeking help from my own MP It will take … Continue reading

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Taunton Shire Hall Applications re Fraud

Have you experienced a police helicopter hovering over your home while 20 odd police surround you, many armed, in order to shoot the father dead and plan be , they if fail, snatch your 10 year old daughter with social … Continue reading

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