A Public Enquiry is Needed re South Wales Police Misfeasance

Today’s ridiculous information, I barely heard today and now on public world wide record, there needs to be an urgent public enquiry into the nefarious, nay, mendacious psyche of too many inherently deceitful South Wales Police, Cardiff & Park prison and court officers.

If ‘the rule of of law’ is to be upheld for our 1948’s Convention of Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights’, contrary to war-monger Blair’s 1998 version who had deliberately expunged two paragraphs, then I may stop bleating on about the state of our antiquated law courts.

Maurice Kirk denies stalking Rebecca Pow at Exeter Crown Court | Somerset County Gazette

Taffy was a welshman, Taffy was a thief, Taffy came to our house & stole a leg of beef

Please note this particularly applies to a significant section of welshing ‘authorities’ who had gained great pleasure in coming to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in a minibus.

In 2002, out of shear spite, welsh police had gone to London to consistently lie on oath following their losing over 40 malicious criminal prosecutions.

The Chief Constable’s mandatory 10 year prison term machine gun conspiracy for me had been hatched by Barbara Wilding in 2008 but not before first handing in her notice to avoid loss of her lucrative state pension. My half dozen or so, compensation claims from police harassment, while I was peacefully trying to simply practice veterinary surgery, in the Vale of Glamorgan, triggered their Plan F or was it Plan ‘G’?

This was because my BS614159 etc civil claims had just been listed for January 2009 for 200 odd serving and retired police officers to be cross -examined by me.

My imminent 2009 civil damages claim trial clashed, by apparent coincidence, with the laughable ‘trading in machine guns’ jury trial, requiring no defense what so ever.

South Wales Police had frantically attempted playing their ‘Gulag card’ to have me locked away for life in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric prison using their rogue forenscic psychiatrist (soon sacked to South Island New Zealand) from the the notorious Caswell Clinic in Bridgend.

‘habits die hard’.

To help avoiding asking for Legal Aid I have reserved seats in the public gallery for a fee

My telephone number is 07708586202

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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15 Responses to A Public Enquiry is Needed re South Wales Police Misfeasance

  1. Anonymous says:

    HM Courts say
    “We’re encouraging participants to only bring one friend or family member with them. We will
    have a maximum capacity in the public gallery, with available seats spaced to make sure a 2m
    distance can be maintained.”


  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if you just forget them and move on and enjoy what is left of you life

    Everyone has a lifespan on this earth and why care what a doctor opinion is or even if they convict you . I don’t doubt that injustice happens. I believe that many are acquitted when guilty and many are convicted when innocent that is the flawed system

    For me the biggest regret of my life was unfortunately meeting the daughter of an inspector. I REGRET that and will live with that REGRET for the rest of my life. It was like opening the door to a bad omen that kept coming into my life with home office power. I wish I could go back and walked away before I signed a tenancy agreement and was “groomed” into sharing her flat with a Pakistani. I just think if I can live the rest of my life without
    Being lured into that trap again that is the best I can hope for. I am sure you have been wronged but that is why they call them filth they do their filth in other peoples lives and that is why they have power. I’m sure if my mother was an inspector they would have arrested her and done the filth to her daughter. Obviously they are biased the whole of life is.

    Try and enjoy the rest of your time on earth surely best to move out the U.K. than waste money in court etc.

    The government have designed the system so when they mess up people’s lives you can’t actually sue them and have made it as difficult as they can. It is easier to live as a convicted criminal than care about them.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The cases of people winning are few and far between look at how many injustices have happened. Grenfell, all those people burnt to death screaming backed into the room of a burning building. Imagine their screams their Terror as the fire crept towards them. How they felt let down by the promises of stay put the fire service will help you. Imagine their feelings of how the government let them down. What about the people living in flats now considered a fire risk; paying over and above to have cladding removed etc their lives the injustice. So many inhumane injustice Hillsborough, Thomas orchard who was suffocated with a belt and the police all walked free and will retire on pensions. Imagine his fear and feelings as they suffocate him with a belt the callous action of the force. I honestly think stay away from these people. I am desperate for a life without SWP in in and any court they rob you of your enjoyment of life with their toxic poisonous evil. I honestly feel sick to my stomach when I think of them like a nauseous sick feeling retching sickness


  4. Anonymous says:

    You could always find a project to focus on. If your lucky enough to buy everyone lunch you sound as though you have some money.

    What about buying a rustic authentic house in Italy for 1 euro and doing it up;
    Somewhere for the family
    To visit. The Italian police are lovely I have been Italy many times and no arrest compared to SWP where they force me naked. They also don’t have many terrorists and can keep a close eye due to their mafia history. It be like a project and honestly forget SWP they are a waste of energy. Just being around them drains me I feel like their vampires that suck all the blood out of me. I would if I had some spare cash but myself a old authentic rustic Italian House and do it up and enjoy my life. https://www.case1euro.it/ They probably welcome you there if you got cash to spend in their towns better than
    Waste it on the judiciary and SWP


  5. Anonymous says:

    I have to live with the evil the inspector
    If did at the police said they gang bully women for convictions the jealousy as the police rape women and force them
    Naked and said it’s justice the bent judiciary as they gloat that women are used for convictions the narcissistic needs of filth

    The jealousy as the inspector who cried discrimination gloated that her family lure women in and groom with Pakistani men
    For convictions

    The Delusions of the daughter of filth as she makes up lies about How she was assaulted and the police not even in
    The room
    Or a witness to it believe In the father and daughter as the police said the daughter of filth had more rights to hurt women as a landlord she’s more special the jealousy of filth as the police said the daughter wants to transform lives with her fabricated lies and jealousy or women. The eyes of filth full of jealousy as she said we are deluded angels that look jealousy at women and Said the Pakistani men who said she’s ugly and unemployable are wonderful men that are different to the men that discriminated on the inspector the police said it’s justice when they force women naked and rape for convictions the jealousy as the daughter of filth said as they tortured her for a conviction she felt full of power and jealousy the disturbing jealousy of filth

    The police said their inspectors daughter sees no wrong in forcing women naked as her boundaries and what is different between her and others is blurred

    The dysfunctional father as the police and him
    Lied for a conviction the jealousy as the dysfunctional daddy lied on oath for a conviction the dysfunctional Lies of a man of evil as the police said the inspectors husband was lovely and jealous of others and his daughter was a disgusting bastard of filth the jealousy of a dysfunctional daddy as he said his daughter and her needs come before others his special princess as the police said daddy Barry was an angel telling lies wanting women to hang the jealousy of a dangerous man and his lies and his jealousy daughter as the police said the inspectors and her family get to keep their clothes on as they Groom and rape for convictions

    The jealousy as the police said an inspectors daughter claims other women are racist the gloating face as she said force her naked for a conviction it’s justice and the police listen to the disturbing and disgusting jealous wishes of the family of filth



  6. Anonymous says:

    The jealousy of SWP as they gloated with the Pakistani man and said she’s too ugly and unemployable for SWP the jealousy as with Pakistani men the family of filth said it’s justice when they exploit women for convictions as they force women naked the daughter of filth and her dysfunctional daddy said it’s justice what a disgusting evil system



  7. Anonymous says:

    That article and the jealous daughter of filth is the reason why if a police officer accuses women of being racist you should watch own back with the home office

    I look back and realise how stupid I was to listen
    To the inspectors daughter when she rented me her room in
    Her property. I never believed that I would end up forced naked in a cell because of her disgusting lies.

    The Pakistani man in the other room even
    Was inviting his friends or cousins so I would wake up and other Pakistani men were in the property. Even though I was moving out and had agreed she and the police still conspired to exploit a conviction out of me

    Their a dangerous police force and they lie and
    They bully but
    As a convicted criminal nobody cares their full of self righteousness



  8. Anonymous says:

    When I kind of expressed that I didn’t think it was right his mates or male cousins staying over I got told that he had asked the inspectors daughter. Seeing as she was in London and the flat was in Cardiff why would he ask her and not the tenant he was sharing with. It goes to show how they undermine and disrespect women and as he was working for the bbc it was almost as though that made him more special than everyone else. It’s why Jimmy saville was able to prosper etc. It’s why the bbc pay women less etc whether we
    Want to wake up to a sharing a bathroom with several Pakistani men they don’t even care how you feel they call you a racist not that regardless of skin colour men are disgusting



  9. Anonymous says:

    They write lies about me about how I made excessive complaints to their professional standards department.

    They feel I have nothing to complain about and have mental health issues.

    They feel that violating my boundaries and lying about me is normal.

    I have accepted I have to live and listen to the lies and the drivel they spout. Learn to live with their dysfunctional behaviour.

    They honestly are not normal people and I believe SWP have mental health issues.


    • Anonymous says:

      They feel breaking bones and forcing women naked against their will is normal behaviour and
      That is lovely behaviour

      The jealousy as the police said she’s mental and has nothing to complain about as they normalise their dysfunctional bullying the jealousy as the police said Breaking bones is justice as they want a conviction the jealousy of filth

      She’s got something wrong with her the perfect police gloat as they use power to smear me the jealousy of me as they look at me and want to find their imaginary issues to pick on.

      I want them to leave me alone and they won’t. They won’t let me just forget about them. They write articles about me full of lies. There is nothing I can do but do a website like this.


      • Maurice says:

        I have to listen to their drivel the drivel that comes from people with their own mental health issues as they interfere in my life.

        They write drivel in all their reports nothing better to do. They see fit to write about my background. Honestly nuts. The government are nut jobs they always have to be “right” but look people complained about grenfell and look
        What happened. Their concerns fall on deaf ears.

        I think if the MP didn’t
        Want to help that is the truth and you can’t force someone as you don’t have power. The police use force on others but that is the dynamics of a dysfunctional system.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I would ask the mp to help if they won’t nothing else you can do.

    I would not go to their house


  11. Anonymous says:

    Good luck Maurice. I am done with wasting my life on SWP and their lies and drivel. I don’t care.


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